More Season 2 Outtakes

micSince Daniel was out of town this weekend, Nick and I did some general house cleaning in terms of production, so that was good. It’s really nice to be ahead this season, and you’ll probably hear me say that over and over again for the next couple of months.

If there was anyway to let you understand the amount of pure getting kicked in the nuts factor that last season’s workload caused for us, I would demonstrate it for you, believe me. But alas, these cursed Intertubes don’t permit that kind of data transfer.

As promised, here are the outtakes from Episodes 3 and 4 of the new TLW season. You know the drill. Us goofing around, messing up, trying to make each other laugh while recording audio, etc. Also, Daniel almost dies.

Enjoy! Right click and “save as” to download. And check out my Halo Wars impressions if you’re interested.

24 thoughts on “More Season 2 Outtakes

  1. Pandangerous

    I dont know why but somtimes the outakes can be funnier than the thing themselves, mabye if someone were to make a show where they screw up on purpose would be the best show in the world or the funniest at least.

  2. MaskedApple

    This is one of the reasons why Leet World Rawks.
    Its the Outtakes that make it real.

    You can really sense how much effort they’re putting in to make ONE video, So 5 / 5 For me.

    Could Improve on Player’s random Speeches.

  3. SoundWave

    LOL “We Wil BreakDance Fight” That is gonna make me LOL all day πŸ˜€

    Same goes for the rest of you.

    You guys are F***ING AWESOME! πŸ˜‰

  4. Crisdorya

    The outtahes are incredible! Much better than Cortez’s Wii! (see holiday special 2007)
    Not only that but I can listen to them and post a comment from my iPod!!!
    Keep on the good work guys!!!

  5. captain canada

    I’m still having a hard time figuring out who does the voice acting for cortez and westhiemer… and leeroy too.

    Ellis and Montrose have the best dialogues of the lot (Ellis in particular). Great job guys!

  6. SoundWave

    [quote comment=”13816″]From the faq. πŸ™‚

    Chet – Nick
    Westheimer – Eddy
    Leeroy – Kerry
    Montrose – Eddy
    Ellis – Daniel
    Cortez – Eddy
    Ahmad – Ben
    Producer – Nick[/quote]

    Hey Eddie, I noticed that you haven’t writen down the ppl that are making the voices for Asher and those too guards who gets killed by domination guy and the swat bros. I am sure that their are more but i cant figure them out atm. πŸ˜€

    Btw, you guys should make a Gravatar contest who ahs the coolest Gravatars and we should be able to vote πŸ˜‰

  7. Nafets


    those were great really hilarious…Can’t wait for episode
    and also after the prduce vs t arc..can’t wait for next one…hope it includes the ct’s like westy….


  8. Maxxef

    I swear, these are getting better and better.

    By the way, kudos to you for adding another hilarious segment of Daniel choking on his tongue. It brings back memories from the “Ninja Noob 2 : Electric Bogaloo” era. I’m still waiting for you guys to outdo yourselves, considering how epic Ep. 13 and 14’s outtakes were.

  9. MaskedApple

    HEY WUD ?

    !!But i love the way.
    Eddy switches his voice.
    from time to time.

    Westie to Cortez.
    Whats funny is that once he cant do cortez’s voice, and he returns to eddy’s original voice,
    it’d sound so weird, cause he does it so well.

    he actually had me going that cortez was a real mexican irl. :X

  10. Caine

    These outtakes are funnier than the entirety of Season 2 of TLW so far, in my humble opinion. Special Ep of out-take gold FTW.

  11. forestxqf

    99 to 108 I was ROFLing so hard at Ahmad

    wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo we wwin, HAMWALLETS! ROFLOL\LMAO!!!!!

  12. angeloftheafterlife

    “nipple rectum. that sounds like a spell from harry potter.” ROFL! i love hearing outakes of all kinds, but TLW are some of the best.

  13. angeloftheafterlife

    also, here is the complete list of character-voice people for those who were wondering about asher and other side characters.
    from the FAQ

    Chet – Nick
    Westheimer – Eddy
    Leeroy – Kerry
    Montrose – Eddy
    Ellis – Daniel
    Cortez – Eddy
    Ahmad – Ben
    Producer – Nick
    Adam Sizzler – Daniel
    β€œDomination” – Eddy
    Player – ?
    Mendoza – Ty
    Pablo – Doug
    Scientist – Jeff
    Asher – Ty

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