The SFF Album

This post is more like an album than a post, in that it is supplied with many pictarz. What is so interesting about these pictures? Well, the first set is a few nifty shots from Episode Eleven, complete with some nice teases. Take a gander:

Terrorist Talk, with our host Cortez The encounter. Waiting in the dark.

These next shots are to show you a little about the process that goes behind The Leet World. If you didn’t know– Nick, Daniel, and myself are the three that put this show together. We meet up a few times a week in a room filled with computers (6 to be exact) and make this series at your urging whip cracks, shouts, threats and demands.

It’s not a glamorous ordeal by any means. In fact, if you were with us while we filmed, edited, etc, you would probably find yourself bored to tears. But nonetheless, here is a behind-the-scenes view at Smooth Few Films.

In the first three shots below, you can see 3 of our “actor” computers, which we use as characters in the scene. Picture two shows Daniel and Nick setting up a shot, and the third shows me and Nick pretending to be friends. Nick’s not a great actor. The last three are just more shots of us doing our thing.

The set-up. Daniel and Nick previewing a shot. Eddy and Nick pretend to be friends.

Nick in a rare moment- happiness. Daniel and Nick review the script and shot sheet. Eddy with a “storyboard”.

More fun extras coming soon!

31 thoughts on “The SFF Album

  1. Kyreo

    nice setup you guys got…Im diggin that Ocho Meurto Desktop…what does the Sound booth you guys use look like??

  2. Whitaker DJ

    sweet pics guys
    i really wanted to see what it is like and boom there is!!!

    quite interesting and amazing 🙂

  3. Hiders

    sorry if this makes u mad but when i 1st saw Nick i thought he was peter jackson! untill i saw the name but still cool pictures cant wait for the 2nd challenge episode 11

  4. james

    Oh wow, that would partialy explain the greatness of TLW. Now u see what kind of talent is behind smooth few films – even peter Peter Jackson is there. That would kinda explain the cool Ahmad effect from previous ep. U know – weta digital n’ stuff :DD I guess Judd Apatow didnt make it to photoshoot? 😀

    K, just joking. But anyway – nice to finaly see faces behind the great show 🙂 Keep up the good work! 😉

  5. tapwatah

    Whoa! Nice wallpaper. Pretty sweet.

    Only 3 people do voiceovers? Their pretty diverse, I thought that at least 6 were doing them.

  6. Eddy

    [quote comment=”3323″]Whoa! Nice wallpaper. Pretty sweet.

    Only 3 people do voiceovers? Their pretty diverse, I thought that at least 6 were doing them.[/quote]

    Well, 3 of us make the show. There are two others that contribute to the voice acting. The FAQ has more info about who voices who.

  7. JJ

    [quote comment=”3328″]just a question.

    do you 3 do the voice acting to?

    who is who?[/quote]

    Your questions are answered on the very helpful FAQ page linked at the top of this site.

  8. Shifty

    Woot! Just what I asked for!! Kinda curios to see what the sound closet looks like too.
    I still think you guys should do a “Making of TLW” video, regardless of how boring it is. Just add some flashy camera angles and groovy music 😛 😀
    Anyways, thanks for the pics guys! They were great! Awesome to see some of the faces behind the show, instead of just the stencil outline of you guys at the beginning of each episode. 😛 Though that is cool. 😛
    Can’t wait for Ep. 11!!

  9. VertigoSFX

    Lol, I love the storyboards with the stick figures. And then the great line from Player ‘LOL WTF’ I love it.

    Neat little setup you guys got there, quite a bit of computers haha.

  10. AndyWFK

    I used to work with Final Cut Pro. .
    And if I followed that path instead of being lazy and gaming all the time,
    I probably would’ve done something bad-ass like this.
    Great work guys, looks like a stable set up you got there.
    Makes me gleeful. x]

    Still cant wait for the next episode though.
    . . So. .”*shouts, threats and demands.*” x]

  11. Footy

    DUDE!!!!! lol now i want to see nick doing a cakestand rofl. anyways wheres the brother and the boss? i want to see them

  12. awkook

    Wait! i have a question. if there are 8 people in the show, where are the other 5 people that play as characters? also it would be cool if you had video clips of you guys behind teh scenes!

  13. tinit

    Cant Wait For EP 11 🙂 checking everyday in case its out 😛


    Not too sure about train though but sure you guys will make it good … would love to see a inferno map 🙂 or siege would be cool bring bck the old map 😀

    Keep Up The WORK !!!!

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