Three’s a Crowd

So it’s pretty crazy to us that we’re already arriving at our third installment, but here we are. Now presenting Episode Three, “Set Up Us The Bomb”. We’re very pumped about this episode, and we think you’ll see why once you watch it. All of the versions can be found from the episodes page, or you can check out the flash version right here.

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31 thoughts on “Three’s a Crowd

  1. Des

    4v4 next?

    bet T all cuz dust_2 is a T favored map haha

    I liked this episode…still funny but more of a lead into the next one.

  2. HugoDePayenz

    Man that was funny, nice way working in the fake death thing in!
    “You are a genious!” “Yeah, that’s what my mom always tells me.”

  3. John

    Kick ass. I’m telling everyone about Leet World. “Red vs. Blue” (at least the few episodes that I’ve seen) blows ass compared to this humorous show. I wonder if it’d be hard to get FPS Doug to make a guest appearance for the dust_2 episode……Boom! Head shot!

  4. SamuraiJack

    oh yes my little noobito keep up the goodword so we can show them infidels that we pwn them bwahahaha……for sure in the de dust2 terrorits owns the place 😀 Player ftw:D

  5. JJ

    [quote comment=”318″]I saw it Eddy but I didn’t really get it[/quote]

    hehe yeah… i honestly didn’t get it until Daniel explained it, either. whoops!

  6. James

    I dont think It was a funny as the others. But this is one of the best. Now i have to wait a few weeks till the next episode god damn! >:( lol

  7. Soulja

    It’s neatly done I personally liked it and Daniel you have great job there so keep it going.. looking forward further episodes.. Peace from the Middle east 🙂

  8. Gforce

    Man this series, is awesome! I just have one question, in episode 3 at 7:57 that song, the producer theme as i like to call it, starts to play. What’s its name and where can i get it?

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