He Left Us! He Left Us!

But that’s not what I’m going to do. Or Nick, either, for that matter.

Last Friday, in the span of just 24 hours, Daniel, our Director, after effects dude and quality control guy, left his job in order to start freelancing in the film world. Little did he know that by the end of that day, he would have a one-month stint offered to him out in the land of California. A job which began this past Monday.

Daniel had just one day to make this decision, and took the plunge and the job, leaving Nick and I to scale Mount Doom (and finish the season) on our own. Luckily, it’s just a temporary 30 day job, but it happened at our busiest point of the season.

As a result, the two of us have been scrambling around all three parts of the Finale this week, finishing Part One on Monday night, filming for Part Three on Tuesday, editing and faceposing for Part Two last night and the night before. The immediate effect of Daniel’s notable absence was that we were not able to get a new shiny intro in front of the Season Finale for you guys, which Daniel was pretty disappointed about, because he’s been planning it for awhile now.

Needless to say, we’re totally supportive of Daniel’s decision to take this short term job. Let’s get real- man’s gotta live, and this show doesn’t pay the bills. When left with the choice of starving or The Leet World, Daniel made the smart move, trusting that with parts One and Two already filmed, we could complete the task. In 30 days, he’ll be back and helping us with our next projects. I’ve got to say I’m a little bummed he won’t be here to celebrate with us when the season’s over, but I know we’ll live it up when he’s back in town.

I’ll stress again that this is only a one month job, and Daniel should be back in July.

In addition to this news, I bring some screenshots from Parts Two and Three of the Finale. Enjoy!

The Challenge Run for it! Hear that Sound?



72 thoughts on “He Left Us! He Left Us!

  1. Andrew

    Yay! Screenshots! Hooray!

    If you guys have the finale out by next monday, I wont miss anything


  2. Leet Man

    Wait how are you going to do the Ellis voice since Dan is gone unless you already did it?
    Which im sure you did.

  3. Shadow Stylez

    The fact that he won’t be there to celebrate at the end of the season just means that the celebration when he returns is going to be that much more off-the-chain. It’s great news that he got this opportunity and I wish him and the rest of you guys nothing but the best.

    You guys should take a bow and be proud of the work you’ve done here. I’m proud to have had a chance to experience it from day one and not be a johnny-come-lately like I was with RvB. Consider yourselves the Leaders of the New-School (or machinima, that is).

  4. Damolition

    The trio is now a duo, which is incredibly homoerotic.
    I hope to Kane that the next podcast is not a video podcast. I would hate to see olive oil and “leet world! Yeah!” used in such a fashion.

    In all sincerity good on him, I hope his careeer goes well and you all remain good friends.

    It all so gives you an excuse to kill his role in spectcular fashion
    May I suggest a bag of dicks? 😀

  5. ClanFever

    [quote comment=”7055″]Oh thats sad, Daniel Quit. Well i cant wait for the second part of the movie.[/quote]
    He didn’t quit, he just went to go do a paid job.

  6. Corsair

    So this is just a temporary leave for Dan, right? He’s coming back for Season Two (and whatever else you guys have planned), right?

    Also – good job the Jurassic Park edit. It was Ellis’ favourite documentary after all.

  7. GainesWorthy

    How can you make such comments asking for the episode. (You know who). A Tragedy has struck TLW, and my soul. I wish Daniel the best of luck on his job hunt, I wish my brother knew the trait. hahaha. If you guys need any help, which I’m sure you don’t. You’ve got a whole crowd out here supporting you!


  8. James Blond

    Damnit. This explains all of the holdup with the finale. I wish him the best of luck, as well as the best of luck to Nick and Eddy, who now have the weight of Daniel’s duties on their heads. Come back to us, and bring us all a cookie.

  9. Eddy

    Haha, no worries guys. It’s just a month gig. Daniel will be back a couple of weeks after the finale’s over.

  10. Leet Man

    I know how you feel espically when you have an actor for your film and then quits on you days before filming… but Dan is your bro and he will always back you guys.

  11. Iron_golem

    Good luck Daniel. Well done on your new (Temp) job. Hope this will open doors for the future.

  12. Haha

    Last Friday, in the span of just 24 hours, Daniel, our Director, after effects dude and quality control guy, left his job in order to start freelancing in the film world.

    Dude! Im guessing part 3 wont be the same lol well a little different that is………oh and did u say film world??? lol i hope he became a director and make a Live Action Leet World LOL Hope u guys are doing well….for Eddy and Nick ofcourse….well good luck on filmin part 3…I hope it be the same quality!

