4 thoughts on “The Troll

  1. nelandquinten

    Nice work fellas! This show gets more awesomer with every episode!

    And yes, awesomer is a word in my dictionary.

  2. js12352

    im sure of 2 thing

    1. awesomespectacular are nick …

    2. this episode are awesomespectacular

    p.s. how can i get zeb zeroes theme song REAL QUICK i want this song for a school projet…

  3. awesometacular 5000

    “Your mother has dirty hands
    sorry couldn’t resist”
    hey great episode guys i love this show and leet world =D
    also i just HAD to take this user name after i saw this episode! =D
    BTW: i think i’ve been using the word awesometacular for a few months on Xbox live once

    my xbox live account: Knights1224

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