Just wanted to throw up a quick nod to a few notable machinima releases. For one, LitFuseFilms debuted a new movie/companion piece called Jill’s Song. It’s definitely a departure from their normal stuff as well as machinima in general and it features some incredible faceposing to accompany a brilliant vocal performance from Ricky Grove. Go watch! Also, vote for their film “Dennis” in the BitFilm contest.

Likewise, RoosterTeeth released the first episode of their new Red Vs Blue series, Reconstruction. Definitely an entertaining watch, I completely forgot I was viewing a Halo machinima.

Towards the beginning, you’ll see an impressive big army shot that Smooth Few Films was able to assist with when we visited RoosterTeeth in Austin, due to skillful (not really) puppetry by Daniel, Nick and myself. Listen closely in the shot that follows, and you might hear a familiar voice…

Some Season Finale details and screenshots are coming tonight/tomorrow.

Voting for the Themetacular Challenge ends next week- go vote!

17 thoughts on “Machini-maniacs

  1. LizardKing

    just realized it. Nice guys. I hope to see a RvB and Leet world joint show…

    how? i have no idea, but it would be epic. Like when the Flinstones met the Jetsons

  2. intec516

    that was really westies voice in RVB? Didnt sound like it but maybe its just me xD

  3. the BXRabbit

    awesome! now I’ll have something to look forward to while you guys are relaxing during the summer break. Also, concerning the aforementioned “joint” venture possibility, is it true you guys are considering doing something with Running Gun? I heard some of this on their forums, including how people like SoDaGoD and Burnie Burns might be involved. If so, even more Awesome!

  4. ClanFever

    I’ll give you nothing to say BANANA in your next news bulletin. It’ll be random and funny. 😀

  5. Ninja

    Reconstruction looks great. Dennis is horrible. It’s great filming and such. BUT IT’S WAY TOO SAD!!!!

  6. Kyreo

    My dear friends at Smooth Few Films I have said this before…do not advertise or endorse Roosterteeth or Red vs. Blue. I know they are cool people and the show is badass but they WON’T do the same for you…I dont think they appreciate The Leet World…but thats just my opinion do whatever you feel would benefit SFF and The Leet World…

  7. Taylor114

    Yeah, the guy who finds the red private, the only guy who’s left at the base.

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