The Holiday HoeDown

Well here we are, another year down, and a new one upon us. We thought we’d send 2008 off with a bang, so we brought a kingly gift- The Leet World Holiday Special, redux.

In this edition, The Leet World characters run down their favorite things about the holidays. I think it’s a mighty good time. I hope you guys enjoy it, and remember, it’s a part of One Shared Vision, the machinima movement to promote Child’s Play. I’d definitely encourage you guys to look into Child’s Play, as it’s a rockin’ charity for gamers.

Speaking of video games, I hope you guys got a bunch of them for Christmas. I got Chrono Trigger DS, myself.

By the way, if you’re looking for some good entertainment at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, December 30th, then check out Halo Community Live. It’s a live broadcast of several machinimas from the Halo community including TheDuoGroup, Halo 3 Mythbusters, and more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate because of late notice, but I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Anywho, our new video is after the jump!

The Leet World Holiday Special, 2008 from Smooth Few Films on Vimeo.


23 thoughts on “The Holiday HoeDown

  1. Midg3y

    Great as always guys!

    My mum used to let me go outside on my own when her personal trainer arrives!

    Save Cortez from this witch!

  2. leet-man

    very good
    i was wondering how do the child play thing work like how are they able to ship it all over the world

    ninja vomit

  3. razorraza

    HaHa great stuff.

    I’ve got chrono trigger on ds also =D i completed it before on the snes theres nothing much new to be added but its great reliving past experiences =)

  4. Eclipse1337

    Lol, Cortez playing Left 4 Dead, how does he know he’s being attacked by a Witch? I call hax! And Player coming out of nowhere during the fruitcake talk, “Player: LOL!”, and also, O NOZ! :0.

    Keep up the great work guys, I can wait for as long for these, so take your time guys :D.

  5. Maxxef

    Nice job guys. You’re masters of subliminal messaging.

    Oh, by the way, any of you ever heard about Child’s Play?

  6. awkook

    Isnt cortez blind? How did he know he was getting attacked by the witch? XD

    Quote: Arnt you blind? how did you know what player just said to you?

  7. Cortez

    [quote comment=”13039″]Isnt cortez blind? How did he know he was getting attacked by the witch? XD

    Quote: Arnt you blind? how did you know what player just said to you?[/quote]

    Cortez hav a hear whit what he can locate peaple and objects lol if you would be blimd you will hav beter hear thahn normal peaple

  8. Nafets

    This was great how come we no see there pr3zents
    l0l0l!! Ironically i was at the witch when i watched this l0l0l!!! but i didn’t any help “cough” cortez “cough”

    Thought it was amazing!! I wishh everyone a Happy new year!!!

    Ninja vomit goin to look for groundhog now

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