Ramming Speed

Smooth Few Films is now full speed ahead on the Season Finale. We feel like ship captains navigating our vessel through perilous waters. With sharks, pirates, ninjas and whatever else lurks in the depths of that dreadful ocean of releasing content.

I’m currently busy with putting the finishing touches on the script for part three of the finale, while Daniel cuts the trailer and Nick is both getting part one ready for Jace’s skillful composing and starting the rough edit of part two.

Trailer’s coming terribly soon. More screenies below.

Drink up, me ‘earties, yo ho.

Gathering Hey Muertos Run!

48 thoughts on “Ramming Speed

  1. Paperkut

    well, if de_chateau is the last map, i’m trolly desapointed, de_chateau isn’t official and is not interesting, u should try de_nuke!

  2. Cortez

    Chateau map is thats why hov its for fast batles where the enemy can spote you in many ways πŸ˜› …

  3. Eddy

    [quote comment=”6521″]well, if de_chateau is the last map, i’m trolly desapointed, de_chateau isn’t official and is not interesting, u should try de_nuke![/quote]

    We’re always going to do what we feel is best for the show, “official” maps or not. We’d run out of interesting visual and storytelling options pretty quickly if we picked under those guidelines.

  4. Donat

    Well, i wonder if Chateau is the last challenge map, why west, cortez and Dozer are standing next to eachother.

  5. GainesWorthy

    Hah, personally I think havanna or what ever would have been a good map and that gould have been their hideout. But yet, I don’t know what happens and I do not want to be anything in the way of that vessel!

  6. Stevie

    Please hurry and release the episodes =D
    I dont think i can wait much longer >_<
    Im watching all the old episodes again just to try and calm myself lol

  7. intec516

    [quote comment=”6530″]Please hurry and release the episodes =D
    I dont think i can wait much longer >_<
    Im watching all the old episodes again just to try and calm myself lol[/quote]

    This is exactly what im doing also bro haha im patient but cant wait much longer for the next release! πŸ˜›

  8. Eddy

    [quote comment=”6532″]why cant you post part one, to keep us satisfied…[/quote]

    Because it’s not done yet.

  9. Enigmatic Ace

    love the series…can’t wait till the next episode comes out..wanna see cortez kick ass blindly…rofl…i understand why it takes too long…:P..take your time but make it gold….:D

  10. Daf

    I’m willing to bet money that Montrose is dissing the O.M’s clothes on the second screenie lol.

    Great job lads, keep up the good work, and as Ace said ^ take your time and make it fan-tabbie-dosie πŸ˜€

  11. Pharoahgakash

    oh man, this is awesome! maybe while running though the tunnels, they will find a chicken? lol. ya’ll’s know what i am talking about! Player should be all like “WTF? CH1CK3N??!1 r l3aderz of 0chco M3troz?” or just some random thing idk… ‘Yeah bro, the chicken likes boose! We grillin’ tonight!”

    More 1.6 Chicken Ideas laterz (just cause i wanna!)

    P.S i DO listen to the Podcasts! Montrose needs a classic “hey, hey, hey!” Line.

  12. Paperkut

    I have a little IDEA how the finale episode will be

    Very intense in comparation to the others , which where more funny than intensive , and shoot’em up

  13. Kaur

    Eddy ,any idea is the 1’st finale episode going to be released on this week? or do we have to wait another week?

  14. psylant

    This is going to be much epic on the scale of greatness!
    I’ll be happy when the trailer hits, maybe to get my mind off of a looming thesis defense, the other thousand things to do for graduation, and of course, stop motion work.
    …I’m starting to think live action is the way to go when 10 seconds of video can take 20 minutes to film, convert, voice over, etc. I, however, lack actors. lol

  15. fex

    I’m guessing this is what the screenshots mean,,

    #1 : Producer sets up a new challenge
    #2 : Montrose is gonna r*pe them πŸ˜€ hehe
    #3 : Chet got out of booze & runs to store (?)

