The Leet World Podcast, Episode 4

Perhaps the title to this one should have been “It’s about time”. We wanted to do this next installment to the podcast a while back, but we decided that finishing Episode 11 took precedence. I think you guys should really enjoy the wide variety of topics we cover in this edition of The Leet World podcast, clocking in at half an hour. A brief rundown of what you’ll hear:

Our feelings on Episode 11, the original plan for the “hax” storyline, plans for the end of Season One (and future seasons), our summer project, fan questions about zombies, bloopers, how Daniel is Magneto, the origins of Rick-Rolling, The Portal Day, The Bag Boy, Law and Order: Street Justice and two upcoming Leet World fan contests!

Give it a listen, and enjoy. To download, right click the direct link and select “Save As”.

45 thoughts on “The Leet World Podcast, Episode 4

  1. Nuginator

    First Comment Woot

    Love the show Best Internet Reality Show i have ever seen

    Only Internet Reality Show I have ever seen

  2. death

    that is a good idea for you guys to release album covers when this season is done for us to create our own DVD’s. or somehow convince Valve to give you selling rights. Can’t wait to see how this will turn out in the future.

  3. Zetra

    MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 I CHALLENGE YOU TO MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!! but awesome podcast like alwas and i would like to see that law & order, sounds fantastic and evily bloody MWAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA >:3

  4. LieutenantFlash

    I’m just wondering who the theme tune is done by. Did you run it through a computer or did you just record yourselves playing it?

  5. vince

    I know what the secret thing is, which you are working on ….
    A Leet World MOD for HL² !!!!???
    Right ?? I knew it 😀
    I cant wait to play Cortez 🙂
    nice podcast

  6. VertigoSFX

    [quote comment=”4013″]I’m just wondering who the theme tune is done by. Did you run it through a computer or did you just record yourselves playing it?[/quote]
    If I remember correctly they said that DamnDangerous wrote their theme song. He does the music off a lot of these episodes, like he did that suspensful song at the end of EP11 during the final battle.

    I also wanted to say, I haven’t listened to this yet but someone said that you guys were gonna provide DVD covers…that’s really ironic because when the season was over I was gonna throw together a DVD menu and burn it on a dvd so I could show friends and stuff that haven’t seen the almighty leet world 🙂

    So good idea!

  7. h0bzz

    A very entertaining podcast. It’s totally agreeable to have Episode 11 as the best episode you guys have produced.

  8. Dark Phoenix

    I think what was LieutenantFlash trying to get at was that the theme tune sounded different this time, I just put that on repeat, I love the leetworld theme, shame I can’t get it on my MP3 player 🙂

    Can’t wait for ep 12 and LOVE ep 11, BEST. EPISODE. EVAR!11!!!!1!!1!11

    You guys are awesome and make my day everyday, moar extras please? :D:D:D:D:D

  9. Darthas

    dang the song kinda rocks it could be used for 12 episode credits or somethin and orginal song would be like always

  10. Starking40

    Did i hear a her mentioned……female leet world member, and Chet totally hits on her, and player gets annoye dcoz Chet isnt spending time with him

  11. PrO-bOy

    You guys rock!
    I come here everyday to check for updates on The Leet World, and I think that your show would be a huge success on TV. Maybe Valve would be kind enough to let you do this…
    Anyway, I also stoped by to tell you this:
    When episode 5 (I think) came out, I was looking on Youtube for something to see…
    I searched for the words “cs” and “funny”,and your show was the first thing I noticed.
    I started to follow every episode until now, and started spreading the news: The Leet World Machinima is a must see!
    Today, there is a large Leet World fan base in Portugal, and it gets bigger every day!
    And today, I’m here representing all of the Leet World maniacs in Portugal to say:
    “Thank you!”
    Keep up with the good work.


  12. Dudea

    Dudz that was f***ing funny BUT i swear i will come and find u guys(JK) if u dont put on the stars from season 1 and also u have gotta also get the OCHO MUERTOS to c0me i swear there shood be a huge duel between the cast for finale or i hope next season.

