Episode Cinco Pictarz

Well, filming on Episode Five finally commenced over the weekend, and after a few audio/video snags, we were able to get the train that is The Leet World moving again. What’s funny about doing Episode Five is that after how complex the last episode was, this one feels like a breeze. It was also strange looking at the script as we were about to do the audio, because it was filled with just so much dialogue. That’s pretty different from the script of “Dust 2 Dust”, which pretty much had just a few lines of dialogue constantly being interrupted with “they fight”.

So for those of you who enjoyed “Dust 2 Dust”, but really are hoping that the departure isn’t permanent, don’t worry- the challenge episodes are just there to mix things up a little bit at different points in the show’s life, as well as helping to resolve little plot arcs. Think of them as PPV events in the WWE. Sounds silly, but it’s a fairly decent analogy for the situation.

Here are some screenies for Episode Five. You might find a couple of the locales intriguing… Hope you enjoy. Please donate.

An Announcement… Taking in the Sights Old Memories

13 thoughts on “Episode Cinco Pictarz

  1. trigger119

    can’t wait guys. been getting friends addicted to my current crack- leet world. Keep it up!

  2. Tater|zer

    You guys are doing a great job, I am hooked on this and so is half my clan, keep it up. I like that I see at least 3 different maps in the pictures.

  3. Mook

    Don’t bother making excuses for intelligent pacing, Smooth Few. If every episode were action, it would get boring; if everyone were just talking, it would get boring. Keep mixing it up and you will continue to attain success! OMG I TURNED IN TO A FORTUNE COOKIE!!!

  4. papagala

    Man do Leroy gone have his revenge on Cortez.What do the camera man gone do to all ave them?Man I can’t wait!

  5. Drjoi (a.ka. Lewa)

    w00t the maps Assault and Italy are used. Yay! I can’t wait till player gets to do some to stuff to Chet again, and the Leroy vs. Cortez situation.

  6. Pit

    [quote comment=”595″]I can’t wait till player gets to do some to stuff to Chet again[/quote]
    Well, Playz03r has just teamflashed him, that’s enough 😛 Poor Chet :_(

  7. tomaxe

    man i am sooooo hooked on this i cant wait to see the new ep….. oh and leroy vs. cortez is gona be great!!!!!
    good luck

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