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Finale Screenshots

Lots going on in these parts of the webisphere. We’re hard at work on the Season Finale of The Leet World, pushing through to get it done in a timely and awesome manner. I know that last week I said it would be coming out in two installments on our website. Well, sometimes I’m a lying liar.

Fact of the matter is, the episode is getting so big and burly that we’re having to add another installment to it, meaning that the finale is going to be an epic three part release. Each part will come one week after the next, meaning you get three straight weeks of episodic bliss. You may be thinking to yourself, “huh?”, but trust me, it’ll be a lot of fun this way. Seriously, this thing keeps growing like some sort of digital black hole that consumes all in its path. Not even roflcopters can escape its mighty pull. And they are web vehicles of the fastest sort.

Below are the first screenshots of the Season Finale. Lots of dudes and things.

Showdown Planning RLT

Remember to vote for the Themetacular Challenge! There may or may not be lulz coming later this week. Lulz is code for Episode 13 audio outtakes, if you’re wondering. It’s not a very good code.


Just wanted to throw up a quick nod to a few notable machinima releases. For one, LitFuseFilms debuted a new movie/companion piece called Jill’s Song. It’s definitely a departure from their normal stuff as well as machinima in general and it features some incredible faceposing to accompany a brilliant vocal performance from Ricky Grove. Go watch! Also, vote for their film “Dennis” in the BitFilm contest.

Likewise, RoosterTeeth released the first episode of their new Red Vs Blue series, Reconstruction. Definitely an entertaining watch, I completely forgot I was viewing a Halo machinima.

Towards the beginning, you’ll see an impressive big army shot that Smooth Few Films was able to assist with when we visited RoosterTeeth in Austin, due to skillful (not really) puppetry by Daniel, Nick and myself. Listen closely in the shot that follows, and you might hear a familiar voice…

Some Season Finale details and screenshots are coming tonight/tomorrow.

Voting for the Themetacular Challenge ends next week- go vote!

Working for the Weekend

Well, not really. The weird thing about this episode is that we actually can’t film during the weekends this month. That means that we’ve acted like real people the last few Saturdays instead of horrid, slobbering cave trolls slaving over PC’s. Typically, our shooting schedule revolves around Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday filming, but due to some out-of-town trips and things called “jobs”, we haven’t been able to.

The goods news is that despite it all, we’re nearly done filming the episode, which means we’re one step closer to its release. As always, I’d love to give you guys a date on when you’ll see it, but any number of factors can affect the timing, so I don’t want you to think of me as a dirty liar. I mean, I am one (though not as big as Nick), but I don’t want you thinking of me like that nonetheless.

While there’s mostly good news to report, I do have to say that there won’t be a character bio this week. I’m not one to make excuses, but my only free night to write it was kind of my wedding anniversary. Slightly more important. They’ll be back next week.

To make up for it, I brought screenshots. Enjoy.

Screenie04 Screenie05 Screenie06

I would also like to remind everyone that the Themetacular Challenge is still ongoing, and will be ending soon. Remember, you don’t have to do The Leet World theme song exactly the same. Change the chords and the arrangement if you like, make it your own, make it different. We take creativity and nom it.

EDIT: We’re extending the contest until May 19th. We have some amazing entries, so be creative and don’t just do the song exactly the same. You don’t have to use Jace’s vocals if you don’t want. You can make it country, hip-hop, whatever floats your boat. Just be creative! If you feel like you want to resubmit based on that rule and you’ve already entered, you have a free pass to send one more back in.