The Long Goodbye

goodbyeMan. Took us long enough, huh?

The Leet World Series Finale, Army of One Part 2, is now available for your viewing pleasure.

I have to admit, it’s a little bittersweet to be presenting this one to you guys. While we’re sad to see the show go, making a series of any kind is like slamming your testicular area in a car door, so we’re happy that it’s past us. It takes lots of grueling labor and a bit of a masochistic streak to make a show like this. Like that dude in the Da Vinci Code who keeps whipping himself. Ah, self flatulation… wait, I think I got those words mixed up.

Anyway, there’s lots of stories we could tell you about these last two months and what all went into getting this episode up for you guys, and also what kept us from finishing it when we wanted to. Be sure to send lots of love to Jace, Nick and Daniel who kind of took one for the team in the last 24 hours to make this release date possible.

So, check out the episode on the TLW premiere page, or just hit the jump for the normal version.

Special thanks go to Tyler of Young Street Productions for providing a voice in this episode, as well as Gainesworthy, Lord Ned and DJ Shox for all of their Hammer and mapping tips. You probably won’t notice it, but there are probably 10-15 different maps utilized in the finale alone. And as I mentioned before, Jace Ford deserves a big standing ovation for kicking this episode in the balls. Especially with the little number he did for the ending credits…

A lot of you guys are asking us what’s next, and soon enough we’ll be able to talk about the new show. In addition, we still plan on tackling the occasional machinima short, including a TLW short every now and then, so this isn’t exactly a total goodbye to the characters in that regard.

I have to say that all of us at SFF are really proud of this finale and what all goes on in it. Trying to nail an ending like this is a hard job, and we felt if we could pull it off without sucking it would be a big deal. I’d like to think we did so. Hopefully you agree. Once again, thanks so much for sticking with us and watching this ridiculous show. It’s so beyond me that people actually like it, so we appreciate it. Stick around, there’s more good stuff to come.


Edit: Assets for this episode include the control room and the Noonien guards.

107 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

  1. Daf

    Ohhhhh….can’t wait, will post again once it’s done, and please don’t slate me, but it’s the first and last time I’ll be able to get to say 1ST!

    Respect to all of you at SFF, I’m sure I’m not alone in thanking you for the awesome job you’ve done at entertaining us over the years! Good luck!

  2. fattymicfat

    you guys are so awesome!!!! i dont want to spoil it for others, so WOOT!!!!!!

    i cant wait for your next works, and hope its a success what you guys are doing.


  3. Daf

    Fantastic! I kept getting goosebumps at the awesome bits (trying my best not to refer to any bits that may spoil it for others lol)

    I don’t think you could of concluded in a better way – everything was taken care of…honestly, that was great!

  4. ludichris

    that was class, but i think last series’s finale was better, you’ll probably all hate me now for saying that =(

    still it was one amazing show, so whatever u guys get up too wit the rest of your lives be uber-proud of urselves

  5. hollyleetworld

    Fuckin’ high class show.
    I was with it since EP 4 of season 1.
    As you said, been a hell-of-a-ride, the best internet machinima series to this day, hands down.
    You have made a deep mark in the world of machinima.
    Adios, hombres.

  6. Putkonen

    Thank YOU! Well miss The Leet World and it got the finale it deserved, im really sad that its not getting any more episodes but yeah, sometimes you just have to give up of something you love.

    You’ve chanced the meaning of machinima serie forever in my part.

    Always been a Huge fan of yours like everyone of us.

    So, Take care of yourselves. (i think i typoed it but whatev)

  7. high_priest

    I have to congratulate you guys firstly for this amazing series that you have done and secondly for the fact that you managed to get a deal which hopefully will bring you a bit more security for the future.
    The finale was amazing, very good emotional effects as well as an ending which encapsulates your highly creative minds. Congratulations once again.
    Hopefully we will soon learn about the new deal and we will have the pleasure to see a lot more content from you. Keep up the good work guys! And take a long holiday 😀 you deserve it.