    U guys fr1ken R0CKS lolz i r pl4y3r

  13. jace

    [quote comment=”4013″]I’m just wondering who the theme tune is done by. Did you run it through a computer or did you just record yourselves playing it?[/quote]

    i do all of the music for smooth few films.
    i am damndangerous!
    glad you like it.

  14. Nightvenom

    [quote comment=”4011″]wow love this podcast….keep it up[/quote]
    FTW YES.

    Dang, didn’t take to the zombies idea eh ? XD Meh, your right it wouldn’t work lol.

    But maybe a short on Zombies, maybe in September when L4D come out ? Eh eh ??? 😛

    Keep up the great work 😀

  15. Master-X

    Hey guys, I had a small idea where you might be able to implament a surf map in a tube and that stuff. what I thought would be Chet or maybe even Ahmad having a trippy dream and there going down this tube. It would make sense for the Ahmad hax storyline for his overuse of hax and Chet could just be tripping in his sleep. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or if t’s shit but I just thought of it after listening to the Ep. 4 podcast. Anyway keep up the good work with The Leet World and all your other projects.

  16. XXplosive

    lol great funny podcast i cant wait to see who wins in EP 14
    someone please make a Leet world mod for HL2 or something that would be awesome
    for the Mass Effect thing on Fox i cant belive Geoff Keighley had to defend video gamers and video games it self from retarded fox new casters

  17. Andy

    awesome podcast guys, very interesting and enjoyable insight, however, i was listening to this podcast through headphones, with the volume loud so i could hear your voices, so the loud high pitch beeps were extremely unappreciated, other than that, i look forward to the next podcast!

  18. Volcano

    I LOVE The Leet World its soo cool Bhat i cant find the leet world 8i wish too see it soon

  19. Dudea

    In about how long will the episode be out in…just predict and see of u can put it on site peece u guys a fukim awes0me

  20. JJ

    [quote comment=”4058″]In about how long will the episode be out in…just predict and see of u can put it on site peece u guys a fukim awes0me[/quote]

    We talk about this on the FAQ page. When they can estimate a release date, they let people know, but most of the time they can’t, for some pretty compelling reasons.

    Trying to pick a date at this point would be like saying “it’ll come out on the second Tuesday of next week”. It’s just not feasible.

  21. The Orange Monkey

    Hey I really like the leet world and think its gd how you turn an old game into something so funny yet stylish. Most people ive showed also loved it, except one, but she is just special. Ive been a fan for awhile now but never really commented, so well here i am commenting, wow look at how amazing this comment is. i was just wondering if i could get my hands on some of the music in the show especially the one from the begging of the podcast. XD anyways look forward to more

  22. Shifty

    I love podcasts almost as much as episodes. You guys are so funny to listen to. Your voices, no offence, sound really comical. It could be though that I am just thinking Chet, Elise, and Westheimer when I hear you guys. Sometimes we forget that your actually all not wearing rediculous terrorist costumes, and are actual people, what swine we are. 😛
    Thanks for the podcast guys! That was 30 minutes of my day well-spent. 😀

  23. Hiders

    dudez….i know what u should do for a prize for the best comments thing…..make a video or when at the episode of the leetworld remind the name of the commentors

  24. turnip

    the band “No Control” (thats mine) was going to cover The LEET WORLD anyway, so we’ll send it in when we are done. (dont look us up on Myspace, we’ll friend request the official LeetWorld page)

  25. AlphaHawk

    Liked the podcast, and you guys could fit in the zombie mod thing with a spoof of Michael Jackson’s thriller video. Make it a dream or something…anyway, good stuff 🙂

  26. chet is awsome

    ya know you were chating about the iamge thingy so we could get it and burn to dvd is there eny way you could do that

  27. InvalidIP

    OMG! This is my first post! So please excuse me for my bad english !:) I downloaded this podcast on my mp3!… and start listening…. after you said Nick have’s something that makes thing’s to “break” after about 30sec…. my MP3 shutdown ….. and WTF? It didn’t want to start! I said OMG … fucki** bag -of- dick MP3… and after about 12 hrs it started! PFEW :)) Omg Nick!

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