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Bearing Gifts

Just a quick little update for you guys. Things are going well, and it seems that lots of people are coming to check out Episode Three, which is awesome (scroll down for it if that’s why you’re here).

Also, we’ve recently been listed as a “featured series” on Machinima.com along with other notable entries such as RedvsBlue, Pathfinders, and Civil Protection, so be sure and check it out! And, just like the title of this post indicates, I have a little present: Episode Two and Three audio outtakes.


Three’s a Crowd

So it’s pretty crazy to us that we’re already arriving at our third installment, but here we are. Now presenting Episode Three, “Set Up Us The Bomb”. We’re very pumped about this episode, and we think you’ll see why once you watch it. All of the versions can be found from the episodes page, or you can check out the flash version right here.

Remember to spread the word about The Leet World!

A short preview…

Well, Episode Three is currently underway, and should be released next week. We’re pretty pumped about this one, because it leads directly into Episode Four, which is going to be Ah-Maze-Zing (we hope). In other news, we are being featured on a cool gaming and videos website called GamingTv, so go check out their content.

And below is a trailer for Episode Three. Enjoy.


If you’re here for Episode Two, scroll down, or go to the episodes page. So far, we’ve been hearing great things about this one- as I said before, we’re overall much happier with how it came out compared to Episode One. We’ve already started on the next installment, which should be a tad easier to film. The second episode just hit machinima.com, spikedhumor.com, and youtube, so be sure to vote for us if you feel like it. And keep spreading the word about the show.

Nick put this nifty little poster together for “Dirty Deeds”, so I thought I’d post it here, even though I already stuck it up on the forums… Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

“Dirty Deeds” Poster

Stay tuned to our site, because early next week we should be putting out a small preview of Episode Three. More than just a screenshot this time.

Going to be playing some Bioshock this weekend. Very excited. Episode Two’s release kept me from opening it- but nothing will stand in my way this time!