  8. SK Beans

    I would like to thank you guys for the blood, sweat, and tears you guys have had to entertain me and everyone else for the past two years. Like the credits said, it HAS been one hell of a ride. Thanks.


    That’s the most epic ending to a series EVER! Thanks for all the great laughs you’ve given me and my friends. We already have a Leet World movie night planned for the near future. I look forward to seeing more great content by Smooth Few Films.

  10. mrcube

    That was EPIC guys… really epic, sad to see the series draw to close but at least the finale didn’t dissapoint!!

    We still getting TLW movie some time in the future? **hopes and prays the answer is yes**

  11. Mky93

    The BEST of the BEST of the BEST (10000000000x)Serie I have ever seen..

    I lOVE the final…

    Ellis: “I saved ur f*cking lifes and u guys lock me out”

    Hoppe The Leet World come back some time 😀

  12. Hertzwijn

    This final episodes is the best. I’ve joined when the first teaser of season 2 came out, never left u guys since. The episodes u mnake for us are just awesome. I can’t thank everybody of SFF enough for those great episodes. Whatever happens, I will always remeber SFF, and off course TLW.
    *I told myself not to cry* ^^
    I’ll wait with excitment for what’s comming up next. That will probably also be some awesome stuff.

    Good luck and well done.


  13. GreaseMonkey

    A good conclusion. I’m so glad Player was ok in the end. He’s my favorite.

    Great job smooth few films. You really came through for us.

  14. Bobzer77

    Thanks for all the years of entertainment. A fitting end I think although I can’t wait to see what the new project is = )

  15. James Freeman

    It’s been an amazing couple of years, hard to believe it’s over.

    Thank you to everyone at SFF and anyone else who worked or contributed across the 2 seasons for an amazing series.

    Much bro love.

  16. graiN

    hey, just registered because of this final, because you guys deserved it. im from switzerland by the way, so you know you got visitors from all over the world 😛

    have been following this show since season1 ep 11, and continued watching it just to witness this moment of epicness.

    This episode was the best episode ever, it was very well made and worth the wait, sad it was over so fast but all good things come to an end.

    i also want to give credit to jace ford, fukin great music, i love the tune at 1:20 and the whole mysterious tune, if i could i would totally buy the soundtrack but i cant because i live too far away 😛

    also is it just me or did the voice of the computer change?

    to the end good luck with your deal and i hope hearing from you soon, because i know everything that is made by you just got to be awesome

    you’ll read my next comment on your next news even though TLW is over good luck and good bye to you guys!

    Smooth Few Films, a name to remember…

  17. Ty

    It’s about damned time I got a shout out!

    You guys know how much I love you all and I couldn’t be prouder of the work you do.
    I know it must have been intimidating working with a star of my caliber, but since that first day you all shoved me in a closet and said, “Just talk like a mexican for ten minutes and we will give you a beer!” I have been very confused as to just what it was you were putting together. Regardless, that beer turned into many and the mexican voice gave way to a terrible brent spiner impersonation. Along the way we learned to love. And yeah we made some mistakes, Eddy I promise to dry clean the poop out of your curtains, Daniel it was me that snorted your valtrex, Jace I am sorry about the Linkin Park tramp stamp, I really thought thats what you said before you passed out; and Nick to you I apologize for nothing, you knew the risks going in.

    You guys did a good thing here. You are great. You are my one piece of bread.


  18. Djmckie

    To be honest, im not much of a CSS fan, in fact i believe LW is the only good thing to ever come out of it, your character base and story line has always been top notch, a product of hard work which i respect 🙂

    thanks for all the laughs i got from leet world, wish you guys the best

  19. Majii

    I feel so empty… What will i do now? Im rly about to cry(NO JOKE!!!)! Well im glad it ended happy :’). So long, and cant w8 for something else to popup on ur site 🙂

  20. miesniexLV

    i can belive that TLW is over…
    i bet many of your fans are sad becouse leet world ends….
    you guys are genius 😀 from such a game the CSS make a good story that loves thusands of people from all over the world… realy sad that it is the end…
    I hope there will be TLW short movies and TLW movie..

