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FAQ’in Around

faqIt really is nice to have the Web Zeroes announcement out in the open. We’ve been working our butts off on the rebooted version of the series for a couple of months now to make the Fall release date.

The support coming in from you guys and from other places has been really awesome for us, especially after giving our all to get that TLW Finale up. Thanks for that. We even got some nice props from Burnie Burns, of a little outfit known as Rooster Teeth.

In recent days, JJ has updated the trusty SFF FAQ page. We’re still taking some questions, so send them in. A few of you have been asking some questions about the new show. So I thought I’d answer those and a few more below the jump:
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The Body Count

We’re happy with Episode Three. Challenge episodes are always interesting because you never quite know how the action’s going to turn out until it all cuts together. It seems many of you enjoyed it however, so thanks for the awesome responses. If you think things are nuts so far, just wait until you see where this season goes.

I have a new favorite topic on our forums right now. Poster “Tigerking” put together a list of how many kills each TLW character has racked up over the course of the show. I’m sure it took him quite a bit of time to come up with his final numbers, and it’s pretty darn impressive. It’s also a good glimpse into the skill levels that we’ve given to each of our characters, because believe me, we really are intentional about when each of them gets a chance to own somebody. So please do yourself a favor and check out the TLW Body Count.

Also, I bring gifts in the form of screenshots from Episode 4. I wanted to bring candy and/or enchiladas, but these tubes that make up the Internet are of an unsettling restrictive nature.

tlw204screenshot1 tlw204screenshot2 tlw204screenshot3

There. It’s not food, but it’ll have to do.

The Leet World Fan Works

tlw203So Episode 3 is going to be here in the next few days. Sweet. And rad.

Thanks for all of you who have voted for us for stuff for the last few weeks. There’s just one week left to nominate Web Zeroes for the Streamys! For a full list of names and such for nominations, check out this link, so you know what all we’re hoping to be nominated for. Once again, only do this if you really think Web Zeroes deserves it. No pressure! But we would super appreciate it.

And speaking of appreciation… Over the course of the last year and a half (wow) that we’ve been battling this raging behemoth of a Counter-Strike machinima known as The Leet World, different fans of ours have shown their devotion and gratitude by getting creative and making tributes. I’ve made a list of a few of our favorites. Check it out after the jump!

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Happy New Year, Dudes

hny1Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy New Year to ring in 2009. Hopefully this one will bring many more laughs, twists, surprises, and great storylines for all of your favorite characters. We’ve got lots of great stuff in store for both TLW and WZ, and when we get around to it, G.R.I.E.F.

Thanks for sticking around to watch our ridiculous videos, and for encouraging us to do more. You guys are pretty cool.

Play some games, rock out like Chet, and party like animals. Stay away from Nick, though. He is dangerous when full of the alcohol. A veritable yeti/mountain man, full of trickery and/or hijinks. Those are dangerous things brewing together.

Anywho, happy new year, dudes. Play some Counter-Strike or go kill some zombies or something.

Roomie Woes

We now present Episode 2 of Season 2 of The Leet World, “The Shady Bunch”. I think you guys will find this one pretty funny, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of where things are going. Needless to say, things aren’t quite the same around the house.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing some more content for you guys, specifically a holiday-themed short with some of your favorite Counter-Strike machinima dudes, as well as some other extras that I think you’ll want to stick around for, including outtakes for the first couple of episodes. Also, maybe some more pictures of Nick’s beard.

You may need to pause the episode and let it load for a minute, due to the traffic. Also, remember to refresh after you log in so you can leave a comment. Video after the jump!
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A G.R.I.E.F. Update

So if you haven’t guessed already, G.R.I.E.F. is on hold indefinitely. Now that we’re working hard on Web Zeroes and The Leet World, adding one more thing into the mix is going to bring down the quality of all of the projects. We are but mere men after all, though I am somewhere close to troll-ish in nature.

We’ve filmed part of the first episode, but it’s a very ambitious endeavor, so we’re just going to stick it on the backburner until we find some time for it. Who knows, maybe our new TLW method rocks our socks off and we have all kinds of free time to make Halo 3 machinima in addition to our other stuff. And play video games.

We’re also hard at work on Episode 3 of The Leet World, filming and doing all kinds of Counter-Strike things. Episode 2 is coming sometime in the next week, and I think you dudes will enjoy it. Web Zeroes short in the next few days.

