Go For Launch

Well, without further ado, we now present to you Episode 1 of The Leet World, “Reality Bites”.

Tell your friends, your mom, and her dog. Join the forums, hang out, leave comments, and enjoy. Click on “episodes” for different sizes of the video. The High Definition and WMV versions will be added later today, so if it’s not working when you click it, it will be soon.

18 thoughts on “Go For Launch

  1. HugoDePayenz

    Freaking awesome!
    This is looking great, even better than rooster teeth’s new side project.

  2. Doug

    Yay! I’m just saying, that “Marco Marco” game…don’t be surprised if it’s not on Bottle Cap games in like…uh, I dunno…a week or so.

  3. Jason

    Very cool guys. I love the potential this show has, the cross-pollination of FPS-multiplayer culture with reality TV culture has got to give you a pretty infinite range of foibles to exploit. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

  4. HugoDePayenz

    Cortez is looking to be my favorite.
    If the one gay guy continues the way he is now, (without accelerating like donut) he is gonna be a hilarious character.

  5. bTd

    I was pleasantly surprised, nothing that made me crack up, but amusing enough to make me want to see the next episode 🙂

  6. Garrett

    Wow! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Very good editing and design. Looks like a real TV show…
    Keep it up!

    Btw, love the workspace, if I could I would do the same…

  7. Wai

    The best show ever on the internet!
    this episode set the bar high, keep the good work up i want more episodes.

  8. Des

    Man you kept the funny going from the previews…great work!

    I loved the bloodninja reference in the beginning

  9. n1001001s

    Keep up the great work! And i’ll keep spraying food and drinks over my monitor from laughing 😀

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