The Curtain Closes

curtainEver tried to take a band-aid off, and you know it’s really going to suck when you do it, but you’ve got to just get it over with? Well, there’s no really easy way to say this, so…

Season 2 will be the last season of The Leet World.

I know this comes as a shock to a few of you, but there are quite a few good reasons that the show we all know and love will draw to a close over the next few months. And amidst all of that, there is even some good news that I think you can all be extremely excited about, but more on that later.

We started working on The Leet World back in May of 2007. To be honest, we thought we would only ever make a couple of episodes of it and then we’d give up on the thing altogether. We’ve been called a lot of things over the course of our lives, and motivated typically wasn’t one of them. But then something really awesome and shocking happened — people wanted more of it.

So around Episode 3 or 4 of the first season, we mapped out where we wanted the show to go. Over the course of a few weeks, we brainstormed, hashed some things out, and then came up with a really exciting story that would cover three full seasons worth of episodes. From that point on, we have been committed to that idea for the entire show.

So why is Season 2 the last, then? Read on for the text wall explanation, as well as a really awesome announcement.

There are two main reasons for this (and a few smaller ones), and both of them kind of tie together, so bear with me. Many of you are aware that we just do this as a part-time hobby. In reality, it can be called a part-time job. We work about 15-20 hours a week on The Leet World in addition to our 40 hour-a-week jobs. We’ve now given the last 2 years of our lives to this show.

The thing about machinima is that it can’t be sold. We can’t charge anybody for DVD’s, or any other merchandise that has the characters on it, because they belong to Valve, makers of Counter-Strike: Source. In fact, we can’t even really capitalize on our Web site traffic or our YouTube subscribers because of this.

I know that many of you have kindly suggested that we just ask Valve, but this is a complicated process that goes beyond just sending a friendly e-mail. While I can’t go into the details of this claim, the fact of the matter is that Valve is not interested in commercial machinima at all. To put it simply, we will never make a dime on The Leet World, ever.

That being said, money isn’t the reason we’re ending the show. While it was always a cool dream to make a living doing something that we loved, it was never the priority. But in the real world, as much as it sucks, you’ve got pay the bills.

This brings us to the second reason. All three of us have made some pretty hefty sacrifices financially, socially, etc, in order to keep this show going as long as it has. Daniel in particular has put some really promising career opportunities on hold in order to wait and see what the developments would be for Smooth Few Films. After all, if you can make a living doing something awesome with your friends, wouldn’t you wait and see how it worked out?

However, in recent months, Daniel has started to make plans to pursue some of his career options that lie elsewhere, especially after the recent confirmation that TLW could never net us any income. This means he’s going to be moving to another city later this year, where he can no longer participate in The Leet World. And if that’s the case, Nick and I would rather wrap it up than continue on without him. We fully support him in this. It makes no sense for him to continue putting his life on hold for a show that can’t support us, as fun as it is to make.

The three of us got into this thing together, and we want to end it that way, too. I know that some of you will want to volunteer to step in, but this isn’t a matter of manpower or having enough people to continue. As our director and friend, Daniel is irreplaceable. We’ve been best friends for years, and truthfully, I wouldn’t be able to stand to work with anybody else as much as Daniel and Nick over the course of each week. And if one of us has to go and do what’s best for him, we don’t want to make the show without him. It really is as simple as that.

So… what’s the good news?

The good news is that even though the series is ending with Season 2, we are committed to finish what we started. We love these characters and this story too much to simply let it fizzle out like damn near every other machinima on the Internet. After all, we had 3 seasons we wanted to make.

That’s why, after Season 2 is over, TLW: The Movie will release this Winter, and wrap up the story and the show. It will pretty much be a condensed version of what Season 3 would have been, put into an epic action packed conclusion. And believe me, from the stuff we’re already planning for this thing — it is going to have face melting potential. It essentially gets to the good stuff without all the fluff that an episodic show is bound to have. We plan on having a lot of fun with it, and pushing Counter-Strike:Source as far as we can.

I know that some of you are going to be bummed by this news. Hell, some of you might even be angry, and I suppose that’s kind of understandable. But really, there’s nothing in particular that you can blame for the end of TLW. It’s nobody’s “fault”. These things just happen, and a fact of life is that good things don’t always last forever.

Besides, it’s just better that we end it on our terms, rather than because we got burned out or sick of making the show in a year or so. The Leet World really is a labor of love, and I for one would like to send it out with a blaze of glory while we still love making it, rather than just abruptly ending it in a half-assed way somewhere down the line.

Beyond that, Nick and I will continue to do smaller productions (including TLW shorts), so this isn’t an end to SFF as we know it, or even your favorite characters… well, the ones that make it, anyway. You’ve still got half a season and an awesome movie left, so enjoy it while it lasts, and be glad that you got to be a part of it while it was still around.

We really appreciate all you fans. Thanks for (hopefully) taking the time to read this, and feel free to leave a comment. Episode 8 should be out early next week.

Just to prevent any unnecessary craziness, all comments will have to be approved to go up on the site.

160 thoughts on “The Curtain Closes

  1. Eddy

    I know it’s long but I’d recommend reading the whole post before commenting, especially the announcement towards the end.

  2. majonezar

    well i know that this was gonna come one day but i always hoped that this day would not come well so well i just want you guys that i have always supported you [ more or less) so if this is what you want to do i can just say that i suport you…… thanks for the awesome show so far i hope that there will be some answears in ep 8

    and p.s. i read the whole thing = )

  3. AllUserNamesAreTaken

    End of The Leet World, huh? =(

    Well, it’s kinda good to hear/read that you are releasing a film of TLW, and I can’t wait till it’s out. =)But, will you continue with Web Zeroes?

  4. Putto

    Good luck to Daniel in his career path, and good luck to the rest of the SFF team for future plans.

    TLW is an excellent series and it’s a shame to see it go, but I’ll be looking forward to a TLW Movie.

  5. Eddy

    We’re going to try and get a couple of more episodes of Web Zeroes done before Daniel leaves later this year. Once he’s gone though it’ll only be something we can do when he comes in town for a weekend, so it wouldn’t be that often if we continued it at that point. We’re still not sure, to be honest.

  6. jamesblond09

    It’s really sad to see this happen, and quite a bit more painful than ripping off a band-aid. But your promise to keep it alive and finish it the way it was meant to be finished — that shows real commitment. It really reminds me why you guys are so awesome, and explains how the show turned out to be the most amazing machinima project ever.

    I personally want to thank you for your dedication to my entertainment, and I wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors.

    Thanks for all the fun over the past couple years, Smooth Few!

  7. Kavron

    I Also read the whole thing…well kinda sad…i knew i think we all knew that sooner or later this masterpiece of machinima will have to end, but it’s awesome that it’s going to end with a movie.

    Oh yeah what happened to G.R.I.E.F.? Or what’s going to happen?

  8. DoctorLove

    Oh well, all good things must come to and end and this is no exception, at least smooth few films will still be around.

  9. Mystfit

    Well at least it’ll draw to a logical conclusion. Better to wrap up all the loose ends then leaving holes open to exploit for future films, only to never plug them.

    It’s been a fun ride though. πŸ™‚

  10. wilifred

    thatz sad to hear…:(

    but thatz not really a problemo….

    at least TLW would end great…^^
    and SFF iz still around…as of now…


    by teah way,,,

    yeah… how about G.R.I.E.F.?

    that trailer waz awsome…


  11. Shinigami

    well =| i am only 16 but im aware we must pay bills… and i dont think anyone realy tought this was going to last forever… like naruto or bleach…
    JESH… i would hate TLW fillers >=/ !!

    Daniel, i truly wish you luck in your career path ! You desirve it =D

    I would also like to thank you guys, because even if some people donΒ΄t realise it, WE ARE NOT YOUR CUSTUMORS, we are not making a favor watching the serious, YOU guys are making a HUGE ONE, on making the TLW for us =D Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    And i also thank that you guys dont leave TLW on un-finished, because once again, u guys are not forced to make it *.*


    PS: caps lock… UNLEASH THE POWER
    PPS: my english os not perfect =| so i apologize for any mistakes.

  12. Willt41

    Gents I salute you.