Prepare for lulz in 3…2…

Buy Our Swag

I mentioned we’d have one or two other surprises coming up soon…

Introducing: The Leet World Store, where you can get your first ever TLW shirts!

Right now the selection is pretty limited, but this is just a trial run. Currently, the only colors we can offer are red, white, military green, brown and charcoal for the guys, blue, pink and yellow for the ladies. I’m partial to the green and brown, myself.

It should be noted that since we’re going through Cafepress (for now), any issues you have with ordering, delivery, etc, should be taken up with them.

A quick note about the price/selection of the shirts… Our available merch is going to be limited at first until we get an idea of the demand. If it turns out that there is a big enough demand for these shirts, we should be able to offer a wider selection of shirts (catch phrases, etc) and have more flexibility on pricing. At the moment, we are limited as to what kinds of products we can offer and the pricing points we can set. This is step one in a several step process. Happy browsing!

In other news, Jace is hard at work on the Season One soundtrack, and what I’ve heard is exceptional. In addition, the first episode commentary should be up within a couple of days.

He Left Us! He Left Us!

But that’s not what I’m going to do. Or Nick, either, for that matter.

Last Friday, in the span of just 24 hours, Daniel, our Director, after effects dude and quality control guy, left his job in order to start freelancing in the film world. Little did he know that by the end of that day, he would have a one-month stint offered to him out in the land of California. A job which began this past Monday.

Daniel had just one day to make this decision, and took the plunge and the job, leaving Nick and I to scale Mount Doom (and finish the season) on our own. Luckily, it’s just a temporary 30 day job, but it happened at our busiest point of the season.

As a result, the two of us have been scrambling around all three parts of the Finale this week, finishing Part One on Monday night, filming for Part Three on Tuesday, editing and faceposing for Part Two last night and the night before. The immediate effect of Daniel’s notable absence was that we were not able to get a new shiny intro in front of the Season Finale for you guys, which Daniel was pretty disappointed about, because he’s been planning it for awhile now.

Needless to say, we’re totally supportive of Daniel’s decision to take this short term job. Let’s get real- man’s gotta live, and this show doesn’t pay the bills. When left with the choice of starving or The Leet World, Daniel made the smart move, trusting that with parts One and Two already filmed, we could complete the task. In 30 days, he’ll be back and helping us with our next projects. I’ve got to say I’m a little bummed he won’t be here to celebrate with us when the season’s over, but I know we’ll live it up when he’s back in town.

I’ll stress again that this is only a one month job, and Daniel should be back in July.

In addition to this news, I bring some screenshots from Parts Two and Three of the Finale. Enjoy!

The Challenge Run for it! Hear that Sound?



A Special Message

There’s quite a bit of you guys out there floating in the nebulous ether of the internet. You know who you are: The Leet World fans. Some of you are on this site, some of you are out on YouTube and some of you get updates from other websites. While we love the long, sweeping arms of “da web”, ultimately, we’d like to see all of our fan community located in one place. That’s why we try to offer things like podcasts, screenshots, forums, trailers, and extras to make sure you guys come here first for information regarding future episodes and projects.

While more and more people are coming from these other places, we’d still like to see our website become more of a central hub for the people that like our videos. So often on YouTube we get messages like “When’s the next episode” or other questions that are answered right here on this site. This little message is up for our YouTube subscribers, encouraging them to come here for information regarding episodes and the like. I thought we’d show you guys, too.

If you are here for the first time, these links might be helpful:

Episode 11 Trailer

Ahmad’s GetSomeHax Commercial

Episode 9 & 10 Outtakes

The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3

Audio Hilarity

Well dudes, things have been going great since the release of Episode Seven. Work on the next episode is progressing smoothly, though it’s a little daunting since this episode will have some complicated elements to it.

Some quick gaming news- IGN has released a “Top 100 Games of All Time” list to feed your fanboyism or your ranting. In my case, it’s both. It’s missing a few notables such as Counter-Strike, Tekken, anything from the Splinter Cell series, and the Sims for example. I’m not sure how MGS2 made the list but not MGS3. A few games were rated pretty low, too, I thought. It’s definitely worth a read though. Click here to discuss it in our forums.

Since I was feeling very generous, I put together a present for you guys: audio outtakes from episodes six and seven.


Enjoy, and please donate.