Of Spies and Men

Thanks for the great response to Web Zeroes, Episode 2. Web Zeroes episodes are always a tad more nerve wracking to release because it really is putting a bit more of us out there than our machinima. I mean, obviously. But then again, you get to see Nick’s beard, so I guess it all evens out. Were it not for that beard, perhaps many of you would have been turned off to the show’s charm. Sometimes I want to wear it like a parka.

In other news, we are hard at work on the first few episodes of The Leet World, Season 2. Obviously, I don’t want to spoil any kind of “secritz”, but we’re working on something fun for the first episode’s release. Mark my words, you might get excited enough to punch a puppy when you see what I’m talking about. And not to leave you hanging with that tease, here’s another one. Or three, to be exact:

Have fun with those. Those are like, sneaky James Bond style screenshots.

By the way, downloads for Web Zeroes are coming today at some point, we just got so caught up in working on Season 2 that we literally just forgot. I’m assuming we’ll be forgiven for that. If not, tough enchiladas.

25 thoughts on “Of Spies and Men

  1. Midg3y

    Something fishy is going on! Can’t wait the anticipation of it coming somewhere in the next 13 days is killing me! πŸ˜€


    OMG Chet’s old teamates maybe πŸ˜€
    PLZ FAST, VIDS we wait πŸ˜‰
    Also 6th…

  3. Cortez

    Mmm intresting terrorist team will be attacked by swat
    and cortez will find out about preduser very intresting….

  4. Pwezem

    Sweet Job guise!
    Wow i love The Leet World to bits.

    I just got around to buying the soundtrack there, and i have to say…

    A late, well deserved wow to you and Damn Dangerous

  5. Paperkut

    F*** WtF=????? I was wwonder if some swat soldier were to rescue mr. sizler from the hands of the T’s. and i was right :’) i love u guys!

  6. 5aga-m4n

    b-but… enchiladas are worse served cold πŸ™

    Oh and technically these 3 screenies have been the 3rd group of 3 (I think), so there are really 9, which is a real treat. I mean it’s enough to already form our own suspicions.

    And that’s what u guys love don’t u? Toying with our minds… What sort of shenanigans are u up to this time????

  7. Experiment11

    Heh, he said shenanigans. Like westy.

    O_O Its like I have a certain part of my brain dedicated to machinima.

    Anyways, looking great guys! Hope your having just as much fun making it as we are to see the updates :]

  8. RGamesINC

    Looks like the terrorists were hiding out in assault, where they were training in Episode 5.

    I wonder what the SWAT team is going to find when they run in. Adam Sizzler driven insane from the harsh interrogation? Maybe they’ll find a trap set by Cortez? Maybe they’ll find Ahmad trying to flush Sizzler’s body down a toilet?

    Can’t wait to find out!

  9. Lord Hayden

    Oh, I just can’t wait! I want to see what happens in season 2! Now where is that time machine i built…

    P.S: Forgiven for the downloads, I love episode 2. (And Nick’s beard)

  10. wse11

    I can’t wait for season 2!! I first found out about them through the “Day in the Life Of a Turret” short. Keep going guys!!1

  11. Atticus

    Guys I can’t tell you how super excited I am for Season 2. I actually got my best friend and 2 co-workers into it. We were at work (HQ of the County Police) and I decided to.. ya know.. break a few rules and show them the entire season. Very well worth it. We actually have our own “Noobito” at work, the latest Cadet.

    We always joke that he’ll ‘always’ be Noobito. Even if we get someone new. πŸ˜›

    But I’m extremely psyched for this coming season. I hope after this season completes, you put the two seasons on DVD so I can take it to my friends house, or wherever I wanna go and show people good stuff.

    But until then! Keep up the great work.

    (..eerrr Atticus)

  12. SNOWMAN7

    [quote comment=”12445″]OMGSH,how you guys get SWAT in CS?Please tell me how? =P[/quote]

    Um… dude? It’s already up in all CS:S. “ALL”

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