    I remember when I first watched the leet world it was back near the end of series 1 and I loved it I have always watched the leet world and your other productions and you guys were funny and the plot was great.

    But then I watched episode 7 and was blown away.

    I mean I had always respected machinima as a means of story telling but most machinima was comedy based like RVB the incredible story telling force that you had created from counterstrike a game were the characters mouths don’t even move was astounding. Its a true tribute to you guys as actors and story tellers that you could take a medium such as CSS and turn it into a story telling experience to rival blockbuster films without a single special effect in sight.

    I’m not idly throwing this around but TLW is the best story telling experience I have seen out side of the big screen or a Tom Clancy novel.

    I knew eventually it would come to a close but by God if you guys keep up what you have done so far then it will be a hard challenge indeed to topple you from my number 1 machinama.

    So with that in mind please keep up this trend of excellence I have seen, its been a pleasure viewing.

  13. Grif

    In my eyes there are several classes of machinima. There is Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue which I consider sort of above machinima. Also in this class is the Leet World and Matchmaking. There is then the Digital Ph33r level which includes stuff by Xanatos and other good machinimas you might find on the machinima You Tube page. And then there is the sort of boring, dumb, bad quality machinima with voice recording through Xbox Live. I’m really going to miss the Leet Wortld, but its had a great run so far and hopefully will end on a good note instead of dragging on and scaring it.

  14. moorsey

    guys, I want to thank you for entertaining us for free for the past few years. TLW got me interested in machinima and I have loved every second of your shorts, TLW and web zeroes etc. All of which started for me with the infamous “A day in the life of a Portal Turret”, which was epic!!!!

    Glad to hear you won’t be going totally and hopefully you will be keeping us updated over at Gamer Sushi!

    TLW FTW!

  15. forestxqf

    I am sad that you are ending “The Leet World”, but you do deserve to have more of a life. I hope you all have a good time once TLW ends. Guys thank you for providing me and many other people with entertainment for the years since I first discovered TLW.


  16. Julez

    Goodluck with everything Daniel.
    I really liked TLW, but I loved Web Zeros. Its sad to see things come to an end, but as you said, its innevitable. Good work on what you guys have done / cant wait to see the rest.

    My question is:
    Will you guys maintain GamerSushi? I’m sure you will, but I just want to make sure!

  17. Crisdorya

    Ok…I will say something…:)

    TLW is a part of my life…but I thinkthat they will never die and one day we will see an update saying “We opened”.

    Anyway I hope Daniel has a great time in his new city but I think you CAN make more TLW but at a rate of 1ep per 1.5 months…..after all CS:S in online multiplayer πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I can`t wait for the next ep. and the movie. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MACHINEMA MAKERS!!!!!!!

    But let`s not forget that you still have a seasson to finish and a movie so LET`S BE HAPPY!

    God be with you.

  18. Mitch

    All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. Kudos to you guys for wrapping up TLW in a grand fashion instead of leaving a terse note to the effect of: “Monies or GTFO”.

    The Leet World is probably the finest example of Machinima I’ve seen in my long years of browsing the internet in an attempt to watch Master Chief say dirty words. The characters, humor and excellent voice work help blend together an engaging script and awesome film-making into a power-house brew.

    While that may sound more than a touch sycophantic, I can’t thank SFF enough for the hours of entertainment they have provided to me over the past year and a bit I’ve been a fan of the show. Good luck to you guys in all that you do.

  19. Pwezem

    Holy crap..

    I’ve been here from the very start, and guise, you’ve created the most incredible Machinima ever..

    But all good things come to an end i suppose.

    I’ll be honest i almost cried when i heard the end of it! , but this movie will be the most epic landmark in machinima.

    Long after you’ve gone you will be remembered for the best machinima ever.

    You guys rock!

    Don’t worry, there is still a ear splitting amount of applause ready for you guys when the curtain rises again!

  20. Vinzent

    I disagree with you on the ending of TLW to be blameless. For I point the “finger of shame” at Valve for not seeing the potential of Smooth Few F1lms.

    But, all good things must come to an end.
    I await the final episodes and movie with great anticipation.
    May lady luck smile on you Daniel, wherever life takes you.

  21. Kuilui

    Well that bummed me out. I guess nothing lasts forever and life has to go on. Just out of curiosity will you and Nick be starting up G.R.I.E.F or perhaps another series? One that requires less time and effort so its not so much a part time job? Seems like I’m losing all my favorite shows.

    Anyway good luck to Daniel with his future career. Oh and I’m sorry to hear you cant make money off TLW. It really is a shame.

  22. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    I have not much to say after this, I’m a fan for no very long time, I started watching this show since Ep12 of Season 1, I was so impressed by the show that I watched all 11 Episodes in one night, and waited for more. It’s a shame that you can not do it like Trey Parker and Matt Stone with Southpark.

    I wait for the movie and I’m sure it will be even more awesome than “War of the servers” was.

    Also I really really hate the “all good stuff has to end” saying. That’s why the world is such a crappy place to live, because people think that. We have all ressources to build up a life of happiness and fun, for everyone. I do not know about you, but I want to live MY life in way that I will take only the best of it and I do not understand people who study hard and waste their best years. Prople who live their youth while looking forward to having a job. But nevertheless, it’s their oppinion. So good luck for you Daniel and may god hold his hand upon you :p

  23. Gforce

    my mind has been shot like a duck during hunting season. Im sad that LW is ending but it was a good series and a great laugh for me and the rest of my friends. Good job guys, SFF FTW!

  24. Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! πŸ™

    I never thought I’d see the day. Well it’s too bad it’s going to come to an end, but one thing I have to give you guys…you’re totally amazing. Best machinima ever released. no joke.

    TLW rules…

  25. Montessoir

    Hey man sorry to hear about it but what can you do right? Oh and I dont know if you watch him but John Grahm (Digitalph33r) has something worked out with microsoft and bungie where he gets paid to make his machinima. I dont know if this has come up for you or if im wrong about something, forgive my ignorance, but try talking to him see what he does and maybe you can work out something with valve.

  26. Flying_Turkey

    Wow, I felt a shock pass through me when I read “Season 2 will be the last season of The Leet World.” I’m sad now πŸ™

    TLW was the first (and only) real machinima series I’ve ever watched, I found it via and now all other machinima I’ll ever watch will suck because I compare it to your masterpiece(s).

    GLHF with ur lives

  27. Eddy

    [quote comment=”14828″]Oh and I dont know if you watch him but John Grahm (Digitalph33r) has something worked out with microsoft and bungie where he gets paid to make his machinima.[/quote]

    He makes his money through, who cites the Microsoft “content usage rules” falsely to make their money only partially legally, as best as I can tell. To make money through ads with Halo machinima, you have to remove all in-game sounds, which they do not do. They don’t have any kinds of deals with video game companies. In fact, they’ve made money off of our videos, even.

    Anywho, thanks to everyone that has left great comments.

    Also, we are going to continue with GamerSushi, Julez, so no worries. Jeff, Anthony and I even have another blog in the works.

    As for G.R.I.E.F., that’s still up in the air, though Nick and I are interested in trying our hand at a revamped version of what we originally had in mind, on a slightly smaller scale.

    Also guys, the show (and Daniel) still have 6 months or so left, so it’s not goodbye just yet!

  28. Matthesen

    I.. I dont know what to say?, The Leet World, going to.. end?. Although i knew it would end some day i never thought it would end now. How do i say it.. i’l do it fast soo i wont fell the pain..”LEET WORLD IS THE BEST MACHINIMA/SHOW EVER MADE, HOW THE **** AM I SUPPOSTED TO TAKE ALL THE PREASURE!!”… soo, goodbye?

  29. Hertzwijn

    I expected TLW would take lots of time from u guys, but never expected it would hold u guys back on ur careers. SFF is just so amazing, you can watch TLW episodes over and over, and still see or notice new things, that’s the thing that makes TLW suchs an awesome machinema.

    Maybe I found TLW at the end of season 1, season 2 is comming great, too bad it’s the last one. I actually never expected there would come a whiole TLW movie, nobody can defeat that. An amazing machinema series, that ends with an amazing movie, there is nothing better then that.

    I wish u guys all the best of luck, and i’m looking forward to the rest of season 2 and the TLW movie, THANKS DUDES.

