filmThis weekend marked the second time that Smooth Few Films has been together in the 2 years since The Leet World started, and we had ourselves a good time. A hard, busy, working-like-burros time, but a good time nonetheless. Mr. Dangerous, Jace Ford himself, flew down from California to bring his expertise and his music to the new project and the finale. Our webmaster and co-writer JJ also drove in from Austin.

We used the holiday weekend to beat the new project like it stole something from us (ex: our lives), putting in four consecutive twelve hour work days. We also talked Final Fantasy 7, video game music, argued about making a cooler of beer look awesome, and ate lots of queso.

Signing deals means deadlines, and we are rushing like crazy to meet them. In all honesty, we probably shouldn’t be working on the TLW Finale at all to make sure that we hit these mystical lines of death, but we are doing so whenever we can spare an instant, just for you guys, since we think you’re cool. We’ve barely been able to make much progress on it in the last two weeks. That being said, the Finale should be out some time next week. Or at least, that’s what we’re gunning for. Feel free to woot.

If you’re curious about what our weekend looked like, hit the jump to see some pictarz of our SFF Reunion. Jace is the wild one that looks like an animal.

Here you’ll see some shots of us doing some set-ups in my apartment. The first shot is me, Chuck (our camera dude and DM) Daniel and Nick. The second is Daniel and I going over a script. And the third is Nick and JJ.

sff02 sff03 sff05

In this next group of shots, you’ll see Jace manning the camera as well as Nick, Jeff and Daniel striking some fun poses. I love the second picture because Jace literally just walked into it in the middle of it.

sff01 sff06 sff07

Next up we’ve got some more shots of rehearsals at Nick’s place followed by the dudes reviewing some dailies after the scene is done.

sff10 sff11 sff12

And finally, a Dungeons and Dragons scene, Jace getting ready to shoot a scene while Daniel looks very director-ly, and finally, our awesome crew dudes Chuck and Alex. Alex is the cool dude that handles our sound.

sff04 sff08 sff09

And there you have it. The SFF Reunion. Hope you enjoyed that brief glimpse on the inside.

30 thoughts on “Reunion-ing

  1. Ronstar258

    Epic excellence. Glad you guys didnt kill urselves (although i daresay it sounds like you came close). But hey, this is the plight of a contract deal, is it not?

    By the way, the bearded one is in a lot of pictures. He should get some face time in the finale. No pun intended.

    Can’t wait for the finale, but you guys already knew that.

  2. mattdaddyme

    oMG!!! finallly!!! i cant wait for the final leet world episode!!!!
    sad being the last one….but!! probably the best one!!!


  3. gladeus112

    first post ever on my part, so yeah.
    i’ll like to say thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this project for us, the fans.
    just looking at the Leet World page on my computer makes me smile a little.

    I hope you guys get this contract you guys are working so hard to get! I know you’ll be able to because you’re soooo talented. Great job overall 😀

    Sorry for my terrible grammar. It’s late, and i’m tired. But I just HAD to write something 😀

    -Zhangarang 🙂

  4. Ganoosh

    WOOT! good news!

    and as far as im concerned, i’d wait 2 months for the finale to come out if i have 2.

    Id like to thank you guys @ SFF for going the extra mile and wanting to finish TLW. I cant imagine how tough it is working on *it who must not be named* and TLW @ same time. Im 17 and work at fast food joint haha i no hard work :p


  5. damndangerous

    here’s a teaser. This is the most exciting time of my life! I am glad to be a part of SFF, and soon enough you guys will be glad to be friendos…. stick around for the greatness!

  6. Stefanus Lie


    Hang in there guys, get some rest if necessary. Don’t kill yourselves. Concentrate more on the contract, because that’s the heart of SFF right now. Cheers

    I love the pictures btw 🙂

  7. SargentPikachu

    It looks like the Finale and the mysterious “project” are shaping up well!
    Thank you Smooth Few Films for all that’s being done!

  8. Willt41

    Looking awesome, is that some ones D&D set? Do any of you guys play, all the cool kids like Vin Diesel do, well whatever here’s to hoping you roll a natural 20 on your craft wondrous item check and make an awesome series.


    WOOT! I can’t wait for the season finale or the new project. Pics from the weekend are great and let me finally put a face to the names.

  10. glebe

    I might get some hate over this, but I think you should just halt with TLW content for a while. Its not like you owe us anything, we owe you for all the laughs youve given us, all for no money. I would much rather see you relax and finish the project without working every minute for both that and the finale.
    Thats just one mans opinion, though.

  11. hl2lover14

    [quote comment=”16957″]Woot! It sounds like this “New Project” is going to be live action… Hmmm?[/quote]

    I was just about to say that. It must be Web Zeroes or a new series.

  12. deathraidermmt

    Haha awesome pics dude, good to here an update.
    And btw Jace, nice hair dude, long hair is how i roll too haha

  13. Kuilui

    Very cool guys. So a new live action series eh? I cant wait to see it. Good luck with everything, can’t wait to see the final product!

  14. Adey

    omg, I didn’t know you had silent bob doing your tunes now…..

    lol, just kidding, but look at the resemblance ffs!

  15. Tuoppo

    Absolutely NO hurry on the last episode. You guys definately deserve to have the fruits of your work. Last episode will blow all other machinima studios off the board and you get the attention you deserved (;MORE!!!)

  16. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    It’s not a NEW Live-action series. It’s “Web Zeroes”. didn’t you notice how they removed all the Web Zeroes Content from the site & Youtube?

  17. killer_yoshi

    awesome guys
    ive watches this series since the first season, and it makes me want to cry that you guys wont be making Leet World any more…

    but all in all good luck in what ever you are doing, and thank you for dedicating so much of your time for the rest of us!

  18. - Anonymous -

    W0000TT!! Im so x-ited! Good luck you guys and cannot wait for ep. Like seriously…hurry………nah jks take your time…but hurry 😉

  19. RGamesINC

    Yowza! It’s been around 40 days since the last episode was out. That’s twice the 20 day trend that the previous episodes followed. I bet it’s going to be more than twice as awesome B)

    Take all the time you need, guys, and good luck with your super-secret project.

  20. Domi

    Yeah same here or whatever, you guys rock, you guys really got started in S2 and been a great run….

    The deal should be awesome…

    We love you guys for all the great work…

    SSF w00t w00t

  21. Stuart

    Anyone else noticed hoe WebZeroes is unavailable? Fishy, very fishy…
    Anyway, good luck guys. I’ve been with this from the start, now I’m rearing to go, ready to see the end. Its been a wild ride, and i think i speak for everyone when i say: Don’t rush this. Everyone remembers the last note, so make it perfect.
    Good luck with your deal guys, it’s great you’re all together at last.

  22. Pwezem

    [quote comment=”16973″]Anyone else noticed hoe WebZeroes is unavailable? Fishy, very fishy…

    [quote comment=”16966″]It’s not a NEW Live-action series. It’s “Web Zeroes”. didn’t you notice how they removed all the Web Zeroes Content from the site & Youtube?[/quote]

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh guys!
    Keep it to yourselves!

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