10 thoughts on “Season Finale

  1. Vergilz

    Awesome episode..
    The suspends level has been there always since The Leet World and the beginning of Web Zeroes.

    I have enjoyed watching the stuffs u guys have made and will forever be a fan of the smooth few films gang..

    Lots of laughter of joy through out Season 1. Hope Season 2 will be the same or even more better.

    Cant wait for March 2010 to watch Season 2.
    Happy New Year guys!

  2. BlackFalcon82

    Woo Yeah First comment. Another great episode guys, really didn’t expect Rooster Teeth in it. Can’t Wait for Season 2

  3. wannabeapilot

    love your stuff guys ,also i cant find it anywhere so ill ask here ,whats the camcorder you shoot with?

  4. WeeWillieWispy

    “They accepted our Iphone App?”
    “Stop repeating everything I say.”
    ^ Hilarious joke.

    I followed the link from Burnie’s blog on Rooster Teeth and watched the whole series in two sittings. Good show. I actually registered as a user just to comment on how great that joke was 🙂 Worth it. Anyway I’m gonna grab my Chirizo and pepperoni pizza and finish the finale.


  5. CardBoardBox

    Man, this had a very awesome cliffhanger :O can’t wait til the episode of the next season 😛 and it kinda feels weird to see Rooster Teeth on a different web series other than the ones they produce 😛

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