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Just wanted to stop in and give a quick update about the progress of Episode 13, part 1 of the series finale. It’s mostly in the can, with post production left in front of it. It should be out next week at some point. Don’t hold me to that, though. We all know how I hate magical binding contracts. Especially when it comes to picking release dates.

In other news, Daniel finally returns this weekend. He’s been living it up and having fun in other places (read: touching butts) while Nick and I slave away at Leet World. But don’t worry, we’re not bitter. Much. Regardless, we’ll be glad to have him back. There might be group hugs and/or beers to celebrate.

Besides all that, we’re already working on stuff for Episode 14, which is part 2 of the series finale and hugely massive. Anywho, here are some screenshots from Episode 13.

tlw213_ss1 tlw213_ss2 tlw213_ss3

Enjoy. Also, if you haven’t been reading Anthony’s Phantasy Star game blogs over at GamerSushi, you are seriously missing out on some hilarious video game writing.

27 thoughts on “Unlucky Screens

  1. Trogador

    Love that third screenshot. I guess some people are thinking about fighting back against Wolfe.

  2. GamingGawd64

    1) Deciding to get back?
    2) player escaped and chet trying to talk to him?
    3) Debating how they should get in the death room and kill wolf.

  3. Nafets

    In the first photo it’s Montrose convincing Ellis to go bak lol.

    Second on Players or another players gas mask its red…their are two options it’s either from the computer or its the red light from a cyborg’s eyes when they go crazy.

    Final won it’s either a debate or plan to go against Wolfe…probably

    My asumpions for these photos

  4. majonezar

    4th = ) yay

    #1 montrose is trying to change ellises mind and try to make him come back

    #2 chet is trying to find the good site in player (lol)

    #3 weapon check for the slaugh = )

    at least thats what i think 😛

  5. viking357

    wow i wonder how they will survive the battle or how many die. so amazing cant wait 😀

  6. EyeSeaU

    1. Montrose is deciding where to go out of the leetworld with Ellis, Ellis= Come on bo, chose what you want to do, want to eat a bag of lolcat dicks, or come survive with me.

    2. Chet, thanks player for not killing him back in episode 13- chet tells player everythings going to be just fine and he’ll never do anything to hurt his brah!. (settings, if you noticed, chet is in front of the blue color barrier, and players inside that blue room dear ahmad made before he died 🙁

    3. they get together, to try and see how to fix the part that the army of players are about to atk, probably like some kinda c4 action…. (if wish they give a flash back to where cortez grabs the bomb and he suddenly thinks of admad, and he says *this is for you, my best amigo and to the biggest badass, noobito. BOOM! lol

  7. RGamesINC

    I predict that the Leet Team’s plan for taking care of everything is going to involve C4 destruction of the Playerobots, which will also trigger an explosion big enough to level the TLW house and any surrounding area. The other half of the plan may involve Leroy triggering a challenge on his computer, meaning that the explosion will throw them into the death room, where they can commence their final attack on Mr. Wolfe. I still think that Ellis and/or Chet are going to die by the end of the season. I also suspect Westheimer might die, as Cortez promised that he was going to kill him, but I doubt that that will happen now rather than much later.

    But alas, my predictions are nothing to the creativity of Smoothfew. Everything that happens is a suprise, so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  8. SargentPikachu

    Okay, here’s my “screenshot conclusions”:

    1.Ellis and Montrose are fighting over going back or not.
    2. Two conclusions:
    – Player just woke up and Chet is filling him in on what happened and is happenning
    -a Player from the army of Players is confronted by Chet while in the process of retrieving Player
    3.This one’s hard. Player’s not there he’s still recovering in Leeroy’s lair. I have two conclusions:
    -Cortez, Westheimer, Chet, and Leeroy meet back at the basement after rounding up weapons from some of the Players. They’re planning what to do next.
    -the weapons on the table are from a secret stash hidden in the basement. Cortez, Westheimer, Chet, and Leeroy are stocking up on weapons before the fight.

  9. SargentPikachu

    I don’t know why everyone’s saying that there’s going to be C4 in this episode, I don’t get it. I don’t see any C4 in any of the screenshots. Yes, it’s possible, but having more than one comment about “C4 action” is making me think people are seeing things that I can’t see in the screenshot. And blowing up the place with C4 for the TLW cast to fight Wolf is not entirely a great idea, because the Player army would go with them, unless Leeroy reprogrammes it and blocks the Players from coming in (unlikely).

    Oh, and the comments about any of the TLW cast dying may be a bit premature, as there’s three more parts to the finale. Any of the cast dying now is just too far from the end of the season.