  21. Baseis

    Oh man this was so bloody amazing! Been following you guys since S1 Ep3 and every time you guys delivered above and beyond. I wish you luck on your latest project and hope it is as epically awesome as this.

    R.I.P The Leet World

  22. Pwezem

    The end to the most Epic Machinima EVER made.



    Cheesy ending, but i LOVE IT. 😀

    MAJOR Props to everyone.
    I'll feel empty without loading the site 20 times a day ='[

    Major props to the ending tune,
    reminds me of the end of Cod4 😛

  23. neran

    Well, that was a hell of a ride. Could the final had been any better? I think not. Could it had been a better show? I think not. Never have I been amazed and stunned by a “small” show on the internet.

    You guys from SFF have my utterly thanks for the work you have put in this fantastic show, even when knowing that you would get nothing but happy fans.

    The music was mindblowing in this final, the suspense was a real killer. Don’t think there is enough words or ways to comment or thank you guys for everything.

    I will definitely return for your next show and I wish you great luck in the future with the deals and future shows.

    Greetings from Denmark

  24. Headcrab Eater



    Wish you guys the best in the future!!!

  25. Naerah

    It’s with real tears in the eyes that i stand up for an epic ovation you guys at SFF deserve. For two year i’ve been following this serie, countless times made my days or nights, seen the show pass from pure gold comedy to a wonderful always more intriguing epic thriller. I knew the last episode would be epic, but i was wrong. It’s not epic, it’s freaking legendary! The sons of our sons will remember TLW as the legendary epic machinima serie of all times!
    I wanna thank you guys for the time, efforts, blood and sweat you all gave on that show. You guys made me laught, made me cry and made me wonder what was gonna happen, something i need to say, most TV show now fail to do. And worst, they are payed to deliver this shit to us You were doing it for free and the delivered product was always getting better and better. I will always keep SFF in my heart for those 2 epi…legendary years you gave us.

    p-s: Now everytime i play css i feel like playing a TLW game lol!!

  26. Nafets

    This was better a piece of art than Van goh ever made. TY for constantly making this happen and hope u consider the movie in the next little not ending many of our favourite shows. I love you guys!!!!!

  27. BritishAreBest9312

    You boys have some simply spectacular work and I can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future! you guys are the most innovative and devoted Machinima makers out there and you have endless potential. So in farewell to the Leet World I remove my hat and give it a huge galant bow! Ta Ta now and I hope that you guys do a spiffing good job at your new occupation!

  28. Eclipse1337

    Since this is now over, will you guys be releasing a soundtrack to Season 2, and the Outtakes for the past 7 or 8 episodes?

  29. Eclipse1337

    You guys are awesome. I’ve loved Leet World ever since it came out. You guys make awesome plot twists. I will really miss this series. I never got to say goodbye..:P

  30. Gforce

    It has been one hell of a ride SFF, I remember finding your first teaser on Machinima and then waiting to judge the first episode. Since then i’ve checked your site daily, downloaded each episode, and enjoyed everything you’ve given us.

    So I thank you for all the good times, laugh and lol-cats these last two years. I can’t wait to see what you will do next. Ave Humanatis Brothers.

  31. majonezar

    you guys are the best! always were always will be.. oh w8 now player is the best = D…

    anyways thanks for these great seasons but i have to say things just changed for me when player said “ktnx bai” feels like somethings missing and thats the leet world 😉

    oh and did i mention that you guys are awesome?

  32. Aden

    I have been watching this show from the begining..I now feel like a young baby has died <.<. But its been the best machinima of all time, hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

  33. FKim

    That was the best episode!!!
    Great film.
    too bad it was the last episode. =[
    But guy kick ass.

