Down the Tracks

A close look at the first screenshots from Episode Eleven will more than likely reveal the location of the next challenge. Thought you guys might like the answer to that particular question. We’ve been excited about this episode for awhile, and we really think you guys will have fun with it. From our website statistics, it’s apparent that Episodes 4 and 8 are the most viewed, and we’re guessing it’s because of all the shooting and explosions. Rest assured, you will have plenty of those in our next installment.

Screenshots are below.

T3h leakz Tattling Spawn schemes

Video game news from the webz: LitFuse Films releases their new short, Valve shows off Left 4 Dead, the April Fools “Lego Halo” game, Team Fortress 2 is updated, and the coolest website ever- a list of the top 100 NES games– click on one and you can play it in your browser!

34 thoughts on “Down the Tracks

  1. Hiders

    OMG!!!! MONTROSE HAVE THE BOMB WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!?cant wait for episode 11…….though it be really cool if got some zombies…

  2. AndyWFK

    OhMy. . Train ftw?
    I’m lovin’ LeetWorld. =]
    Dust2Dust is one of my Faves.
    Although I think I’ma find that all the challenges are my Faves. =p

  3. Shifty

    Train baby!
    Wouldn’t it be funny if one of the leet world challenges took them to zombie mod? 😛
    Or gun game. 😀

  4. Shifty

    BTW: I wanna hear a character with the voice used for the C-Cube. I thought that voice was halarios!

  5. AndyWFK

    Lol, I dont like ZM myself, but it’d be hilarious to see LeetWorld take on a ZombieArmada.

  6. Milkdud

    OMG!!! you know what would be sweet, a hide nd seek episode!! idk if yall have played that mod but its deff SWEET!!!

  7. idiotic

    lollllll it would be funny if ahmad used the speed hack and hit the train…
    ahmad a noob i can kill him with my awp with a flick shot

  8. CBI Elite

    It’s good to see TLW getting some well-deserved publicity! But, don’t forget about those of us who downloaded the series. I watch at least one episode every day, and the out-takes…well, I got a Playlist. At the end of a boring-ass day at school/work it’s always a pleasure to dull-down and relax. Keep it up guys, yer really ripping it up. 😀

  9. CapZ

    tRAIn!!!!!! epic lulz w/ ahmad’s hax… n’ of you get it? he will fail even more when the trains is in his way. he’ll be a big n00b anyways 😀 but i luv him <33 x)

  10. Arctic Avenger

    I like the fact that people think that Ahmad will “fail”. I would agree with them, but… you never know what the boys at S.F.F. have planned. XD

    Love the show guys. 🙂

  11. Ninja

    I agree with idiotic:

    “ahmad used the speed hack and hit the train”

    It would be really funny if in the last round his “powers” kill him in some ridiculous way.

  12. Justin

    Hehe, like, he runs too fast and can’t stop before a fire.
    This will be awesome, i hope player gets his revenge on the sneaky bastard.

  13. Firetaco

    Sweet, can’t wait for next episode. I love the challenge episodes!
    I can predict someone falling off that one particular edge, that usually awpers camp on :))

  14. Elssss

    a lot of camping under the trains?

    train isn’t one of my fav maps but i’m sure this episode will be good 🙂

    you got quite a bit to work with when you change maps.. “clean canvas”

  15. Roffy10101

    Love the show. sateyd up till 1 last night watching them all. and i ended up rofl so everyonewoke up lol. would u maybe be able to give us a rough date on ep 11? PLAYER FTW

    P.S i think terrorists will win cus armahd’s hax but then get disqaulified meaning ct win? ne other ideas?

  16. Sr.Vampirus

    I want next part (and iam from Czech repablick in Europe (its mean the Leet World is popular)

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