    And the past comments about Ahmad coming back, I sortta feel that he’ll come back, like Tony Almeida in 24. I just have the feeling that he’ll come back in TLW: The Movie. Although, there’s a problem: he’s already been buried. Don’t think that there will be zombies. But, who knows?

  10. joshuamancao

    no offense but dont u people think that player is gonna die?
    i mean look at it…leeroy said that player’s bomb is much bigger than asher’s…so i dont think c4 is gonna do the job. unless all evil players go to a tight corner and blow them selves up…
    do the player army also have bombs like player????
    think abt that…

  11. joshuamancao

    i have another guess…
    maybe there will be an exchange…player for ahmad…maybe mr wolfe activated the deathroom before ahmad died and kept him in the death room ever since…all i know is that one or more characters will die but my bet in no player…

  12. SargentPikachu

    Whoops, totally forgot the Player bomb. But is there really bombs in the other Players? I thought Player (TLW Player) was the most unique of all the Players?

    Hmm, maybe Leeroy will do surgery on all the Players to get the bombs out. That would be a lotta synthetic blood, but I guess Wolf can detonate them if he found out. Maybe Leeroy can fin a switch, or hack their directives by using some of the Players he rounds up?

    As for Ahmad and the death room, there’s two sides for that, people saying that the program only works in a certain area or that people say that it works everywhere for everyone. I’m split on this discussion. Yes, it can work only in the designated area it was programmed to. Or, it can work all over the world, but only for the TLW cast.

  13. SargentPikachu

    Since people are saying that people are going to die in the next episodes, here’s my stats:
    Westheimer: 30-45% chance Cortez: 30-40% chance
    Leeroy: 50-65% chance Ellis: 10-20% chance
    Chet: 35-50% chance Montrose: 10-20% chance
    Player: 70-80% chance

    I know my stats can be arguable, so go ahead and post your responses below. Oh, and if you’re thinking that, its not possible: all of them cant die because of Player’s internal bomb. Remember, there’s still a movie.

    Speaking of the movie, what does everyone think is gonna happen? A bit too early for the question to be brought up, but just post what you think based on what’s happened and what you think is going to happen in the last four episodes.

  14. Mandos

    Well i like to speculate to, so, i think Ahmad will return as a cyborg, maybe not now but in the movie. And i bet anything that Player is going to die… you will see, he will make the ultimate sacrifice for saving his friends.

  15. Stefanus Lie

    or probably player will only lose his memories? Then the movie is about how to gather the pieces together for him 🙂

  16. majonezar

    another thought of me…

    what if leeroy would activate the death room and they all would kill each other (dont know about player) and he would make that it shouts down like after 30 seconds which would give them enought time to kill eachother 😀 ?

  17. Iron Link

    picture 1. Mo(ntrose) (not bo as someone said earlier) is trying to get Ellis to go back to leet world.
    pictyre 2. chet is talking to player simply because their bro’s
    picture 3. they are discusing how to kill wolf

    what i think will hapen. Player will die :'( because he will blow up all the other players with his mega bomb. it will kill all the people in the house but because Leroy started the challenge those ninja people put on his computer they all go to the death room and kill wolf. p.s. Ellis and Montrose get back in time to get sent to the death room. smooth few f1lms will somehow drag that out over a few episodes and the next series will be in the death room and them trying to kill wolf, and they will find out why dying in the death room is worse than death.

  18. RGamesINC

    I think that during the scene where Montrose and Ellis are talking a lot is going to be revealed about what the terrorists were doing between seasons (besides torturing Sizzler of course). I think there’s still something we don’t know that they did.

  19. SargentPikachu

    Four of the TLW cast might go inside the death room and infiltrate the HQ while the remaining two would fight off the Players until their internal bombs would blow up. The two left behind might be Montrose and Ellis, or Chet and Westheimer.

    Two questions for everyone to answer:

    Are there bombs inside the other Players?

    Based on what has happened and what you think will happen, what do you think will happen in The Leet World: The Movie?

  20. Majii

    The player robots are at 10% capacity( Or how its spelled lol). That means that they are 10% as good as player in START!!! No offence but player was really bad in start.
    (Almost all of TLW figures bad aims as hell).

  21. BigK

    Something tells me Leeroy wouldn’t have mentioned Player having an extremely powerful bomb in his body if that wasn’t going to play out at some point in the finale.

    An entire horde of Player Bots, the seven of them, *well 4 at the moment.* I’m willing to bet that may be the key to surviving for the cast. Of course if that truly is the case, the question I’m curious about is if Player will still be attached to that bomb when and if it is activated.

    Either way, you guys did an excellent job leaving that kind of set up. There’s nothing I love more than when a series leaves you guessing so much, with such an extensive scenario playing out, it makes anticipation grow fonder, y’know?

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