Premiere Pics

We appreciate all of the comments on the Season 2 teaser/Halloween message/release announcement thing we put out. Glad you guys are enjoying the ride leading up to the second season. Trust me, we are too. We’ve had some bumps, but now everything is running smoothly. Much thanks to Lord Ned for the assistance with some of my Hammer frustrations.

And while I’m thinking about it, I have some screenshots from Episode 1 of Season 2. Enjoy!

I know that some of you are having problems logging in. That comes from some pretty hardcore caching we’ve got set up on the site- all you need to do is just refresh the page (try it more than once if you need to) and it should help.

There’s a cool new post up on GamerSushi, titled “5 Features That More Shooters Need”. Thought you guys would like it since I mention some Counter-Strike in there.

Also, the dudes over at The Duo Group have just put out a new Gears of War machinima, as well as the guys over at LitFuseFilms. It seemed appropriate to mention these in honor of the hallowed Gears of War 2, which I will be beating like it stole something later this week.

39 thoughts on “Premiere Pics

  1. Experiment11

    Goodness gracious!

    Thats great news that your still using militia house! And all the new things look great too!

    Keep up the good work smooth few

  2. Pwezem

    Yees! I can finally log in again!
    Well done guys, can’t wait!
    You never let us down ^_^
    Btw, i’ve seen Litfuses new film. A lot of their machinima is amazing, like “Jills Song” and of course “War of the Servers”, but you guys always seem to come out on top!

    p.s: Any downloadable files of the Teaser? I have every single other video on my comp from you guys xD
    Up top guys!


    haha portraits! Sweet.
    Ya I had probs with hammer too. Walls that wouldn’t appear when you run it… textures that don’t appear… ladders that don’t work blah blah balh…

  4. J.Freeman

    I can’t believe that in all my logging in trouble I never tried refreshing…it worked first time 😀

    Loving the screen shots, the pictures on the wall of the CT’s are awesome. Are there pictures of the T’s as well? Or is it just like a “winners wall”?

  5. deathraidermmt

    Looking forward to the first episode of season two that im sure is coming out soon.. right? =P

  6. Locke

    [quote comment=”12273″]Well, it was pretty clear the CT’s were staying around because they won… :)[/quote]

    I think he was hoping for something in The Real World fashion, Where once the first season ends, the winners are decided, and they move on to a new cast in the new season.


    Just saw Litfusefilm’s, Gears of war machinima “Flying Fenix”. It was great, as usual. Go see it guys.

    Mind if I put a link here ed?

  8. morbiushybrid

    Dios Mio!! esto va estar MUY BUENO!!! espero que los episodios empiecen pronto!! Yo adoro a cortez! por hablar Spanish! lol! hehe! (I can talk englsh but..this is in name of CORTEZ!) *Cortez = Dios Mio callate! I’m trying 2 piss!!*

  9. Paperkut

    Guys im fucked up!!! I want to know if the would new contestans and if Cortez will know the truth about Ahmad’s hacks!

    TLWFans 4ever! 😀
    and smoothefewfilms 2 🙂


    Swedish :
    Ni gör bra saker,
    Inte konstigt du är bäst 😀

    Slovak :
    Chlapci, čo najlepšie to,
    Niet divu, že ste najlepší 😀

    English :
    You guys make the best things,
    No wonder you are the best 😀

    Spanish :
    Ustedes hacen las mejores cosas,
    No es de extrañar que usted es el mejor 😀

  11. JabaPR

    duuuuude! so amazing 🙁

    im still waiting for my FIX of LW and WZ! but yeah… i think i can wait since GoW2 comes out tomorrow lol…

    btw… if u can/want add me to Xbox live! GT: JabaPR

    so we’ll kick it up in multiplayer or coop campaign… talking about that… i need to buy another headset… it freakin sux that i cant use a normal headset for the xbox…

  12. Kavron

    Good to see that season 2 is rolling this fast, but what’s with the G.R.I.E.F.? Sorry if you have mentioned something about it and i didn’t read it about.

  13. GainesWorthy


    Can you inform us of your Hammer troubles you encountered? I’m just curious.

  14. Eddy

    [quote comment=”12291″]Pwnocchio/Eddy,

    Can you inform us of your Hammer troubles you encountered? I’m just curious.[/quote]

    Name an issue, and I probably had it. It was more of a combination of my noobish-ness at Hammer and Militia’s completely jacked-up-ness working in a horrible union to thwart TLW season 2.

  15. GainesWorthy

    Well, Militia is only there to allow you to see a map’s components. You must get the decompiled version, or even edit the format of the Hammer provided. Otherwise it is very difficult to add primitives. You can really only add entities.

  16. Eddy

    I don’t know about any of that, but we didn’t de-compile Militia- an editable version comes with Hammer in the source files.

  17. JJ

    [quote comment=”12309″]I still want to know about the scientist! I want to know who(or what) the test subject is![/quote]

    Um, not sure why you’re all worked up. Don’t you think we’ll save the big reveals for season 2, which hasn’t even premiered yet?

  18. SNOWMAN7

    [quote comment=”12309″]I still want to know about the scientist! I want to know who(or what) the test subject is![/quote]

    Tru dude. Hold your horses.


    [quote comment=”12309″]I still want to know about the scientist! I want to know who(or what) the test subject is![/quote]

    Yeah man JJ and Snowman are right.
    You should wait !!
    If you knew who he was it wouldn’t be interesting any more now would it ??
    If people knew what was going to happen in TLW Season 2 Before the videos came out, nobody would watch them 🙁
    Let them be excited about the new vids 😉

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