    Keep up the good work, guys (a) and take your time with the finale,, First of all it needs to be good and second,, I’m still not bored of the previous episodes watching them again πŸ˜€ get 4 life ? ! πŸ˜‰

  16. Paperkut

    I’m guessing this is what the screenshots mean,,

    #1 : Producer sets up a new challenge ( Probably yes or not no idea , maybe a race :D)
    #2 : Montrose is gonna r*pe them hehe ( Suraounded?)
    #3 : Chet got out of booze & runs to store (?) ( Probably the latest match pic)

  17. jad

    yo leet world, you should add who does the extra characters to the FAQ like domination, mendoza, his crew. Love how you place the challenges, like de_dust and de_train for another challenge you should try rescue the hostages like cs_assault, to spice it up a bit.

  18. Random dude #1

    LoL cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!!! Faster dudes XD!!!!!!!!!! Are all three parts gonna be released the same time ?

  19. Dustin

    Interesting pictures – They baffle me. Something tells me that maybe the Ocho Muertos aren’t there to kill them all…Yet. The fact that Montrose and 3 Ocho Muertos are just standing there, without their guns drawn, kind of gives me that sensation. Along with the fact that Westhiemer, Cortez, and Mendoza are just standing their in de_chateau…Interesting! Chet running through the underground…? We haven’t been introduced to the underground yet, so this is where it gets interesting. Is he escaping from something? We won’t find out for a while!

    Episodes from that I’ve seen take, on average, 2-4 weeks. We’ll just have to be patient!

    Looking at the Episode 13 Comments, it looks like I was the first one to suggest them having this battle duke out at the third challenge…So maybe the Producer is making them wait on killing eachother until then? The Leet World producers probably know that making the entire cast of The Leet World beat the Ocho Muertos without ANY of the cast dieing would sound too much like bullshit…After all, they’re going up against one of the toughtest Terrorist groups in the World! Not an easy battle to win at all…

    Just my thoughts on them. What do you guys think? πŸ˜‰

  20. Montrose

    Boot World, I just want my boots! Gimme my booooots, gimme my booootsm gimme my boo-boo-boo-booooots!

  21. ClanFever

    LOL. I was playing Gamearena militia, and I was Chet, and there was Leeroy, Player, Montrose and Ellis. We had fun! I took a few screenshots, but they never looked good. Player had the xm1014, and kept spamming LOL!@!@! and radio commands, I had a AUG, Leeroy was with his Famas, and I never really saw Ellis and Montrose cause we just fucked around in the bar. πŸ˜€

  22. th3 n00bk1ll3r

    why is westy standing between the Cardinal Brothers? (mendoza and cortez) and why is Montrose alone with 3 Ocho Muertos? hhm…. 0_0

  23. Maxxef

    i just had a brilliant idea.
    over the summer, or whenever, you could do a random LEET WORLD comic, just like roosterteeth, considering you paid them a vsit recently.

    just a suggestion. ramblings of a mad fan.

  24. Haha

    Dude, isnt this a Live Show? so…..every live shows after 1 season to another they change the char…example……Survivor or all of that kind of crap….I hope u wont change the characters….or would u…eddy?

  25. Russianspecnaz

    wow interesting screenshots.In first screenshot i tough those 3 had a chalenge but wtf dont know..

  26. GunshyPigeon

    OMG I cant wait,
    literally peeing myself with excitment!

    this is way better then any other reality show ever!!!!
    yes, this is real, definetly.

    I love player (in a non ‘wanna rape’ kinda way), Player rules!!!!!!
    Player should definetly get to be the hero with whatever happens, he could kill mendoza with a badly placed grenade, as a shock that he can actually aim his ‘nades properly!!

  27. Dustin

    [quote comment=”6573″]I love player (in a non ‘wanna rape’ kinda way), Player rules!!!!!![/quote]
    You wouldn’t rape Player? >.>

    Everybody would rape Player…Chet gave his ass a 10/10, and Montrose gave it a 8.96/10. Thats pretty good in my eyes! I’d totally rape Player…

    In the words of Montrose: “He’s just so scrumptious…”

  28. Dustin

    I’m sorry to inform you that no, The Leet World is not going to be filming any more. They do not have enough finances, and will not be able to spend extra time on working on The Leet World, so Smooth Few Films will be going out of business.

    If you didn’t realize thats a giant lie, than you’re very, very slow.

    Yes, as they have said many times, there WILL BE a Season 2. However, they are taking a break over the Summer, so be patient, they will be filming more of The Leet World (most likely) starting in Fall.

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