    Thanks for the last episode SFF.
    I’ll still be waiting for more series to watch.

  34. Stuart

    Well, that’s that then.
    It feels strange not to have the next episode to look forward too: i have been doing it for the past 3 years.
    Well done guys, you’re a class act. Enjoy some well deserved R&R, i can see that you guys worked your asses off for this one.
    Once again, thanks for the memories,

  35. nyttyn

    I think I actually shed some tears.
    Brillant voice acting, Brillant music, Brillant EVERYTHING!
    Also, DD? Were you being possessed by a music god or something? Because those beats?
    Broke the thermometer.

  36. LazarRulez

    The first time I saw TLW was during a sort of computer tech class in school. We had some spare time at the end of it, and my American friend (I’m Serbian , and we were in an International School back then) showed me this strange looking show based in CSS, whose plot lines and weird language I didn’t comprehend. It took me a while to understand the comedy and references in the series, but ultimately over a period of time, I came to love TLW as a show I regard as original in almost every aspect.

    SFF deserves a truckload of credit and praise for what they have done in the past 3 years, and if the new job that you guys are doing is as good as it sounds, I think that it is a nice ending to a truly epic era.

    I ain’t saying goodbye, cuz I know you guys will be back with some more lulz, pwning, badass and l33tness…

    Best of luck,


  37. tricky2k8

    Ive watched The leet world from the very begining. LOVED EVERY MINUTE. Im very sad to see it go been a good ride whilst it lasted. Congratulations on doing such a fantastic job with it, hope to see more of The Leet world.

    Breaking open the bear tonight guys ;)?

  38. RandomSpoon

    I could write a block of text for you guys but i think my thoughts were summed up about 40 posts ago XD

    Excellent Job guys, and good luck with all your future endeavours 🙂

  39. cssilas1

    Ah, one of the greatest endings to one of the greatest Machinima series I have ever seen. As always great job guys. I hope to see the next installment of your awesome shows.

  40. - Anonymous -

    Wow….where do I start? Well I’m not gonna bore you with all the stuff that everybodys already mentioned…well…actually I am, can’t help it.

    I’ve been watching this amazing, leet, awesome, epic, crazy, badass, insane, intense show since Episode 1 of Season 1. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I’d like it back then. Ya there’s these characters from my favorite game at the time living in a house together performing challengers, but I didn’t think it was really going anywhere. Boy I have never been more wrong in my life! I now check the site everyday, everytime I go on the internet. It’s my homepage, but I always look for new posts, comments, etc. Ya I’m that obsessed! I now know, that The Leet World, is the most amazing, leet, awesome, epic, crazy, badass, insane, intense show EVAR!
    It is hands down the best machinima….ever…no homo.

    This has even inspired me to change my name to one of the characters names in css, along with a spray to symbolize them, use their guns, and act as them while I play. Yes, I am that obsessed!

    Smooth Few Films did an excellent job on this, and I would never try to top that, let alone do half as good. Everything was better than anything I could ever ask for. The filming, video, the voice, the plot, the characters, and everything else. But most of all the music. We have to give lots of credit to Damn Dangerous. Without their kickass music, Leet World wouldn’t be half as amazing, leet, awesome, epic, crazy, badass, insane, and intense as it is.

    I couldn’t have thought of a better ending. It’s great because it ends the show with a sigh of satisfaction, or it could be carried out into a movie if one is created.

    I just want to say congradualations SFF and DD for making the most amazing, leet, awesome…well lets just say the best machinima in history.

    It has, indeed, been one hell of a ride!

    **Holy shit! What a long post!

  41. Soap_Pirate

    This episode made me finaly register to show my gratitude for all you guys have done.

    Cheers to all you guys at Smooth Few Films for all the hard work youve squeezed out of yourselves to keep us happy, it was worth it 😀

    The Leet World had an amazing story, truly epic music, and awesome characters (who by the end of it, I think were all the greatest badasses who ever lived).

