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The Leet World Idol

We’ve got a winner to the Themetacular Contest, and his name is DJ Shox. Wow. I didn’t expect such a turn-around, but apparently, Shox has been hitting the campaign trail. Like. A. Madman. His rendition of the theme song will now land a coveted spot in the Season Finale intro sequence.

Congrats, dude, you earned it. To hear more of DJ Shox’s compositions, feel free to listen at your heart’s content.

To everyone else who entered, much thanks for participating, we really loved hearing all that you guys put out there for us to enjoy. It was such a great thing to see this community jumping into something like this. Not everyone’s favorite won, but hey, that’s why we vote.

Me thinks we need more contests in the future. If you somehow missed all of the excitement, you can go listen to the finalists. But for now, here’s your Miss America:


Contest- The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

For those of you who listened to the recent Podcast, this is old news. We thought we’d make it official anyway. Smooth Few Films is holding its first fan contest — The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

Create your own rendition of The Leet World theme by Damn Dangerous by Monday, May 12th for a chance to win some cool prizes. The winner of this Themetacular Challenge will not only win a sweet TLW related prize produced by Smooth Few Films, but they will also get another bonus — their song will play during the intro to Episode 14, the Season One finale!

After the May 12th deadline, 5 finalists will be selected by Smooth Few Films, and the final voting will be held here on the site. Don’t worry, downvoting won’t be a factor in this contest.

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You, You Got What I Need

Things have been going well with the release of “The Over-Achiever”! If you’re here for it, just scroll down.

But now, on to our pride and joy, The Leet World- the release of Episode Eight is upon us- it’ll be here in the next day or two, so “get your popcorn ready”, to quote the lovable Mr. Owens. It’s actually going to be the biggest episode yet (clocking in at around 12 minutes as of now), so get your bandwidth ready, too.  Remember, we’ll be taking a short break from making actual episodes of the show once Episode Eight is released, but there will be some great post-Christmas presents for you guys!

One other thing- so far, things are going well with the Ziddio contest we entered (using our Halo 3 video)- but we still need more votes! The winner of this contest gets some nifty prizes, including some great opportunities to show your videos to more and more people.

It would really help us out if you would take the time to go vote. All you have to do is register at Ziddio.com, and then click here to go to our video, and give it a good rating! We’re not asking you all to make multiple accounts or down-vote other videos or anything, so please don’t do that- giving us a good vote will be more than enough to do your part.