Such a Tease

Sounds like something Montrose would say, no? As is becoming a custom around here, we are now delivering to you all the teaser for Episode Five of The Leet World. As you may have guessed, some traveling looks to be going on in this next episode, and we think you’ll enjoy the results. It’ll be released next week! There are a few audio glitches here and there, but don’t worry, they’ll be fixed by release.

Watch at your heart’s content.

16 thoughts on “Such a Tease

  1. legendcaboose

    hmmm i think he was talking to nubito when he said “we were never amigos”

    cant wait for the full thing

  2. Gforce

    vacation? since when do terrorists get vacations? that doesn’t make a lick of sense, oh well looks like something bad happens with them anyway.

  3. Viva

    Of course it makes sense. The show is called The Leet World, based off MTV’s The Real World. Just like the show, it has the confessionals and even like the show, they go on vacation to somewhere.

  4. madkillXL

    Erm…its been 2 weeks.
    Guess you guys are just perfecting it, I cant wait to see this episode!

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