  30. Stuart

    Well, i suppose all good things must come to an end.
    Thanks for letting us know in advance rather than letting it be a huge shock, that would have been mean. Nice to hear about the movie, that’s gunna be an epic way to end this one.

    On behalf of all the people I inspired to watch this show, i would like to extend a formal thanks to all of you at Smooth Few Films. you have brought great enjoyment to my life, and i hope you go on to bigger and better things. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the show, and thanks for being so cool all the time.
    Loyal Fan,
    Stuart (aka Eat_pb)

  31. crackspider

    I take my hat off to you crazy bunch of guys you have given me and friends laughs, real stories and probably the best machinima that iv seen.

    I hope you enjoyed making it as much as alot of us have watching it. I hope all goes well for you people i will stay true to the end and give a round of applause. If this appears anywhere in a compition or award thingy i will vote for you.

    good luck with the end

  32. FireBert525

    i knew it was gonna end sooner or later, who knows maybe some other dudes could use new CSS skins and continue with TWL XD

  33. rgarrow92

    Wow im sad to see the show end but i’m sure all of your future work will be just as entertaining. Also, you made some funny shorts such as the bag boy and portal: a day in the life of a turret maybe making those would be more manageable once TLW ends. Thanks for all your hard work on TLW and good luck in the future.

  34. Ryu

    Well, I can’t say it wasn’t a great ride. I’ve been with you guys since the first season, and just like the rest of us, I’ll be there at the end and beyond. I fully support Daniel and I wish him the best of luck.

    That being said, I cannot wait for the movie! I also hope you guys continue on other ventures and machinimas, to endlessly feed our entertainment-hungry bellies.

    Best of luck to all of you.

    PS: I guess this means Web Zeroes won’t go on either?

  35. 5aga-m4n

    That’s sorta a bummer, but I completely understand dude. It’s been a good run with The Leet World (THIS JUST MEANS MAKE EVERY LAST EPISODE YOUR GREATEST!!!) jk. Really excited tho about the movie, sounds like an opportunity for a great finale. Good luck to you all in the next year and a half (hoping for more ;D) as well as in your real lives, which I hope is slightly more promising than your lives in WZ!


  36. Sharky

    Very well said, I don’t think anyone can argue with that.
    I can’t wait for the rest of this story.
    To be honest I was actually a little confused on how you guys were even going to start season 2, since the plot was a reality show, and CS:S has a limited player model potential.
    I think SFF has created a wonderful machinima SERIES, and that’s saying a lot since most people couldn’t make one good episode of anything if they tried.
    It had to end sometime, and what better way to end it than with a movie?
    I wish you luck in your future endeavours, and this isn’t goodbye yet guys!
    I’m looking forward to the end of season 2, and 2009’s winter blockbuster. πŸ˜€

  37. sportsmant

    im sorry to hear this sad ending of it but i love the fact that you guys are going to at least finish up wat u started in a good manner. and I consider it more then acceptable to see that you guys will end it for a friend since he is leaving for his Real Life career. GL out there and cant wait to see the end of season 2 and the Movie gonna be good

  38. hl2lover14

    I’ll admit that I almost cried reading that. It’s been a really great run. Daniel, good luck with your new job (whenever you start). You guys seriously made THE best machinima out there. This is the only one I watch, besides Xanatos and some Djy stuff. Good luck with the rest of season 2 and The Leet World Movie, which sounds exciting. Will the new blog also be run by Daniel? I would also love to hear what he is up to and how he’s liking his new job. And again, these people aren’t lying when they say this is the best machinima out there. You guys could’ve stopped whenever you wanted but you were so COMMITTED and MOTIVATED by your loving fans that you wouldn’t let us down. Thank you SO MUCH for this great series, and also Web Zeroes, it’s a pretty awesome show also.

  39. Raptor Pilot

    Well, this has been a terrific trip.
    From the moment I first stumbled upon this website while looking for machinima videos on the internet, following the story all through the first season, hurting my brain on the finale, and finally realizing that all of my assumptions were wrong, as well as right.
    This has been a terrific show, the best I have seen in many years. I would like to congratulate the team on your accomplishments, and I look foward to the rest of Season 2, and TLW Movie.
    I’m sad to see it coming to an end, but I am glad you guys are not going to beat the series into the ground like RvB.

  40. Boxin

    Well, I am deeply disappointed at this, but then again it is for the best. I never expected this to put a hold on anyone’s career. I really do wish Daniel the best of luck, and you two, too, on your careers!

    Hopefully, Daniel can come back later for cameo parts :D.

    That said, I can’t wait for the movie! It will be “most badass”, yes?

  41. Stuntz

    Hey… Never been around to comment any of your Bulletins… but seeing that this show is ending, well not so soon, but early as in season wise was a suprise… Had really great laughs… got about half the school into your show… everyone finds it a kick, the humour, action, and suspense… Goodluck on that guys future, also Goodluck on the movie… AWESOME!!… You should really have a community thing going on… We ALL would love to help you guys out on… anything, to support the movie… anyways looking forward to the rest of the show… and the shorts!

  42. Ninja

    If anyone saw this as surprising, then you should have taken a step back and looked at the complete picture when season 2 started up.

    From the start, I knew this machinima would never make it through very many seasons (and let me explain before you flame) because it would be pointless to establish the characters that SMF has so much and then remove them.

    This type of thing (a house where it’s one team vs another) only works in shows like Survivor because there is no story to the show. The Leet World has a story, and this is where it would make it really difficult to continue.

    Leet World has a cast of lovable memorable characters. Establishing quality characters, only to get rid of them the next season is not a good thing to do. It leaves the show unbalanced and fans missing their favorite characters. SmoothFewFilms made a very smart decision to keep their all star characters from season 1.

    I applaud SMF for their great work on this series, it’s just so great, and I’m glad the team strives for quality over quantity.

    [quote comment=”14830″][quote comment=”14828″]Oh and I dont know if you watch him but John Grahm (Digitalph33r) has something worked out with microsoft and bungie where he gets paid to make his machinima.[/quote]

    He makes his money through, who cites the Microsoft “content usage rules” falsely to make their money only partially legally, as best as I can tell. To make money through ads with Halo machinima, you have to remove all in-game sounds, which they do not do. They don’t have any kinds of deals with video game companies. In fact, they’ve made money off of our videos, even.[/quote]

    I totally predicted someone would say something along the lines of “JUST DO WHAT DIGITALPH33R DID! LOL”.

    Truth is, even with the Game Content Rules, he still can’t sell or make money from Machinima.

    However, the exact clause you are referencing allows you to have advertisements next to the film (this is a recent addition [“We will let you have advertising on the page with the Item on it, but that’s it.”]) you just cannot sell the films in a DVD or solicit donations. does has some shady clause jumping (not sure if they are exempt) but if you get a contract with them, you get paid to make videos (though not by much) regardless of ads (I believe it’s on a per view basis, so they probably claim it’s splitting the share of advertising).

    However, he does mostly violate the “You can’t use Game Content to create pornographic or obscene Items, or anything that contains vulgar, racist, hateful, or otherwise objectionable content.” and you can trace examples of this in his shows (arby n the chief)

    In conclusion to this huge block of text: I really enjoyed Smooth Few Films work (I hate your cliffhangers [but that’s a good thing, because they made me keep coming back [as well as other things]]) and I wish you luck on all your future projects. πŸ˜€

  43. Ad-fedayeen

    Im kinda new here, but i love Leet World and im really sad to hear it has to come to an end
    but hey, most things do. Glad you guys kept it going for so long! Cant wait for the movie either.

    One thing i wanted to add and you may have already discussed this, you cant still jsut set up donations for people to give, couldnt you?

  44. Dunnerski

    Well.. It was a good couple years guys. Hopefully you guys will leave the site up for at least a week so I can DL all your content. only on episode 7! We got 7 more and then a movie. Gonna be at least another 6 months guys. πŸ˜€ Enjoy it while we can!

    I love TLW and its like a little part of me died when I read this post, but it’s all good. Life sends you curve balls, and I can understand that. Good luck with the lives outside of leet world. Maybe even later you guys will be wealthy enough to meet up some times and continue this in little bits.

