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Lots going on in these parts of the webisphere. We’re hard at work on the Season Finale of The Leet World, pushing through to get it done in a timely and awesome manner. I know that last week I said it would be coming out in two installments on our website. Well, sometimes I’m a lying liar.

Fact of the matter is, the episode is getting so big and burly that we’re having to add another installment to it, meaning that the finale is going to be an epic three part release. Each part will come one week after the next, meaning you get three straight weeks of episodic bliss. You may be thinking to yourself, “huh?”, but trust me, it’ll be a lot of fun this way. Seriously, this thing keeps growing like some sort of digital black hole that consumes all in its path. Not even roflcopters can escape its mighty pull. And they are web vehicles of the fastest sort.

Below are the first screenshots of the Season Finale. Lots of dudes and things.

Showdown Planning RLT

Remember to vote for the Themetacular Challenge! There may or may not be lulz coming later this week. Lulz is code for Episode 13 audio outtakes, if you’re wondering. It’s not a very good code.

51 thoughts on “Finale Screenshots

  1. Tufak

    Yeah, I hope you’ll advance smoothly in the film-making. Hold on to your butts! XD

  2. Cortez

    πŸ™‚ It wuldnt be like war bat a plasentive of brothers πŸ™‚ bat it will be some shooting to :9

  3. Amps

    nice shots! can’t wait to see how the contestants mess the Ocho Muertos up! and what the final challenge is!
    I don’t see why you don’t just split this up into 3 episodes….
    & ya, u should open up a Leet World merchandise shop. no, that would be illegal. umm… sell a Leet World documentary, along with a free DVD of season 1 of the Leet World & a free Leet World T-Shirt! I MUST GET A LEET WORLD T-SHIRT!!!
    & wat about roflcars??? and rofljets??? HM???

  4. Shinji

    Sweet, can’t wait until the season finale 3 parter…. Just don’t make it end with a lousy finale like other webisodes

  5. backb0ne_uk


    How long will each part be, as long as the normal episodes are?

  6. Eddy

    Heh, not sure about the length to be honest. We won’t really know until it’s all done, but my guess is that each part is going to end up around 7-8 minutes. Don’t beat me if that’s not the real length, though.

  7. TheAC

    Quick question, I count 7 ocho muertos, including Mendoza

    I’m assuming they never found another member after Cortez, and they were too foolish to change the name

    Or is the other one parking the car or something?

    Anyway I’m super pumped for the finale!

  8. TheAC

    Oh ho! you guys are clever I totally forgot about that!

    Way to cover your bases πŸ™‚

  9. Some1 no1


    srsly tho, i want some cool epic battle scene, and a big cliff hanger at the end

    but i cant wait

  10. Dasutin

    Technically, black holes don’t pull, and of course a roflcopter can’t escape because you’d have to travel faster than lightspeed to escape, which is impossible.

  11. awkook

    [quote comment=”6076″]the suspense is killing me
    when will the episodes come out?[/quote]
    lol. it will come out later. dont you hate it when people say, later? lol

  12. GainesWorthy

    So with a third installment, technically you’ve reached your goal of making the series to 16 episodes!!!

  13. Eddy

    Haha, essentially, yes. The only reason we’re calling this “The Season Finale” and not eps 14, 15 and 16 is that it’s all one conjoined story that we don’t want to break up with intro sequences, intro-gags, intro-confessionals talking about “this is what happened this week”, etc. Each one flows into the next, so it’s just one big gigantic ep.

  14. Alex

    The thing is… if the episode gets too long, then it’s not going to be as good… actually depending on the length of each part. HOW LONG IS EACH PART? wow and episode that takes 3 parts…

  15. Andrew

    I wish it could be 2 again, but both parts are like 20 minutes long. Then, you ad up the whole season to make a full length film

    When is part 1 coming out? How well are you guys doing on it? Did Daniel (Right Person?) Like the rough-cut? Tell us!

  16. Amps

    @ Dasutin: but technically roflcopters shouldn’t exist, either, so who says it can’t go faster than the speed of light???
    @ Eddy: Ah, I get your point. All the episodes have time gaps between them, but this won’t have any gaps, so it’s a 3-parter. Good luck!

  17. Brontos

    I’ve had an idea.
    If you are going to do an intro to each of them (which is possible, considering they are 3 separate clips) why not choose the top 3 songs from the theme challenge .

  18. HAHA

    “Fact of the matter is, the episode is getting so big and burly that we’re having to add another installment to it, meaning that the finale is going to be an epic three part release. Each part will come one week after the next, meaning you get three straight weeks of episodic bliss.” HUH???? I READ THIS LIKE 5 Times and see all the comments about it….but I still don’t understamd what is it… it a three part that is different finale or three part of the finale story??

  19. Amps

    @ Haha: Yeah, basically it’s 3 episodes. But, technically, it’s not 3 episodes, since episodes usually have time in between them. These 3 releases will be flowing and non-stop, making them simply parts of a single episode. But, if it’s easier on you, just think of it as 3 episodes.

  20. Eddy

    Don’t think about it too much, you’re making it complicated. Just know that the finale is in 3 parts and you’re getting a Leet World video 3 weeks in a row. Amps is pretty much on the money, though. If it makes your brain hurt less to think of it as 3 eps, just think of it as 3 eps.

  21. 5AGA-m4n

    I get it… it’s just…
    When will the first one come out?… Will u complete all 3 before u release the 1st one? Or when can we be expecting an update about progress, or an update about when u may start making updates about progress? πŸ˜›

  22. Darth107

    Whoa, those screenshots seem…*blank out* anyways yep they seem really cool and cant wait for the epsisode or 3 episodes as Amps explains it:P, guys (Nick Daniel and Eddy) could you also please release the videos you had of the leet world which were terrible (obviously not) I really want to see them. Cya guys later!

  23. Brontos

    Did anyone see me suggestion? Or is it too stupid? If it is feel free to ignore. πŸ˜€

  24. Piggy

    Technical Question, dunno if it has been asked, but how are you using those skins without every T getting them? Garry’s Mod?

  25. LizardKing

    “Not even roflcopters can escape its mighty pull. And they are web vehicles of the fastest sort.”

    So what you guys are saying is that it’s a trap right? righttt?

  26. intec516

    the finale should involve them doing their next challenge but this time the t’s and cts should team up and go against mendoza and his boys, that would be awesome imo! lol

  27. Drake

    it would be cool if the ct and the t asked Amad to use his hacks in order to beat the Ocho Moertos πŸ˜€

    sry for the double post. this is what i ment

  28. Poison

    why is there only 7 dudes in the Ocho muertos? i thought there was 8. or was Cortez the 8, and they havent found a new member?

  29. Ric

    @ poison

    In ep. 12 If you can remeber in the part where Leeroy sees that video feed from the camera, Mendoza killed the 8th member that used his name.

    But I’m totally looking forward to his… This should be super epic.

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