From us to You…

Just like I promised, I have arrived this morning bearing gifts! Well, one gift to be exact. The Leet World Holiday Special! It’s a card, from us to you. Try to imagine it in an envelope in your mailbox. Sure, it’s a couple of days late, but I doubt there will be much complaining about that. Give it a watch. Share it with your friends.

There are also some other versions available for download…

HD Mpeg 4

640 x 360 Mpeg 4

640 x 360 WMV

Remember, there will be plenty of other extras coming in the next couple of weeks. And maybe even another video. Stay tuned!

58 thoughts on “From us to You…

  1. bRg_


    what’s of this song ??? when Montrose is with iPhone 😀

  2. Cpt. Rogey

    NICE ONE :D!!!!
    Westeimer: You look real pretty right now soldier!!! give me a smooch!!!


  3. someone

    lol red ring of death take a shot lolololol “another red ring” “DAMN IT!” lol another great episode lol companion cube and nintendo wii lol

  4. ricemonkey

    no holiday muzac in the beginning makes me sad =[
    but player’s lolcat and rampant use of theme musics made it better =]

  5. yannik

    haha that was great! gotta love player! and chet. (does this mean player’s recovered from his grenade injury ^^?)

  6. ===(*.*)==>

    ” Are you getting action right now?, can i watch?” “AWSOME!!!”
    That shit was random as hell but crack me the fuk up….

  7. Stor scnapp

    Best part was the red ring of death couldn’t stop lauhing, Remeber when i got it…. Good times, good times

  8. Samura

    “Player was unable to participate in the making of this special”

    hope so damn much that player didn’t die on #8

    heh, happy holidays for ya all dudes ! 2008 will rock !

  9. Mike020389

    Haha, that was hilarious ^^
    “Does anyone smell that?” “does it smell like sizzling sexy appeal???” “No, its smells like someone took a shit in their pants” Hahahah XD

    Merry Christmas and have a happy new year everyone ^^

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  11. Daf

    awesome!! XD

    woulda been cool to see player in his bed half dead shouting ‘h4PPY h0l1day!!1’…but i suppose your adding the mystery -.- don’t you dare kill him off 😛

  12. De frango

    ya im late too xD I discovered this Leet World ”serie” today and i watched them all xD awsome vids

  13. Leet-fan

    whats the song : BITCH GOT SERVED … BITCH GOT SERVED ? damn i want to download it relly bad gimme the full song name

  14. playerftw

    wooo! still rocks after watching it say 297 times! IM IN THAT PLACE DOIN STUF U DONT WANT ME TO

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