    Once this is done, there will be more, from other people, on other things, for other genres. It’ll all be good then. I’ll miss Cortez’s badass.. and Amhad’s Tourettes..And Leeroys Nurdiness, Chets party animalness, Ellis’s Southern jokes, Montrose’s homosexuality.. thats just funny inside it self, but I think most of all I’m gonna miss Player’s shenanigans.. Mostly his leetspeak and his ferretlike ways… Good luck with the rest of the season and the movie.
    <3 Dunn-Player’s #1 fan.

  45. AndrewWilsonnn

    2009 has been a sad year so far.

    Scrubs is coming to the end of its 8th and final season

    Glider (A Great WoW Bot) just got owned by Blizzard

    And now, The Leet World, WZ (Sort of), and all the other great machinima by SFF are coming to an end. I mean, not really, but the ones that they put their hearts into.

    Sad, sad year…

  46. playerborg96

    well i suppose we all saw this coming. we will all wait on the edge of our seats till the movie (non-profit in theaters) comes out on that glorious day

    untill then it is safe to say…
    there goes the last march of smooth few films the leet world….. it truly was the greatest machinima that ever lived…

    (taps in background)

  47. Maxxef

    Man, this sucks. It reminds me of when I took my beater of a Mustang out for a drive, and I realised that one day or another, it was gonna die. Cause all good things come to an end. And sure as hell, the Mustang died. And it was sad. I just never thought the same would happen to you guys. What will the Outtakes be without the big D? Who will voice Ellis? Who will sizzle the Sizzler? Who will be the lovable(?) evicted loser of Web Zeroes? Either way, man, it’s been a great run. Hope to see you back in action with the dudes every once in a while. Good luck with the job; go out there and find a hot girl. Or two.

    As for the show, well, I sure as hell am gonna miss it. Three guys, making a show, using CS:S. If it weren’t for all the legal stuff that got in the way, I’d have been sure you guys could have paid the bills with this show. You’ve racked up a huge fanbase in the past few years, and, starting with TLW, you guys have gone from making an episode on the weekend for a few laughs and a fan or two to working almost full-time for your fans, your fans’ laughs, and your own. I can only hope the rest of this season will melt faces the world over. (Which I know, but I just want to clarify.) I hope you guys will continue working on what you love, but everything has to come to an end. Don’t work too hard, get the bills paid, and, well, make these productions rock.

    Again, it’s been a F***KIN AWESOME RUN, BRAS. Melt some faces!


  48. Maxxef

    Oh yeah. Jace, you’ve been doing an awesome job with the soundtrack. What’s gonna happen with you?

  49. Teh_meaty

    I honestly didn’t see this coming. You guys made one of the best quality and best produced Machinima I’ve ever seen. I honestly thought you guys would be thrust into fame, but I guess that wasn’t the case. Although Season 2 would be the last season of TLW, it’s good to know you guys are going to end the story with a bang. Well, Eddy, Daniel, Nick and the rest of the TLW crew..good luck with your future endeavours. And good luck to you Daniel! Keep it sizzlin’!

  50. Jenn

    Aww. Too Bad. But really exciting, On the Edge of my Seat That for Sure… I was Hoping A Girl would walk by and say HI! lol

    Would love to send a Donation for the website?
    You guys Deserve a really Good tip…

  51. itsNEVERlupus

    Wow. This is a lot to take in at once.
    Just want to say, TLW has not disappointed me yet, and I don’t think it ever will. I wish Daniel the best of luck with his career, I know he will do well.
    I can’t imagine how bummed out you must be Eddy…
    Though saying that, I cannot wait for TLW movie, I know it will be great!

    Also, wouldn’t it be a good idea to atleast ask for VALVe’s permission? They aren’t that bad of dudes you know.

  52. Armed_Gnome

    NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, WHY and PORQUE!?!?!?!?! Thats the worst thing I’ve heard for months πŸ™

    It will be awesome to see a whole film though after the end of the series.

    I hated machinima before I chanced upon Leet World. Now it’s been something I look forward to whenever a new episode comes out and reallys brightens up my week.

    Good luck to Dan in his career and hopefully everyhing else will work out with you guys.

    Would be great to see a comeback season after a few years *crosses fingers*

  53. jsoobob

    I am at a loss for words but I respect you guys for wanting such an excellent series to go out on a high note. However I had greatly hoped for a longer run of the series but the time it went for was filled with lots of laughs and loads of awesome. I wish you the best of luck in making the last parts of a series that I know you guys loved and that a whole community loved as well.

    The last thing I must say is that I hope such a dedicated community (including myself) will stay alive after the show through gamersushi and any future productions.

  54. haxthias

    Honestly, I’m glad that your going out this way instead of it just kind of dying out. It will be better. I’m also glad that you guys will be doing other shorts and stuff because everyday I come home from track practice and this is one of the sites that I check. I’m not really sure what I’d do if you guys would be completely gone.

  55. GreaseMonkey

    I’m glad it’s going out with a bang. Heck, I’d be happy re-watching the whole season. Unfortunate you haven’t tried making money with Web Zeroes. I hope to see more of that at some point.

    Anyways, how long is the movie expected to be?

  56. BritishAreBest9312

    That was a very nice speech (how long did you plan that out?) and It’s great that you guys still love the show after what it’s done to your lives. Thanks for everything you did and I can’t wait to see the finishing videos.

  57. angeloftheafterlife

    Well… i guess i knew this would come one day… just didn’t think it would be so soon… hope you guys are right about the movie and it’s face melting potential. otherwise i’m going to have to go back to youtube serfing to find some slightly enjoiable entertainment…
    *sigh* well, thanks for all the laughs had and still to come. you guys deffinantly are one of, if not THE, best machinimas out there.

  58. unEpicD

    Sad sad news indeed. I’m going to miss the show, but we do get the rest of the season PLUS a movie. I think that pretty much makes up for it.

    It’s a little early, but I hope everything works out for you guys.

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the future.

  59. koach2

    i knew that tlw had to end later or sooner….
    i’ll be very sad bit i think that is the best. and besides, ever since i’ve watchel tlw, i was going worse at school. but maybe, you can join someday and make… i don’t know, a small short or a 1 min. episode any time.

    i belive that maybe, in some years the leet world will rise again. maybe becouse daniel comes back to houston, or the other two (nick & eddy) join with daniel. i dont know. i just have hope………..
    i’ll miss you……… koach2
    alias “guthan 121”

  60. Stefanus Lie

    I know this day will come soon… But you know, it is still kind of sad…

    I’ve been wondering when I read these posts (yes, I read all of the posts until my eyes hurts).
    The most sad thing that people regret is the end of TLW… I don’t know why, but I feel most sad knowing that you guys are seperated by fate. You guys won’t do your “fun” thing much anymore. It feels like one life out of three has been taken from you guys… I feel sorry for that, but I feel happy for you, Daniel.Good luck.

    And, what about “The Drunken PSA”? What will become of it? Can you guys make TLW as “challenge series”? Since Ts and CTs are going to make up someday, why don’t they make their own show? Show that just showing challenges.

    Oh, what about Jace? Is he still going to keep in touch with SFF?

  61. wox42

    Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least this way the series finishes with a bang and we won’t be left with a ‘big’ 10-20 minute finale like with most machinimas. And frankly, it’s a wonder you’ve managed to keep the series going this long. Can’t wait for the winter.

  62. Modern Mercutio

    Well, that’s a doozy. Just about the most bittersweet of announcements I’ve ever had the simultaneous pleasure and misfortune to read.

    Like all of the heart-wrenched fans who have by now read this, and the many more casual viewers who will discover this news later, I’m saddened to see such a talented bunch of dudes subjugated by the vices of fate and fortune. I’ve skimmed some of the comments, though, and am glad to know that you guys will still be running GamerSushi. Even after The Leet World comes to its undoubtedly epic conclusion, it’ll be good to keep up with your antics. I check GamerSushi daily – it’s all at once informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Unlike the heavily commercialized gaming websites out there, you guys strike a chord with the part of me that seeks honest, down-to-earth gamers like you guys.