    If I had a hat I would tip it to you, but sadly I do not. Perhaps I should buy one just for this?
    Till I do, this *highfives* will have to suffice.

    Thanks again!! *distrubutes cake for all*

  42. hypnotek

    I can’t believe the series is actually over…I check the SFF rss feed at least three times a day for the past three months hoping for something new from TLW. I wish you all the best of luck in your new endeavors (just wish I knew what they were) and I hope to see some more quality SFF content in the future, you guys have been great.

    (and I don’t normally like rap/hip-hop-ish music, but that ending kicked ass jace)

  43. kniferbamf

    This has been a hell of a season, and we know you guys at SFF have other stuff now, but damn…that was a hell of a series, and you guys did a badass job!

  44. pl0xman123


    That was beauitiful..
    ..I can’t believe it’s over.. I remember being excited when they got their first challenge, the Domination-Guy(or was it destruction?).. It’s been a hell of a ride with many lulz and srs moments.

    I really regret not commenting a lot and being more of a lurker and I just want you to know I’ve sticked around since episode 2. There are lots of things I’ve come across in my life on the intarwebz and many of those things I have lost interest in. But no, not The Leet World. This was truly one of the best things I have ever seen and I love you guys in a really gay way for making all this.

    SFF, I want to thank you for making possibly the greatest machinima series ever.

    Thanks for the epicness.
    Thank you for everything.

  45. Fuji



  46. Fuji

    L is for the way you made me Lawl
    O is for the “O NOZ” u gave me every cliffhangers
    V is for the Very Very epic Leetworld you gave me
    E is for the Ecstasy you gave me in each episode

    so in general I LURVE JOO GUYS!!!!


  47. glebe

    Wow. That was the shit. I kept smiling. Funniest and best episode ever. Great job guys. I fucking love you guys.
    Also, great job on the non censorship.
    “Human overlord, there appears t be movement in the tunnels”
    ” you know what to do”
    “Blow these motherfuckers to cyborg hell”
    Best thing ever.
    I cant believe its over.

    Also, will site will continue?

  48. dream_hunter

    The last episode was awesome [it made me laugh, it made me cry…..mostly laugh though :p], it was a great end to a great series.

    Thanks again for all of the hard work you guys have put into the series, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

    It’s been great following the series as well as the Web Zeroes and shorts and I can’t wait to see what is next for SFF.

  49. Sharky

    Great ending guys, really amazing work.
    I loved how everything just fit, tied together, and ended with no loose ends.
    Thanks for the memories, the work you put into it, and for making something truly great.

  50. Tilted_Logic

    Ah I’m going to miss The Leet World, you guys all did a FANTASTIC job – the story kept getting better, the characters more interesting, the effects and music more and more awesome.

    So sad to see it go, but I think you guys did a great job with the finale, and giving Ahmad the tribute he deserved with the little funeral bit was a very very nice touch.

    Best of luck with everything in the future guys! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next 🙂

  51. SargentPikachu

    A filling finale, guys. I thank you for all your work on this show and good luck to your super-secret-project.

    Been around since S2E3(ish?) and introduced the series to a (real-life) friend of mine who is obsessed with CS:S (forgot his gamertag, sorry). He then started off a chain reaction, introing The Show to his friends, and so on.
    I came across The Leet World when I was looking up YouTube Counter-Strike: Source gameplay vids. I just learned about Counter-Strike, so I was looking for some machinima for it(RvB was the only one I knew so far). After I went past the awkward and sortta crappy ones,I found one of the Leet World episodes and got hooked ever since.

    Plus, the end music was not my cup of tea, but pretty funny. Was expecting some sort of awesome jam from the one and only Jace, but it’s okay.

    (One last request: Bloopers please!!!!!)

