Indecision Men

Now presenting Episode 2 of Web Zeroes: Writer’s Block. We filmed this a few weeks back, and have been waiting to release it because of the teaser for Season 2 of The Leet World. This episode deals with Nate, Ray and Alex as they try to decide the direction of the story for their new show. Unfortunately, idiocy and sheer confusion hamper their progress, as always. And maybe a little Guitar Hero, for good measure.

I have to admit, it’s still funny to see ourselves on camera after a year of doing zany voices for an over-the-top reality show in Counter-Strike: Source, but so far, we’re enjoying the Web Zeroes vibe. The reception so far has been awesome, so feel free to watch and comment away.

As Arnold would say, stick around over the weekend for an update on Season 2 of TLW. Also, make me some chicken noodle soup, for I am overcome with disease and illness from Daniel. Thanks, Daniel. And a real big thanks go out to our bud Alex, who once again did a sweet job helping us out with the sound.

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32 thoughts on “Indecision Men

  1. Kavron

    Shorter then the others, but still kicka**. Nice. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, is that Masters Yoda action figure?


    Nice man Nice just Nice you do Nice things πŸ™‚
    If you guys ever want to play CS:S with #dl clan
    I’ll give you the Public DL server IP πŸ˜‰


    Oh man… heh you guys are great.
    btw, I can play guitar hero for 3 days without eating if I have to. Any time you want me Alex, I’ll be there…

  4. No0b-0-rAmA

    LOlz i remember you guys saying on the podcast about nick not taking sides when you guy fight over stuff

  5. Maxxef

    Great work, guys.

    [quote comment=”12375″]
    …and what’s happening with G.R.I.E.F.?…[/quote]

    Yeah, I’ve also been wondering about G.R.I.E.F. for a while now. What have you guys been doing with it?

  6. Ryu

    Lol Master Potter Chief. And dude, Alex, if you want a sleep-deprived week of Guitar Hero, I’m there.

    C’mon guys, RELEASE TLW2 NAO.

  7. Pwezem

    On an unrelated note..
    I was just listening to TLW Season 1 Episode 1 commentary, and i heard Nick saying something about “a clap i got from a slut in tijuana” and he said it at the end of episode 1.
    Then i remember Eddy said something about it in one of the episode commentaries that it actually happened..

    Background story guys!
    We want this juicy info!

  8. Sc00t3r

    good work guys, I’m loving everything you do. Can’t wait for TLW s2e1, and the next installment of WebZeroes.

  9. Kalgros

    I’m really enjoying this series. One question though. Was it hard not to laugh when he yells Expecto patrona with the Master Chief helmet?

  10. Maxxef

    [quote comment=”12390″]Lol Master Potter Chief. And dude, Alex…[/quote]


  11. SNOWMAN7

    [quote comment=”12405″]Your not supposed to spoil Heroes! SHAME![/quote]

    True. I got ownd there… and please tell me that’s not true about Peter.

  12. The Bit

    Finally decided to register for Smooth Fews site. Been a fan since episode one of TLW forever ago.

    Anyways, that episode was absolutely hilarious. I lol’d hardcore. Keep it up guys πŸ˜›

  13. LotsofLuck

    Thanks SFF! That episode was great, I just have no idea what the bury squad is…..

    Any news on either TLW Season 2 or GRIEF?

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