Audio Goof-ups

So while Daniel and Nick have been gone, I’ve unleashed a slew of content in your general vicinity. Hopefully it’s been somewhat entertaining and in some cases, informative. Since you’ve all been kind of asking and secretly wishing, today I bring you Episode Four and Five audio outtakes. I trust that you’ll find them amusing.

Daniel and Nick have now returned back from Cali, so Episode Six can finally continue on its merry. Expect a trailer soon.

Enjoy, and please donate.

15 thoughts on “Audio Goof-ups

  1. HugoDePayenz

    ITS A TARP! XD I see what you said there.
    Chet is starting to sound more and more like jack black…

  2. crazygamer0

    O M G that was freaking funny “Player your ass is Awsome! I want to Fuck it!” Rofl!!!!!!!!!111one

  3. Anonymous

    ToKeN2 Says:

    October 31st, 2007 at 7:38 am ยป Quote


    But what was Cortez full name agian?

    Emilio Alejandro Jesus Cardinal xD

    Lmao this is funny!

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