    And, humble viewer that I am, I need to ask you all a favor: keep in touch with your community. You’ve got some dedicated, intellectual fans out there, who appreciate not only the genius that is The Leet World and your various shorts, but simply the attitude with which SMF tackles the changing world of gaming. Maybe drop us a vlog every now and then, or a review of a game. Or even just a video of you guys screwing around with some retro game.

    But hey, the trip’s not over! Here’s to six more months of quality machinima, and hopefully many more months of gamer to gamer discussions on GamerSushi.

  63. dream_hunter

    Had to sign up to comment on this news. I was bummed to read about the news but I was glad to hear about the new opportunities that have been presented to Daniel. I have been watching since the 5th episode of season 1 came out and have enjoyed every moment since then. Best of luck to all and I am still excited to see what is coming up for the rest of The Leet World and for SFF.

  64. imxnormalxtj

    Well at least you will be able to finish the story, because its been getting very epic and stopping in the middle would make a lot of us very sad (Like what happened to that old Worms machinima… a worm set out for an epic journey, but then the episodes suddenly stopped coming out. its totally dead now, can’t even watch any of them). I’m also glad that Smooth View Films will still continue, mini series and shorts like what Rooster Teeth does are still great.

  65. TigerofWu

    Dan, Nick, Eddy… all I can say is you guys are ****ing awesome. To even carry on Leet World for as long as it has been and to give it the send off it deserves is much more then I could have wanted or expected after first watching the show. I am seriously impressed that you guys have done this for so long and I have nothing but the utmost respect for this decision. Seriously, you’ve done and sacrificed so much for nothing but the gratitude of fans and we thank you for it.

    Sincerely, good luck with everything you have for your future and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you guys will find something like this which you can do that will be as enjoyable as Leet World and that you’ll actually be able to make a living off of. You really deserve it.

    Thanks for everything; I look forward to the big send off =)

  66. Russianrancor

    I think this is more of a good thing than a bad. All the wonderful years of excellent machinima. And a movie coming out, thats also an excellent thing. Besides our worthy friend Daniel leaving, the good areas weigh-out the bad. Anyway, look on the bright side people, six more months of the kick ass series along with a movie, thats a lot laughs! πŸ™‚

    Hope you do well Dan

  67. cssilas1

    Aww man I was Hoping TLW would be as big as Red vs Blue but all great machinima must come to an end so I just want to say thay you guys are some of the best machinima makers ever and I hope everything works out for you guys. Good Luck =D.

  68. Mr Leet

    All good things come to pass. We should be glad for what we get, i suppose, as TLW is a industry-standard machinima, right up there next to red VS blue.

    Sad to hear about Daniel, but i hope he makes it big in his career path! Who knows, maybe in ten years you could do a TLW Reunion special. πŸ˜›

    I honestly cant wait for the movie, as it will be fast paced and full of much badass. One question though: How long, (big estimate, so just a really rough guess) would you be planning the TLW movie be? But still, it will be full of much awesomeness, so i wouldn’t care if it were only 18 mins like the finale of S1 πŸ˜›

    I hope all is best for SFF in the future! How long will you guys continue producing badass content for us after he’s left, and how much would this harm your production rate of the content? Not that it matters, but it would be interesting to hear πŸ˜›

  69. theworldhero

    i loved each and every episode you guys made and since you have to go im glad your going out with a bang it was great to see the leet world while it lasted and good luck to all of you

  70. Mouth662

    I am very saddened by this, you released this today and look at all those responses already too many to read even.. should let you know how much you are appreciated and loved. I knew you wouldn’t be able to make money off of this but I figured you might at least be able to get some type of sponsors from it or site ads from it, EVERYONE in the source community knows of you and <3’s TLW. Your are very much appreciated and if anything can be done to help prevent this aside from putting off my schooling and giving you all my money I honestly would. If it helps at all for web zeroes all my teammates say I look like Daniel and dont live too far away from you guys =D.

    GL to everyone that has made this such an amazing project and so beloved, sad to see you go despite how excited I am over the coming end of season and movie.


    PS: I would rather have a million band aids ripped off of my hairy ass then have this amazing project come to an end! =(

  71. NO WAY

    I created an account just to put on this.

    I’m not even kidding when I say that I cried LITERALLY CRIED after reading this…

    I’m so sad to see this come to an end, I’ve loved you guys for so long and loved what you’ve done, I would literally check your site everytime I opened firefox even if I knew there was no way in hell there would be an update..

    That being said I wish everyone luck in your future endeavors and I hope nothing but the best for you all and PLEASE know how much the entire source community is in mourning because of this..


    <3 Sara

  72. Mouth662

    STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  73. FernandeZ04

    something cortez would say…

    “When there is birth, there will be death”

    once TLW was born onto youtube i thought it was pretty hilarious and epic.
    but now it will have an epic death(ending)…i know it will

    Good luck danny boy and for the rest of SFF you guys kick some epic ass

    thank you brothers

  74. Danny-Boy

    Well you could kind of see it in the storyline, as “The Producer” never was alive doing the show, and the show (if we are going to belive very last scene in s1 connected whiut s2 ep7) is a experiment, and player is the test object, the show couldt have continued, and that shows just how great you guys are, how mutch time you must have spend on s2, cause making a storyline that makes us (well me atleast) that the show should end this season, makes us want it to end now, cause the season cant be beaten.
    and TLW: THE MOVIE= EPIC!!!

  75. leet-man

    sad to hear bout the leet world ending off this season
    daniel good luck with the future jobs

    i take my hat off to you guys really great show ending before it’s time but with a bang

  76. cortez fan

    i read the whole thing……….:'( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i didnt know this would blow me up so much this is the sadaest thing i’ve ever heard from you guy’s weel………..that’s goodbye i guess :'( its been my pleasure to be your biggest fan :'(…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  77. Mandos

    Boys belive me, you must understand Daniel, although its soo sad… but this is life. As for TLW, i have three words: GO GO GO! It was the best show about a game ever!!! And finaly is coming to a end, but hell ya, a movie, SUPER MISTO as we say in my language (romanian)!!! I can`t wait!!! Again i give you the adress for my tribute to TLW:

  78. DreameR7g

    I had to make an account to comment on this like all these good fans.

    I have to say it’s been an excellent ride. I’ve watched the series from the beginning and have laughed longer and louder than most around my area, thanks to this masterpiece. In my mind, I have to say that this is the right thing to do. This way, the series can be timeless, something concrete, something that will never die and get stale. Ending the series now will preserve it’s memory forever (Like all the other good series that we have the pleasure to watch)

    In my heart, it leaves me to the point of weeping. Another good series used for entertainment, gone. Another series which has helped me out of my depression spells is over. Thanks to you guys, I started a “Let’s Playing” career over on youtube, partly inspired by you all. Yet, when one good thing ends, another begins. Good luck with your new career, Daniel. I hope you have a great time.

    So Thank you creators of Leet World. It’s been one hell of a ride. Let’s make these 6 months memorable for all to enjoy and make this series immortal. Let the Leet World never die.

    – DreameR

  79. Naerah

    Im sad earing TLW has to come to an end, but as you said its better to leave in the glory than ending givinr poor results. The movie will close the thing wonderfully tough! Good luck to all of you guys, the 2 seasons you offered us will be remembered in legends. good to ear you will sill do some shorts sometimes.

  80. Darreck

    Hmm, read the whole thing, and even though it was like a blow to my heart (I check back on this website at least 2 times every week for updates) I can completely understand. The real world is not something you just huff off for 3-4 years just because fans want 3 (or even 4) seasons. Anyways, you all did one heck of a job with these 1 and a half seasons so far, I only hope you can keep your promise and deliver an earth shattering last half plus a movie. Good Luck and Godspeed gentlement *Salutes* *Tears start streaming down his eyes*

  81. kendo

    I don’t know lads how do you feel, but I feel good because It doesn’t matter is TLW over or not, the fact is that it will remain in our hearts as the best machinima show ever made and will be made, but well it’s just my opinion. And I’m proud that I’m one of the fans that has watched it from the start till the end and had such an awesome feelings when waiting for the next episode over and over. I really appreciate that you guys spent so much time to create such an awesome machinima, you should recieve an Oscar, seriously. I think Player would say: QFT! πŸ˜€ even though I don’t know what that means. I wish you guys the best of things in future. =)

  82. SK Beans

    Actually, I’m somewhat relieved by this. TLW can’t go on forever, lately I’ve kept thinking, “Wow this is great, but if they push it too far beyond the second season, they’re going to run out of ideas”. So I am glad it will come to a glorious close. But I would like to know…Will there be any more Web Zeroes? I’ve really enjoyed that series, and is G.R.I.E.F. officially dead? I guess what I’m trying to say is, will you guys still be making awesome content, and just no more long term ones, or what?