  52. Zeekar

    And so ends the web-show that is simultaneously the best machinima ever made and the first of it’s kind I’ve ever seen actually completed. I mean, most of the things started on the internet are never finished.

    I’m…proud *sniff*.

  53. Kuilui

    Really great finale, you guys rock. Thanks for everything guys. I’m going to miss TLW. Anyone have a show where if you could you would just watch the characters watching television all day? TLW has always been that kind of show to me.

    As others have said most people get part way through a machinima and then just say whatever and toss it away. You didn’t have to finish it but you went the extra mile for us the fans, so thanks. Good luck with all future works and I wish you the best. Cant wait to see what’s in store next!

    Your loyal fan,

  54. Sapphire94

    Hey every1 i just registered althought i’ve been watching TLW since season 1 episode 2 . There is only one thing that i would like to say . It’s hell of a ride . I fell inlove with player n chet since episode 1 . And around episode 7 of season 1 i thought its getting boring but i kept watching it and boy there is only 1 word to describe my feeling 2 TLW . ROFLCOPTERSADFACEOMFGWTFLOLLERSKATERZLMAONADEDRAMADRAMAPRODUCERISGHAYTLWROCKZ . Goodbye i just hope you guys make smth about TLW like holyday specials or smth btw <3 <3 <3 2 ALL !!!!

  55. Mitch

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Thanks for the epic lulz, Smooth Few Films. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

  56. MGunltd89

    After watching every episode of The Leet World, I would like to say that you guys have outdone yourselves by giving us one of the best machinimas ever. The finale was beyond epic and a great way to end the series. I was very sad to see this show end but you guys did a fantastic job. You have worked so much for making this and I am glad that you never forget your fans. You guys have earned all of my respect since season one and I am proud to be your fan of The Leet World and Smooth Few Films.

    Thanks for giving us this amazing show and I’ll be looking forward to see your future projects.

    – MGunltd89

  57. RGamesINC

    Smooth Few are gods and The Leet World will stand as a shining example of what can be accomplished with machinema. If I were to write a textbook on the history of machinema, The Leet World would be the Casablanca. The masterpiece that people can look back on and say “Hard work and devotion actually can produce perfection.”

    I’ll write a better comment when I stop crying.


  58. KamikazeSkunk

    I’ve never been the one to post comments, but I figured you guys might like to see how much you influence your fans:

    I remember when my boyfriend had told me about The Leet World.. I think only one or two episodes had come out, and I remember thinking.. god that sounds so gay. I promised him I would watch it, and of course put it on my pile of to dos.. with no intention to actually watch it. It wasn’t until he came to my house, and basically forced me to watch the first episode that my addiction started. My eyes didn’t leave that screen until I made him play the three episodes that were available at that time.

    Since then, I checked the site every day to see if a new episode had arrived, and eventually when I found twitter, had messages from you guys sent straight to my phone, waking me out of bed when the new episodes were available.

    I have shown TLW to my RL friend, my CS:S buddies, and even some FPS enthusiasts.. My boyfriend even got me a TLW shirt for christmas <3

    I hope you guys do well with what you do, and I want to thank you for letting me enjoy your work. You guys are creative and talented and you so deserve to go far in life.

    Hope to see more from you soon!

  59. Vladislav

    : O
    Sorry, that’s just how far my jaw dropped. Superb ending to the show, and I can’t wait to see whatever you guys make next. Keep up being awesome!

  60. jiaweic

    I signed up just to say this ‘ YOU GUYS ROCK!!!’ That was a fantastic finale. That was a great job.


    I hope to see those short clips coming, I’m gonna miss all of TLW’s character’s. And I’m gonna miss the opening theme song too. Can’t wait see what you guys will come up next.

    Once again, thanks guys for the most awesome web videos in this ENTIRE EARTH!!



  61. No0b-0-rAmA

    It’s really a shame to see an end to such an amazing series. Of all of the horrible and useless things on the internet, it’s nice to see something so great. I already can’t wait till your next series, as anything you guys make seem to be just awsum. Cheers!

