If you’re here for the first episode, scroll down just a tad, or go check it out at the episodes page. Just a quick update that the high definition download is up and running, and the 640 x 360 quicktime has been updated so that it looks a little smoother. It seems that most people are downloading either the flash or the smaller quicktime one anyway, so it’s all good, though we’d recommend checking out the 1280 x 720 version, as that’s how the show was originally filmed. Seriously, I didn’t realize Source could look so good once we got filming.

Also, it would be way sweet if you went and voted for us on both and We should be up on at some point, as well as (which is a very awesome CS video website).

Keep spreading the word, and if you check back here in the next couple of days, there could be a fun treat waiting (no, not episode 2, we are merely men). Episode 2 is being worked on, and should hopefully be up in about 2-3 weeks. Don’t quote me on that, though. For reals. I’ll sue.

5 thoughts on “Marco…

  1. Colin

    Keep ’em coming. HALO’s Red vs. Blue episodes just ended, and this will takes its place for me and a lot of people!

  2. leet world rocks

    oh man i was rofl through the whole thing. i laughed my f**king a** off at the marco part. i love it when the guy pops in from above the toilet and whispers “marco!”

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