Somewhere Over the Outtakes

mic2That’s where the lulz live.

Here are the audio outtakes from Episodes 5 and 6 of Season 2. I was going to include 7, but to be honest, there was plenty of goofy material for me to use, so Episodes 7 and 8 will be lumped together in a couple of weeks.

As always, lots of us goofing around in our absurd character voices, some movie quotes, and even some singing numbers to boot. In particular, I’m a fan of Ben discovering the “investigating each other’s privates” line as he’s reading it, and instantly cracking up. Many of you don’t know this, but the dude actually delivers his lines cold, with no prior knowledge of the script, which makes his voice work doubly impressive if you ask me.

Anyways, here are the outtakes. Right click and select “save as” to download.

In other news, Episode 8 is coming out next week. Wewt.

29 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Outtakes

  1. Es3

    By the time It took me to log in through Word Press I already forgot what I was going to say. Umm… oh yea! On the outtakes, you guys should definitely consider taking the loud beep sound from inbetween skits, or making it quieter. Hurts my ears everytime, and if i turn down my volume I can’t hear the actual important part, you guys talking! Other than that, great work!

  2. Stefanus Lie

    Hmmm… I think this one’s not as funny as the other outtakes… But it’s still good tho’

  3. Shinigami

    =D hope this helps to make it come any faster

    Anywaiz ^^ i cant wait… and the out-takes were rly funny =D*

    I like the ” yo dawg i heard u like driving so i puted a car in your car so you can drive while u drive” xD

  4. Ice Rapture

    Bitches don’t know bout my diabetes.

    Ha, I really wasn’t expecting that. When does that come up in conversation?

  5. Larch Tree Leppy

    Thank you so much for doing:

    “Yo dawg, I heard you like cars, so we put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive.”

    It totally shows how much you guys really are on the internet, I have the up most respect for you now, I laughed so hard

  6. Pfhortipfhy

    You’re right, Montrose. Eddie is a douchebag. And has way to many parts. (3 main characters???).

    Just kidding. Good job guys, keep it up.

    Also, yes, I realize that it’s just the best fit voice 😛

  7. genisis5545

    dude the last episode of leetworld was awsome
    but wats the box have to do with player

    oh player is awsome

  8. angeloftheafterlife

    “put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive” i love it guys keep it up! and NEXT EPISODE PLEASE!!!!!

  9. Darreck

    Ellis is right, WE NEED TO GIVE THE AUDIENCE WHAT THEY WANT! Darn, I wanna give some ideas about this, but I can’t :'(

  10. playerborg96

    hahaha i dont see why cortez didnt win he is mui badass
    i forgive cortez for scratching his balls after he gave ellis some(burn)

    poor westhiemer diabeteas and something on his butt

    but leeroys dancing LMAO

  11. PlaystationFreak

    ‘Right click and select “save as” to download.’

    Where do I right-click?! What are you guys talking about?!


  12. Iluna96

    When is the next outtake’ comming? d:
    Or.. Isnt’ there gonna be a next one :O!

    Keep it up Guys! 😀

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