Battle Shots

The holidays are almost over, and I am saddened that I will lose much gaming time. Been playing Prince of Persia, Fable II, The Force Unleashed, etc. But alas, the real world beckons yet again.

A bit ago, I mentioned the Streamys, which are still accepting votes/nominations. Feel free to submit Web Zeroes for the comedic categories, if you feel inclined to do so. Also, Hawty McBloggy is running a contest called the “Best of Halo Awards” for notable Halo machinima from the past year, and Bag Boy has been nominated! There are some other greats on the list as well, so browse, watch and vote to your liking.

I think it’s about time you saw the first glimpse of Episode 3 of Season 2 of The Leet World. In true Counter-Strike:Source fashion, our dudes are battling it out in Inferno. We worked hard this weekend filming, and I’m excited about the results. Here are some screenies:

tlw203_screen1 tlw203_screen2 tlw203_screen3


17 thoughts on “Battle Shots


    lol I forgot about ep 3. Yay, a challenge.

    One thing that makes me wonder in the death room pic, is that all the leet world members are there at the same time. I’m seeing a draw here…

    and also Congrats on the Bag Boy 🙂 Hi5s

  2. 5aga-m4n

    It’s the question everyone is asking but t begs to be asked:

    How did everyone manage to get stuck in the death room all together?

    Either a pretty impressive group suicide or worse… Shenanigans!!!


    OMG Great screenies !!!11!!!1
    Looks like maybe a draw in that round, or maybe they all died but the Bomb was left to explode, so maybe T’s win that round 😀


  4. Pwezem

    Can’t wait guise!
    I have a feeling this whole season is just gonna explode! 😀

    Any low down on a new Podcast?
    I’ve been listening to those same four podcasts over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over……

  5. Cortez

    wery nice it will be intresting epic challange 🙂 plizz create it faster i cant wait for it :)almost 2 or 1 week has passed 😀

  6. Aessari

    I love all the stuff you do guys.
    Is there any posibility to make (all episodes)the episodes downloadable in .avi format? Would really be awsome!

  7. Pwezem

    [quote comment=”13110″]Heya!
    I love all the stuff you do guys.
    Is there any posibility to make (all episodes)the episodes downloadable in .avi format? Would really be awsome!

    Just get Super Converter man!
    You can easily convert any video format to anything! For example, Ipod versions, PSP versions etc!

  8. Maxxef

    But yeah, gratz on the nom-nom-nom-nominations, guys. You deserve it.

    The Deathroom shot has me mystified… could it be that the bomb blew up, killing both teams?

  9. Dunnerski

    With the way that the T&Cts are face.. I’d think the death room would be a pre-game strat meeting or something along those lines..

  10. dunno

    nic pics
    i jus wonder sometimes wat u did with cortez’s skin…
    back in episode 1 of season 2…
    it was awesome!
    but anyway, keep up the good work!

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