Contest- The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

For those of you who listened to the recent Podcast, this is old news. We thought we’d make it official anyway. Smooth Few Films is holding its first fan contest β€” The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

Create your own rendition of The Leet World theme by Damn Dangerous by Monday, May 12th for a chance to win some cool prizes. The winner of this Themetacular Challenge will not only win a sweet TLW related prize produced by Smooth Few Films, but they will also get another bonus β€” their song will play during the intro to Episode 14, the Season One finale!

After the May 12th deadline, 5 finalists will be selected by Smooth Few Films, and the final voting will be held here on the site. Don’t worry, downvoting won’t be a factor in this contest.

The criteria for the submissions are as follows:

  • The song must be roughly 30 seconds in length (28 seconds at the shortest and 32 seconds at the longest). There’s no wiggle room here. Anything under 28 seconds or over 32 seconds will sadly not be eligible.
  • Submissions must be in the spirit of The Leet World show. While genre and style are totally fair game, remember that this song will be kicking off our biggest episode of the season. Even the world’s most bad-ass song entry might not make it through if it doesn’t feel to us like it could kick off an episode, much less start everyone on the ride that ends the season.
  • The song must be a cover or rendition of the original theme by Damn Dangerous. Even if you write a hilarious song about Chet and Player, it won’t win. Click here for the theme. To save, right click and select “save as”. For you guitarists, you can get the tab here.
  • Most audio formats will be fine, but we would prefer an MP3 or AIFF at 44100 hz and 192 kbps. Lower settings than those will be acceptable, but remember that it hurts your chances. Wav files are also acceptable.

Send all entries and questions to Label the subject of your submission with “Themetacular Challenge”. Only one submission per contestant.

A more detailed and official rules page can be found by clicking here. Episode 12 screenies will be out tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “Contest- The Leet World Themetacular Challenge!

  1. Rebound

    I’m pretty excited to see the result of this. Looking forward to seeing lots of variations.

  2. Ji

    I don’t know if I am going to have time for this πŸ˜• 😐
    btw πŸ˜€ ” QFT ” ?????

  3. JJ

    [quote comment=”4095″]Do we have to include music?[/quote]

    Er… wha?

    Do you mean… a capella?

    Otherwise, I’m stumped.

  4. Justin

    Wonder what this prize is…doing a guest voice would be sick, doubt that’s it though.

  5. Obviously_Anthony

    This is pretty cool. I’ve been learning leetworld theme since I heard the podcast. I’ve pretty much aced it but since I’ve no band to perform with or any crappy recording studio (that will wire up to my laptop -.-“) I’ll leave it to the rest of reality.

    But yeah really looking forward and GL to all you submitters.

    *care bear hug*

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