  62. Michael Denton

    In dedication of Leet World, this would be the best song for a tribute video.

    Now… With an un-solved matter I noticed after watching…

    They could actually have a decent plot for a movie…

    What about the Producer’s shield, that would’ve protected him from the… Ending…

    I’m right though, aren’t I?

  63. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    I started watching Leet World, short after the first part of the finale of season 1. I watched all previous episodes in one night. I had some problems with the plot lately, but I’m really at peace with this show now. A shame that it had to end.
    Thanks for the hard work dudes. Was an awesome trip while it lasted. I was never trippin’ like this xD

    But machinima-vise, it’s like Christmas since yesterday. New Freeman’s mind episode + TLW season finale. Awesome.

  64. Skraps

    Sorry for the lack of words but words can’t say how much love yoo guys. <33
    Can't wait for any of your future masterpeices. I'm sure it will be just as "slamming your testicular area in a car door" good.

  65. Aessari

    Hell yeah!
    Thanks guys for all that effort into TLW, you did a great job! THANKS! Was awsome to watch it!

    Baah I could go of by crying now but I promised I wont!


  66. Tuoppo

    This is the most epic moment of my life. Oh w8, no it isnt, its something lot more. Im gonna watch all the episodes all over again even when im on my dead bed. You guys made the world better. You deserve everything good in future. Mah applause *e-clap* *e-clap* and *e-hug*. Not gonna *e-cry*, thats for real.

  67. Painkiller

    To the guys,

    Thank you very much, following this from Day one was perfect you guys made it EPIC! Every step of the way it was always a great episode, every step of the way the guys at our CSS website we look and we wait for it, and we post when there is a new episode, and just as the first Post I got to put up on there… I just posted the last one!

    To the fans,

    You guys are great as well .. reading the comments you are the ones that made these guys keep going.. help them sit down for hours on end and put up for us to see it and rock on the comments because they have done a bang up job!

    this however is the last post … unless I reply to someone’s comment, about TLW… and with that I say,

    THANK YOU ALL!!!! it was COMPLETE and it KICKED MUCHO ASS.. and as I went on.. I felt that I wasnt a Nubito time and time again.

    Best journeys to all of you guys and look forward to see all the next projects you put out!

  68. OODDLuke

    I Think i started to cry when the ending credits rolled out D:
    I think it is safe to say you guys are the best ever.
    Will Miss TLW, and it would be awesome if you actually make the movie about how it all started.

  69. Abonnent

    I was seriously shedding a tear or two on the end…
    Its like, something that has been with me for a few years have suddenly come to an end…
    I will always remember you guys and what you did.

  70. Nero

    I havent watched it yet but id like to comment before and after

    before: Hey guys thanks for everything you guys are great its sad to see this whole rollercoaster of laughs we call The Leet World come to an end but it was bound to happen sooner than later but you guys are always at work with something new so thats always good from the bottom of my heart thank you.

  71. redjim86

    Ive been hooked on the series when its was in mid series 2 when i encountered the episodes on and i was hooked ever since ive really enjoyed the work you have done and keeping us all your fans interested in the series. I think this was one of the best machinima series ive seen outside of my usual lot of stuff from ross scott and roosterteeth i hope all the best to you all now that leet world has finally come to a close and as an avid fan i thankyou all for giving the quality entertainment you have given me well done guys *salutes*

  72. Sierra146

    I am very sad that The Leet World is over. It was an extremely good series and I thank Smooth Few Films for making it.

    I hope that you guys can make the movie someday, but even if that day doesn’t come, I’m still glad we got the two seasons.

  73. Master Cloud

    Holy crap,I’m like crying. This is one of the greatest machinima’s of all time. I’ve been with the series since 2007. Two years,two seasons,too awesome. And now I’m sad to see it go. It’s been an honor getting my eyes raped by watching this(that’s a good thing). But don’t worry people! There’s still TLW:The Movie! Huzzah!

