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New Outtakes

So it’s been a pretty cool weekend. Daniel and Nick went to see Jace and a bunch of other friends from college while I stayed home and played tons of GTA IV. We also released our new Halo 3 short, The GunStop Way, which has been received well. While a lot of it is exaggeration, I still found it crazy how many people have apparently had similar experiences with the unnamed video game retailer.

A lot of folks have also been asking about the voice of GunFly. That’s Ty. You’ve heard his voice before in Episodes 9, 11 and 12 of The Leet World.

Here for your enjoyment is a new sampling of our audible screw-ups. Our rule of thumb is that we like to release audio outtakes for every two episodes, simply because one episode wouldn’t provide enough material to produce something worthwhile. Even though Episode 11 didn’t have much dialogue, Episode 12 more than made up for it. It seems the extra time in the booth can give a man a taste of closet fever.

How bad is the fever? You’ll just have to listen and find out. Right-click and select “save as” to download.


More filming tonight. An Episode 13 update is coming in the near future.

The Leet World Podcast, Episode 4

Perhaps the title to this one should have been “It’s about time”. We wanted to do this next installment to the podcast a while back, but we decided that finishing Episode 11 took precedence. I think you guys should really enjoy the wide variety of topics we cover in this edition of The Leet World podcast, clocking in at half an hour. A brief rundown of what you’ll hear:

Our feelings on Episode 11, the original plan for the “hax” storyline, plans for the end of Season One (and future seasons), our summer project, fan questions about zombies, bloopers, how Daniel is Magneto, the origins of Rick-Rolling, The Portal Day, The Bag Boy, Law and Order: Street Justice and two upcoming Leet World fan contests!

Give it a listen, and enjoy. To download, right click the direct link and select “Save As”.



It’s been nice to chill for a few days after the release of Episode Eleven. We’re jumping into Episode Twelve over the weekend, so that should be fun. More updates on that and the rest of Season One in a couple of days.

You may have noticed on the right hand sidebar that there is a new Twitter feed. What’s Twitter, you say.

Well, Twitter is kind of a mini-blog for short updates. We’re going to be using it to talk day-to-day about episode updates, thoughts and general goofiness- basically anything that is neat but we don’t need to make a blog post about. Just go sign-up for Twitter and choose to follow the Smooth Few Films page- it’ll also let you know when we update the front page of our website, so you can, say, get a text message or an IM whenever an episode comes out.

Go do it!

The Pain Train

You all know what this is, so I’ll be brief. After many days of toil, we present to you Episode Eleven of The Leet World, “Wrong Side of the Hax“.

It’s the epic second challenge, so you all know what to expect. Shooting. Legendary music from Damn Dangerous. Explosions. Drama. And maybe a twist or two.

Be friendly- click here to Digg it. Only some of the downloadable versions are available at the moment, but the rest will be up later today.


Edit: Thanks for all the great feedback, dudes. Some of the responses and analysis you’ve done have been so cool to read. We’re glad you enjoy this episode as much as we do!

The Arrival

There’s a reason that there are so many failed or left behind machinima series out there- machinima is a pain in the arse to make.

Throughout the course of Episode 11, there have been all kinds of… “complications”. Relatives coming in town to visit (which consequently disrupts the filming schedule), a broken “actor” computer that had to be replaced, working full-time, the Rockets 22 game winning streak, etc. Oh, and our jobs. The list goes on. When you add that this might be the most complicated episode we’ve attempted, then you’ve got a lot on the Smooth Few Films plate.

But it has finally arrived. Almost. Tonight (Tuesday the 25th) or tomorrow morning (Wednesday the 26th), Episode 11 will be here.

Before this, the longest two episodes to make were Episodes 4 and 8. That’s elite company. Make of that what you will. I’m not making any promises, but this episode has epic face-rocking potential laden within its bytes of data. And like the wily creatures from the Alien films, it is ready to pounce and plant its awesomeness in your body.


Well, you asked for it enough and now you have it: the music from the Episode 11 trailer. Those with keen ears may have recognized that the music first appeared in Episode 4, during the bulk of Round 2’s epic face-off. The song is aptly titled “Ambush at Bombsite B”.

There is a reason we don’t always release what you guys ask (and in some cases, beg) for. And not just because we’re jerks. Part of the issue is that these “songs” that are recorded by Jace (aka DamnDangerous) are really just snippets or pieces of music that are scored to the particular scene in which they appear in the episode. That means they’re only about 20 seconds long in some cases or two minutes long in others, depending on the scene.

For instance, we get a lot of requests for the Producer’s “theme”- but in reality, it is only 15 seconds long or so, and we take issue with releasing boring or lackluster content. However, something cool is in the works as far as the music of The Leet World goes that I think you all will heart very much. Stay tuned.

Ambush at Bombsite-B


A Trailer of Epic Proportions

The Leet World is a reality show about Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists facing off against one another, to determine which team is the best of all. A season consists of three challenges. The first team to win two challenges (out of three), become the victors for the season.

The Counter-Terrorists have already won once. Can they pull it off again? For more reasons than one, a lot is on the line in Episode Eleven. We were kind enough to provide you guys with a trailer. Enjoy!

Keep visiting the site for more updates and extras!

The SFF Album

This post is more like an album than a post, in that it is supplied with many pictarz. What is so interesting about these pictures? Well, the first set is a few nifty shots from Episode Eleven, complete with some nice teases. Take a gander:

Terrorist Talk, with our host Cortez The encounter. Waiting in the dark.

These next shots are to show you a little about the process that goes behind The Leet World. If you didn’t know– Nick, Daniel, and myself are the three that put this show together. We meet up a few times a week in a room filled with computers (6 to be exact) and make this series at your urging whip cracks, shouts, threats and demands.

It’s not a glamorous ordeal by any means. In fact, if you were with us while we filmed, edited, etc, you would probably find yourself bored to tears. But nonetheless, here is a behind-the-scenes view at Smooth Few Films.

In the first three shots below, you can see 3 of our “actor” computers, which we use as characters in the scene. Picture two shows Daniel and Nick setting up a shot, and the third shows me and Nick pretending to be friends. Nick’s not a great actor. The last three are just more shots of us doing our thing.

The set-up. Daniel and Nick previewing a shot. Eddy and Nick pretend to be friends.

Nick in a rare moment- happiness. Daniel and Nick review the script and shot sheet. Eddy with a “storyboard”.

More fun extras coming soon!

Down the Tracks

A close look at the first screenshots from Episode Eleven will more than likely reveal the location of the next challenge. Thought you guys might like the answer to that particular question. We’ve been excited about this episode for awhile, and we really think you guys will have fun with it. From our website statistics, it’s apparent that Episodes 4 and 8 are the most viewed, and we’re guessing it’s because of all the shooting and explosions. Rest assured, you will have plenty of those in our next installment.

Screenshots are below.

T3h leakz Tattling Spawn schemes

Video game news from the webz: LitFuse Films releases their new short, Valve shows off Left 4 Dead, the April Fools “Lego Halo” game, Team Fortress 2 is updated, and the coolest website ever- a list of the top 100 NES games– click on one and you can play it in your browser!