9 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. Gforce

    Praise be to the Omnisiah and Emperor that you guys have returned! Awesome entryway into this season, hope to see more soon.

  2. covertyow

    Amazing! Great to see it back. The story line has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

    Also, another funny cameo by the guys at RT.

  3. dompody

    Absolutely hilarious. I missed you guys.

    And the shout out to the TLW finale was awesome 😉

  4. PumpkinEater

    Birthday was monday. So ty for mine and Druza’s present. Also…

    Second season of webseroes… UNICORN!

  5. nelandquinten

    alas, i smell the scent of EPIC!

    this episode was full of win. great way to bring back the show and kick-off a new season, fellas!

  6. Firefox

    Ahmad saying make me a badass, was that supposed to be said as a reference to Leet World?

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