  74. OfficerHonkHonk

    And so ends the story of “The Leet World”. Brings a tear to my eye to watch this machinima blow away in the wind. But do not be saddened my friends for new things are upon us and we’ll all hope that it brings us many cherishing LOLs.

  75. ashbash1987

    TLW has been the best machinima that I have seen by a country mile, and it is unfortunate to see it come to an end. Thanks to all at SFF for this fantastic project.

    Also, I love that the last line for TLW is “KTHX, BAI.” It just rounds everything off perfectly.

  76. wirta

    TLW is just the best machinima series ever, so epic it’s unbelievable !!!

    lots of respect to u guys who made this series, it’s so amazing 😀

    to bad it has come to an end 🙁 but what an ending 🙂 the whole story of TLW is great i love all episodes the humor is just outstanding !!!

    BEST series EVER !?!?!?!


  77. TheRomp

    It took me over an hour to watch the episode…. I kept thinking this is the last time im going to watch a new post of the Leet World and would pause it… :'( Best of Luck to you all!

  78. Lothar

    I can just say that you guys are THE best moviemakers I have ever seen! I even fell in love with the show after Episode 1..! And now when it is over I can not stop crying because I will miss the exitement whenever a new episode came up… And I have one final question…
    What about TLW Movie? Will you release one or is it just empty hope I have created?
    You have my love and will have it forever SFF!
    P.S I Love You! <3 ^^

  79. Domi

    I just want a small favour you guys….well

    the picture on the background on the premiere page…with all of TLW members…..could you make like a wallpaper of it? cuz if you press right click and watch background…you see like a black square in the middle..

    Would be 1337 for our pc desktops….

  80. Stefanus Lie

    Thanks for all of this guys.. I just wondering, since you are still going to make the shorts, would u also make some lolz episodes like episode 9 season 1??

    Thx TLW, it’s been so great…

  81. JaMeZ

    Its soo sad its the end of the l33t world 🙁

    U guys made one of the best shows ever, and im gonna miss seeing it,
    whatever u decide to do next i no from seeing this that its gonna pwn, so keep up the gr8 work,
    I hope at the very least u keep on making shorts for the l33t world,
    and PS. u made a gr8 finale! thx for making this show

  82. burning-ape

    This has gotta be one of the saddest days in internet history! D’= The 22nd, I mean. Not the 27th like it is now.

    I’ve been watching TLW religiously since my friend showed me the Trailer on YouTube (and only just registered today >.<). Thanks, guys, for making something so amazing and captivating.

    Good luck with all your future endeavours, you'll go far!

    Also – I second Domi's idea about the wallpaper.

  83. Melekh

    I’ve been following the show since somewhere in season 1, and just decided to register now to write here as well.

    Ty guys for creating TLW, It has really been great..
    I’ve often during the summer visited your site, often in desperation for new episodes to come out. But now it is all over :(:(

    No doubt Im gonna miss the show, and, most of all, Chet and Player, but we all knew it had to come to an end.

    Just hope you guys will sometimes put in time to do some post-productions of TLW (perhaps write a bit to the biographies), and tell a little about what happened to the characters after the show.

    ty for all

  84. KamikazeSkunk

    Quote: SAMMY

    awesome episode. just one thing i found strange. chet and ellis didnt react to ahmads return at all :S


    You put yourself in the middle of a battle with a bajillion clones of player.. and see if you have a reaction or if your just worried about covering your but. lol! Considering the amount of weird stuff that has happened to them over the past two seasons.. it’s just another day on TLW for them.. lol.

  85. stetson117

    Well, it was great while The Leet World lasted. The soundtrack is awesome. When will the next factoid post be done? “Player was originally going to be a girl.” If it was that way I would expect that things would be funny between Chet and Player, talking about Chet’s jubbliez addiction. SFF AND TLW FTW!

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