  13. Beaka

    [quote comment=”7040″]Wait how are you going to do the Ellis voice since Dan is gone unless you already did it?
    Which im sure you did.[/quote]

    Yeah, earlier in the fourms Eddy said they got all the lines before he left.

  14. GunshyPigeon

    Why’d you have to leave?
    why’d you walk out on this unfinished masterpiece?
    Why’d you have to break our hearts?
    The lovable redneck is no longer keeping it in the family?
    and california? full of all those colours, shapes and sounds?
    he will not be the same once he returns!!
    Farewell for now Daniel!

    and you better come back!!!
    miss you already! *waves* 🙁 🙁

  15. AlphaHawk

    [quote comment=”7042″]We just figured it was easier to kill Ellis in part Two.

    Kidding. We got all of his lines before he left.[/quote]

    And thus you’ve spawned 100000000 new rumors and speculations about the season finale. =/

  16. Crisdorya

    I wish you all the best of luck!

    BTW: Are you going to post a DVD image of The Leet World after the season Finale?

  17. th3 n00bk1ll3r

    35th post homie. (..been playing too much GTA:SA) oh, keep it up SFF! and don’t scare us like that EVER again….XP

  18. CrazyFAN

    I can’t wait untill the 3rd part of the Season 1 Finale … How will I wait for Season 2 🙂 😀

  19. Conor

    Well, he deserves a break. You all do. As much as I love leet world , the dedication of your team to give us the ENTERTAINMENT!!?!?!! Must have come as a high price so, thank you for the awesome show guys, its been great following it over the year, and I wish you all the best of luck, btw Dont take too long releasing part 2!

  20. BreaKereN

    Woot. Been watching Jurassic Park alot since i was a kid 😛
    And well good luck to you mate 🙂

  21. cQiix

    Just take it easy guys … the better the finish the better for your future 😉 , also your m8 sure will drop the theleetworld as a ticket so this has a good side 2 😉

    gl with editinG 🙂

  22. Trey3rdeee

    Hey guys I freaking love this series to death but I think you should wait to release the final part of the episode until he gets back, let him celebrate with you. I know I’ll probably get hung for suggesting it but I know I’d want everyone to be around at the end of something as great as this.

    Anyway you guys could go a long way with this, I really do wish you all well with your careers and whatever you decide to do with them. Thanks for such a great series and much love from Linn State Technical College in MO!

  23. Cortez

    in thise past days ihavd played some time css and i havd becomed the strongest charakter in one server 🙂 i ieven don’t know hov i did it bat i survived in many batles….

  24. Cortez

    … good luck whit lastest parts of the siesson and mostly have fun by creting it 🙂

  25. duds

    man guys they look great and daniel have a great time till u return. I hope season two even more high action then this one…I don’t know if anything can beet this one….Looking forward to tuesday for part two if u guys releasing it cuz it one wwek till next so u know shood be tuesday..bye and montrose shot looks awesome

  26. Eddy

    [quote comment=”7113″]Wait? Dose Mysift help you guys with the “Producer’s” face posing stuff?[/quote]

    Haha, nah, he just helped us out with a shortcut for the Mendoza model. Definitely going to save us time and headaches when filming.

  27. Leet Man

    First off Congrats on making it to Season 1 finale of the LEET WORLD. You guys came from a long way. I’m glad i found this video. The first time i saw LEET WORLD was when i went to Garrys mod.com and saw a vid for Leet World Episode 9. That episode was great and decided to get into the series. Thanks for some great and deceant machinima. Keep up the good work, Dan good luck on your trip, Eddy keep doing those great voices, and Nick your great! My favorite character is Chet and you fit him well Nick! Best wishes to you! 🙂

  28. Nexolate

    I’m sure you guys’ll be able to pull through, and I’m sure it’ll definitely be worth watching. Can’t wait for part 2 guys.

  29. fps_bam

    huege loss for the leetworld, but i believe the guys remaining got the power to pull it thru 🙂

    its toly understandable that sum1 would actually want to get a job, but … maybe you can start selling theleetworld-stuff soon? i know i would buy some of it 😀

  30. www.theleetworldrox.com

    guys i just got a new game on steam and its called “call of juarez” its about a cowboy treasure and they said they buried back in the days of cortez! OmG is that where u got that name from?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Also Best of luck with the job daniel and good lucj to you guys nick and eddy



    okay im done with the moaning and groaning
    good luck on ur new job!


    oh… YAY CHET!!! you got the audio for part three?? WOW u guys think ahead

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