  83. Teh_meaty

    Question, are you guys ever going to release more commentaries and eventually the “making of TLW” video?

  84. viking357

    well….. its coming so we gotta move on but there is still time left to watch,download,comment and just be a fan. I wonder if The leet world will ever come back πŸ™‚ that will be the day until next time viking357.

    P.S. i red the hole thing.


  85. Alidi

    I kinda knew that this is gonna happen, sooner or later. I’m sad, but I think that this series shouldn’t keep you guys away from going on with your careers. Good luck Daniel, you are a great voice actor πŸ˜€ Keep sizzlin’!
    And I’d also like to congratulate to SFF. I’m not the machinima expert, but in my eyes TLW was THE BESTEST-EST MACHINIMA EVER MADE. Really guys, you rock, and you should all totally deserve to get payed for this. It’s good to know that the GamerSushi community wont die though. And the movie will be mui badass! πŸ˜€

    P.S.: Jace, your music blows my mind!
    P.P.S.: U GUYZ ROKC!!!11!!!!1!

  86. Montessoir

    Oh right well sorry I uh mentioned Digitalph33r obviously its come up before XD so ya cant wait till the movie.

  87. izakiz

    Thanks 4 all sff. all the episodes and everything you’ve done. Since season 1 i’ve been updated your site to see if a new episode has been released everytime i started up my computer and i am looking forward to the movie. SAdly that you’re shutting down tlw. Wish daniel goodluck from me.

    Good luck in the feuture
    your fan IzakiZ

    (sry 4 bad english)

    P.S i read it all twice

    R.I.P The leet world

  88. Airbourne

    Hey Eddy, you know you could just have more characters like Player in the show. You could have Ellis choke on something that get’s stuck in his throat or something so he would have to talk like Player. You could bring that idea into you other series too. Just throwing out ideas for you to try, anyway it’s too bad about Daniel, but at least you got 6 months left with him.

  89. Nimrod

    I’m kinda glad this is the last season, I’m sure like most things the stories might have gotten a little repetitive especially with the short amount of time you get to work on these.

    Its kinda like portal, short and sweet and didnt overstay its welcome πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait for the movie ^^

  90. Mendoza

    wow thats to bad,im just glad your going to rap this season up and add a movie. but despite that,im still sad about the end is coming for the leet world. at least you have extremely good reasons like ur jobs and the bills that gotta be paid. and congrats daniel on the job offers and etc. before i rap this comment up i wish to say thank you for the awesome seasons of leet world and the great laughs you have given me and my therapist. well good luck all of you and thanx again. T_T.

  91. awkook

    Thats kinda sad TLW is in its final season, but you guys have lives. But you guys should be proud of what you have brought us. Dont feel like your letting us down. You guys did spectacular. πŸ™‚

  92. Tuoppo

    *Sniff* You still remain the best damn machinima makers of the planet. I would really love to get some little podcast or something when the leet world has come to an end (on the story) and hear you guys talk about leetworld and your shiny moments + did Daniel get to have his well deserved fabulous life.
    Omg im almost crying now, warm hugs for you. Think you are the closest thing i have to an idol.

  93. Nafets

    This really Sucks…oh well i’m not angry. U guys thought bout 1 season i remeber u guys talking about it…U GUYS RULLEE!!!!

    Movie will be the bomb….make it better then any movie i’ve ever seen.

  94. Ice Rapture

    You guys have done an incomprehensibly amazing job on TLW but if it has to end, it has to end. Thank you guys so much for the amazing series and the many hours of laughter and entertainment.

    I am asking because I remember a while ago hearing you suggest this on the podcast.Why don’t you sell a documentary or t-shirt that comes with the complete The Leet World Season 1,2 + Movie Collection for free with it? I am not asking so you can continue (although that would be awesome), but more so you guys could be compensated for your work (financialy).

    Regardless of how it turns out, you guys have done a job that surpasses anything I could of possibly hoped for when I saw episode 1, and without you guys on it the internet will be a darker and much less interesting place. Thank you for the years of memories, and good bye.

  95. Griff

    Like most people… I just had to log back in to leave a comment to this announcement.

    SFF, you’re machinima was, still is, and will continue to be the most epic experience that I have ever witness on the web.

    It was a privledge for me to witness TLW developed from the trailer I found on to the awesomeness it is now. And, I think I speak for most people here when I say I cannot wait for the movie.

    Thank you. *Salutes*

    You’re old digging budy…

    – Griff.

  96. Anonymous

    Well, one thing I have to ask you guys before you shut er down…CAN SOMONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME *very detailed (step by step)* HOW TO PUT TLW ON IPOD!!!! Ive been trying and trying everything but I just cant get it.


  97. Nade-7arget

    Hey SFF
    You guys did and are still doing an amazing job on this series and I was always wondering the day you guys thought it should end cause, 1 I see no better THE LEET WORLD cast then the original season and 2 I would wonder how long it would have gone. You guys are a great inspiration to me and I am glad you kept this series going with your cliffhangers and your entertaining way of storytelling. Eddy you have seriously great storytelling skills and that also goes for Daniel and Nick! Good luck to you to for your future plans Daniel. I will be glad to see some more shorts of the Leet World after its Series and Movie end. Well all in all you guys ROCK! You’re the best machinimators out there! I look forward to a great future of TLW shorts, GRIEF, Web Zeroes and more new stuff you throw at us!
    I enjoy watching the remaining episodes of a great master piece machinima series. “The Leet World”
    Bought the soundtrack recently… IT ROCKS!

    Thanks again!


  98. Pfhortipfhy

    I kind of saw this coming. Good job you guys, the work so far has been phenomenal. I hope that the lot of you succeed in your future endeavors.

  99. Dazz

    New account, whey! πŸ˜€ but on a serious note.
    I been watching TLW since around episode 4 or 5 came out an it saddens me 2 see it go πŸ™

    it was an honour 2 see it come this far and as a fan of TLW and a fan of CounterStrike – Sourse and from my clan mates who also watch it, we bid u farewell and good luck on your new opportunities ahead of u.
    but we do hope 2 see u again… soon… like in a month or something πŸ˜›

    I wud also like 2 say that i wud donate some cash if it meant it continued… not tht i have a lot but i wud donate πŸ˜› im sure a few other members wud say the same… hopefully πŸ˜› tht way your not breaking any copyright laws as we are donating and not merchandising πŸ˜›

    although if its your desicion to leave then i still bid u farewell and and good luck πŸ˜›
    and im looking forward for the movie πŸ˜› it will be of epic proportions and could possibly give me a heart attack from pure awsomeness πŸ˜€

  100. JackMorgz

    “…so this isn’t an end to SFF as we know it, or even your favorite characters…” You better keep Player. πŸ˜›

    Anyway, good luck to you guys, especially Daniel.
    If cash was the only problem, I would give you my bank account; that’s how much I love you guys! πŸ˜›

    I’m sure TLW: The Movie will be just as awesome as you guys!

    I really don’t want it to end though… πŸ™
    But like you said; it’s gotta end sometime, right?

  101. pl4y3r_rul3z

    Sad to hear that it’s ending, but good luck to Daniel!

    I gotta say, you guys have done an awesome job with the series. I look forward to the rest of the season and the movie πŸ™‚

  102. Faithboyz

    I want to cry right now, TLW has been my only entertainment (other than games and music). I can’t believe it’s ending.

    But yes, anything good will end some time.

    Anyways, that’s about all I can say. Good luck to all. I’m looking forward to the next episode and the movie.

    I β™₯ you guys.

