We’re in the Future!

We are now in 2008. Where are my flying cars and robots? Nowhere. The future is lies, I’ve decided.

In honor of this new year, I bring to you more gifts, tidings, etc. First, we’ve been hearing that some people want the lolcat picture from the holiday special…


Second, I have the audio outtakes from Episode Eight. Funny stuff. To me, one of the best parts is when I’m doing the voice of the combine soldier (pre-effects, of course), and I slip into doing Cortez. I kind of freaked out when I did it, because it was so sudden. Also, every time Nick goes off in the “Chet” persona, it’s always hilarious. Give it a listen.


Happy New Year, dudes!

33 thoughts on “We’re in the Future!

  1. jazzmaster2000

    Game, set, match BITCH! hahaha, I look forward to this with great patience and anticipation! It will be true greatness.

  2. William Rudi

    I laughed so hard ! I would never recommend eating pizza while listening to something that funny πŸ˜› Need more of these

  3. someone

    like thats one hilarious audio hilarity el master chief! lol “can you help me change my diaper please”

  4. stack

    lol classic chet “in your face titties” you guys are hilarious bring player back so he can cause more chaos πŸ˜›

  5. JJ

    [quote comment=”1742″]when wil this episode come out[/quote]

    What, you mean the 3 hour tribute to LOLCATs? I haven’t finished composing my fugue.

  6. Spacewolf

    [quote comment=”1742″]when wil this episode come out[/quote]
    -_- Be freakin’ patient. Please.

  7. Greek

    hey I want to be the one that will first know about a new movie ! send me an email when its done ! please!

  8. JJ

    [quote comment=”1775″]hey I want to be the one that will first know about a new movie ! send me an email when its done ! please![/quote]

    Orrrrrrrrr you could subscribe to the RSS feed in the sidebar over there, and you’ll know every single time we make a post. Howzat for ya?

  9. blargh

    I do not trust you dogs to finish this, only one man can finish this. El Master Chief.

  10. Painkiller

    Oh that was priceless… Thanks for dropin the out takes on us.. it is interesting to hear the different persona’s .. as you said.. espically when you break into another one by ..mistake πŸ˜€

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