  103. TekkenTaylor

    i thought of a cool logo for the movie if you dont have it

    it would play some awesome leet world remix of opening theme and then itd say the leet world, the the W would flip, the r would bend around,the tip of the l would break off, and the d would curl up, if you havent taken the time to draw this or somthing itd say movie at that point reading “The Leet Movie”

  104. intec516

    I dont say this a lot to anyone but i respect you guys and what you did with this machinima and i believe that truly you guys are the king of kings and you will be missed by many but legends are never forgotten.

  105. Arj92

    Honestly I don’t know how you guys do it, but you’ve all created one heck of a machinima so far, its a shame its gonna end soon :/

    You’ve entertained my college here in the U.K. (Coventry weyyy!)
    and im pretty sure you’ve entertained half the globe too.

    Anyway me and the folks here at college wish Daniel and the rest of you guys the best of luck after the TLW has finished

    we look forward to the rest of the season and the TLW Movie πŸ˜€

  106. 6stringshredder

    been watching since episode 1 this is some good stuff. this is prolly the thing i look forward to most in terms of tv shows and stuff. so i guess good luck with whatever else you guys do but this was definitely one of the coolest things on the internet…while it lasted

  107. Skraps

    *Wipes away tears*.. I- I love yous <3

    It has been great watching TLW. Amazing work keeping going this long. Good luck to Daniel with his career.

    Will there be any new machinma shorts and stuff? Similar to Lit Fuse Films after combine nation?

    And will Daniel stay part of Smooth Few Films and be part of any future projects?

  108. ShadowStylez

    I totally understand why you guys are doing what you are doing and I want to just go on record and say that I’m just glad that I had a chance to go along for the ride in real time. I remember all the potential I saw on the first episode and I have to say that I’m glad that I stuck around as this is one of THE best machinimas on the internet.

    I have all the episodes on my media drive for posterity’s sake. This way I’ll always be able to enjoy TLW whenever I want. Thanks for sharing all your awesome work with the rest of the world. I look forward to the completion of S2 and the movie.

    And I’m happy to know that you guys are going to continue SFF. I am a fan and I will continue to follow your work as long as you are around.

  109. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    well. it was a good run.. Most of us will understand what u guys are going through now. so its ok. Its kinda tough doing it on our own huh. Since u guys also have jobs so it aint easy though. thanks for everything πŸ™‚
    Just remember to update this website and, HOPEFULLY u guys will make some more episode for The Leet World ^_^
    Its not we wanted to rush u or anything just that u guys could do it doing… per say, every major holiday? like end year or doing the summers etc etc. Thanks for everything again!!

  110. Fireshaker

    You know, I’m very happy that you guys have been able to make a decision to end on a high note. Like you said, there are fanfics or machinimas that just fade into nothing because there were elaborate plans of making a DBZ-esque length product.

    I’d just want to point out that some of the most successful anime series only last 26 episodes (an episode every 2 weeks = 1 year of showing). There’s a reason why people don’t like Naruto, having unecessary amounts of episodes and fluff.

    Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Trigun, and the list goes on. All great series with just about 26 episodes with an OVA for some of them.

    Anyway, I look forward to TLW: The Movie (your OVA equivalent) when it happens as well as the rest of Season 2!!

  111. Denman_HG

    Damn…the end of TLW? Sad times, but you’re right about good things not lasting forever. I was a little confused as to how you guys would even be able to keep it up much longer with all the crazy shit that just went down.

    Definitely bittersweet, though. A Leet World Movie will be totally kickass in every possible way.

    It still sucks that VALVe isn’t interested in commercial machinima. This is definitely akin to the hilarity of Red vs. Blue, and they’re basically the mascots of Bungie. I know that I for one would gladly buy a Leet World DVD.

  112. Deleric

    This pisses me off.

    Not because it’s ending, but because it never got the admiration it deserved, and the fact that because you strayed away from the bleak and boring pack of Halo machinima and tried something new means you couldn’t make money off of it.

    Really sucks to see you guys go, but I respect it nontheless.

  113. playerborg96

    it is clear to us all that you guys are the only one with background in much badassery. TLW was something in its prime taken way before its time and i think the thing that upsets me the most is that it never got the glory it deserved….
    its a crying shame that leet world must leave us but its spirit will never die!!!!
    as long as its out there no one could ever resist the comedic haxing fighting glory that is THE LEET WORLD

    and SFF next time u take a glance at this board.. look at Mandos leet world tribute

  114. playerborg96

    p.s: as a good bye to leet world i find it only fitting that in the comment section on “the rabbit hole” we put the future leet world movie

  115. Crisdorya

    Someone wrote here in ROMANEAN!!! I am from Romania too!!!

    C? U 4R3 W0R1D W1D3!!!! (my first l33t sentence πŸ™‚ )
    Translation: See? You are world wide!

    Again let`s not forget: we still have 6 months of SUPER TLW ACTION!!!

    You guys rule!!!!!

  116. pinatafreak

    Me and my buddy is going to miss you guys, but its not suprising, i knew this would happen, i didn’t even think there would be a third season i thought season two would be the last… I love the Leet World, my favorite characters are Cortez for the T’s and Player for the CT’s. Im glad your not gonna end it halfassed, right when it gets axciting just to mess with everybody. like end it now after episode 7 xD
    Keep doing series guys, you rock…

  117. pinatafreak

    also i have to requests:
    1: Can you guys give us, like, a role-list so we see who makes the voice to who? I know eddie is cortez and westheimer, but i wanna know more =D
    2: Can you give us a download to the season 2 Leet World House? Like what you did on the first season house, that would be a great map goofing around on…

  118. ShadowSoldier51

    gonna miss this serious i thoight it was better than rvb. I kinda bummed that you guys are shutting it down.But i understand why. But i cant wait to see the rest of season 2 and the TLW movie xD

  119. Biohazard.

    It was a great show while it lasted! I guess i’ll go back to Pure Pwnage full time after this. Also this is probably the best Machinima out on the net I have seen. Most of my friends like it even the non-gamer ones.
    Good luck to you guys for the future! Can’t wait to see the rest of the season and the movie!

  120. St33z3

    Well its been a long and glorious season for the leet world. We’ve had are share of laughs and woes. But hey if you guys think its the right thing to do to stop the season, well then I’ve got your back. I remember my first days on youtube spending countless hours until I found the right machinima. Then I found it, The Leet World… Man just watching the first episode still gives me those “when I was a little kid” feeling even though I’m 15. Well anyways it’s been an awesome season with you guys and give my thanks to Daniel and best of luck to him and his future career. And that goes for the SmoothFewFilms crew too. Let’s go out with a bang shall we? πŸ™‚

  121. fishnutslol

    Well first of all, I am a bit saddened by the news…
    I found out about TLW from my friend at school (Wainuiomata, New Zealand) and i checked it out on youtube… i sat down one night and watched almost all of the first season. Then i realized you had you had a website! (with WAY better quality than youtube…)

    I went to my uncle’s house last week and i asked if he had seen TLW and he said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was surprised because he really likes playing CSS… in fact, he hadn’t even heard of machimina…?

    i honestly cant wait until the next episode, let alone A FREAKING MOVIE!!!!!! yay
    thanks to all of you for making this great, free, AWESOME thing for everybody.
    I hope you enjoy your new job Daniel.


  122. Stuart

    [quote comment=”14853″]2009 has been a sad year so far.

    Scrubs is coming to the end of its 8th and final season

    Glider (A Great WoW Bot) just got owned by Blizzard

    And now, The Leet World, WZ (Sort of), and all the other great machinima by SFF are coming to an end. I mean, not really, but the ones that they put their hearts into.

    Sad, sad year…[/quote]

    Not only that, but Life On Mars got canceled, Kutner Died in House, Fringe is coming to the end of its first season, the list goes on…

  123. Mr. Web

    Wow 135 comments! Congrats, you have a new record. πŸ˜€

    The Leet World is the awesomenest machima i have ever seen. It will been great if you could make the season three, but a film will be enough too. πŸ™‚

  124. snipe1228

    Nothing good lasts forever.
    I totally understand personally i would have done the same thing; you can’t really base the rest of your career/life hoping that the show takes off.
    “As one door closes another one opens.”
    you have to take the opportunities as long as they are still available.I’m sure that lots of people are disappointed, I know I am but it’s understandable you can’t continue to do something even if it is a labor of love if your not getting paid you can’t live your life off of satisfaction. Although I’m super excited for the movie; I can’t wait.

  125. MendesVDS

    Respect dudes, respect. Loved your work. Good luck with the carreer Daniel. Hope to see more from the both of you though, those awesome shorts and what not! Also, GamerSushi FTW! πŸ˜€

  126. Aessari

    Well, Cheers.
    Good luck in the other city and stuff in life.
    So now Im awaiting the end of Season 2 and The Movie!
    Thanks guys for the awsome superduper ultrahyper machinima!

  127. danielign9

    I have the same feeling that other pple have right now, but can you guys make the movie, like, dramatic? Not to the point that it turns into a 24 kind of drama, but just a tad more. Also, can you have Jace Ford completely make a new soundtrack while you guys are making the last episodes for the movie? Since its your last stand on The Leet World, it would be good if you make it as a GRAND finale.


    I have just registered to say this:

    I have beeen watching the leet world since season 1 episode 3 and have gotten so used to its greatness that checking for updates has become second nature for me.

    I really appreciate what you guys have created and hope that it can help you all in pursuing your dreams. I fully understand why you will be bringing the show to a close and I speak for thousands Im sure when I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH πŸ˜€

    All the best and I hope you will one day be making $$$ out of what you love doing.

  129. FragginDragon

    They say all good things…..and you guys have definitely done good. I wish all of you the brightest of futures, and hope we will see cameos of TLW characters once in a while after the show is over. Best Regards!

  130. Quixx

    Never even knew what Machinama was until i saw the term being used frequently in comments on TLW Vids.

    So i guess i can say TLW helped me learn something.
    Lots of respect for what you guys have done using CS:S.
    The time and effort you’ve all put into TLW deserves much respect from us all.
    And although you haven’t gained income from TLW, you’ve gained Respect, Fans and much more.

    As much as i hate to say bye to TLW, all good things must come to an end.
    Glad to know that it’ll be sent out as Epic as ever instead of just fading out.

    Good luck on all your future Endeveours.

    Quixx. CrackerSlapper.

  131. cowthing

    I signed up just so I could say this is a great production, and you guys are truly great. I am very happy that you’ll be ending it together, it may be shorter, but it will have much more heart put into it. I wish you all the best of luck!

  132. Hannibal14

    Hmm… So this is how it ends eh? In an epic, l33t and all out awesome movie?…..

    I love TLW and always will. I think TLW, and SFF for that matter, is the best damn thing thats happened on the internet in the last few years.

    I hope SFF will continue to be a little piece joy in a this crazy, and ever growing darker world.

    So I wish you all great success and happiness.

  133. supernovaforce

    “The Leet World came through alright. But it wanted to see how its funeral would have been like if it had died…so we gave it one” πŸ˜€

    wURSt aNNouNcMenT EVAR!!!!!

    (almost direct quote from episode 9 of season 1)

    But in all seriousness, this show is truly one of the greatest works of art to hit the internet. I havent been here since the beginning, but they doesnt mean my jaw doesnt hit the floor with each and every new episode. You guys are legendary film-makers, TLW would make fine entries on any resumes if you guys ever decided to go into Hollywood-blockbuster live-action movies.
    I know my friends and i will all die a little inside when the curtain finally falls for good. Its been a good ride, thanks for all the great stories, epic lines, and legendary memories πŸ™‚
    Let us all raise a glass to Eddy, Daniel, Nick, Jace, Westie, Cortez, Leeroy, Montrose, Chet, Ellis, Player and Ahmad. May your hilarity live on for all eternity.


  134. Xiphas

    You know, I’ve kept track of this show for quite some time now, and despite the fact that the time between episodes were somewhat of an annoyance to me, it kept me waiting in anticipation, eagerly waiting this episode to come, and when it did, I watched it with great intent. After that, it was just a matter of repeating the process. I must say, I strongly commend you on your work, but with you guys gone, it takes out one of things that helps me get through weeks of work, anticipation. Without you guys it’s just like losing a friend that you’ve known for a while, it leaves a gap. Yeah, I haven’t connected with any of you guys, but still. No words can express the feeling of sorrow I have. At least now, I have enough time to spend with my gf. Lul, kidding, she actually watches the show, and although likes it, hasn’t been watching it for as long as I have. Damn, I feel like suck a retard. ‘Neways, at least you guys are going out with a bang. ‘Gonna miss you guys.

    1337W0rlD FanboyXD

  135. Inkrew

    I remember when I found this show when it kinda started. Its awesome that it got this far and you guys have done an amazing job. If I had billions of $$ I would pay to keep this show alive. I just wanna thank you guys for giving me and all the other people the best machinima that has existed. And though it might come to an end. TLW will live on in our hearts….

    Long live The leet world!

    Good luck with everything guys!


  136. play3r ftw

    I honestly truly think that a MOVIE would be the best way to end The Leet World and seeing as it does have to end for your own good reasons then a movie would be just fantastic. You guys must have put so much effort into making this show and im sure that everyone who watches it fanatically like I do appreciates that effort and that time spent. Thank you guys so much.
    Best of luck to you all with your outside lives and your gaming. πŸ™‚


  137. Raped by an Angel

    I came in around mid season one and I have loved every minute of this brilliant series. It’s sad news but I’m really glad you guys commited to this series creating one of the only machinimas that has made me nearly cry from laughing so hard. It truelly has been an epic ride but I wish Daniel best of luck in his future endeavours.

    The Leet world will go out not with a wimper……..
    but a Bang!


  138. RunningOutOfCake

    It’s really sad to see this go but it’s good to know that it will end tremendously and will never really die. This series showed me what can happen with manipulating games. What can happen when you take a game where, even when you give radio commands, the mouths never move. What you can do with a game that you would probably find in your closet. It showed me what happened when people stopped being noobs…and started acting leet.

  139. Lothar

    After crying for 10 minutes when i red this post i started to think…. And then i came up to a couple of Q. One is how long do you think the movie will be??? And one is will Leeroy ever come back into the show?? And the last is is Player total robot or is he part robot part human??

    Ps. Read the whole thread and as i said i cried for long… :Β΄D

  140. darkraptorr

    You guys really are the best out there. I think it’s fine that you are moving on. Just I will be deprived of my favorite show ever :'(

    I’ll survive.

  141. chris

    its a shame that leet world will end, but we all knew it was coming one day.
    one of the main good things ive gained out of watching this series is my motivation to start up a running series of videos, not the usual collaboration of videos πŸ˜€

  142. Ninja toaster

    I’d just like to say best michnima ever real sad it has come to this but you guys have yourselves to worry about. TlW made my life 10 times happier than it already was.

  143. Igor815

    1)OMG THAT’s UBER SAD!!!!
    2)but it just had to happen some day
    3)can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!
    4)LEET WORLD IS THE MOST AWESOME SHOW ON THE WEB OF ALL TIMES!!!! you should be proud of that
    5)made my life 1000000000000x happier
    6)continue doing shorts with chet and player

  144. Renegade

    Now I know that you must have received hundreds of comments telling you how great you guys are and telling you how much we will all miss The Leet World and I am no different but I do have to say this message anyway.

    Ever since you started this series I have been with you, all of you, and that’s not going to change. Though I am disapointed that The Leet World is coming to an end but it is understandable that you are ending the show.

    David, good luck with your career choice and enjoy the new path you are going to take. We are all going to miss your work.

    As for the Eddy and Nick you guys are incredible! Making new episodes every week and making a lot of peoples lives so much more happier than they already were.
    You guys have touched me dearly with your friendships and you guys actually remind me of my friends and I.

    Anyway that just about raps up my message. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Your fan,

  145. ChakramAttack

    -tear- Awww! So sad! Anyhoo, I’m really exited for TLW Movie!! It’s bound to be awesomely awesome!

  146. Baloney

    Best of luck to Daniel in his career path. I truly loved this series and I honestly think that it is the best series on the internet.Thank you Smooth Few Films for enlightening my somewhat boring life with this gem. Sad to see it come to an end.

  147. briefcase

    i know this is disipointing but in 5 days me and 8 of my friends are making videos where it is game vs game have fun with the last TlW SSF u guys r rocking youtube with over 100000 views and commenents wish me luck but u guys got me making machinima i will cherisg tlw forever

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