Announcing: Web Zeroes on Revision3!

We’re excited to announce that Web Zeroes is coming next month to Revision3!

For some of you, the cat has already been out of the bag since the newest episode of Diggnation aired last night, but the rest of you can still be surprised. If you’re unaware, Rev3 is the king of awesome Internet television content like Totally Rad Show, Film Riot, Co-Op and then some. Those of you that already watch their stuff can easily attest to that.

As for our show, this is going to be a slightly rebooted version of Web Zeroes, hence the removal of the episodes from our site. I can’t go into a whole lot of detail about it just yet, but for now, you should go watch the new Web Zeroes trailer over at Revision3! This is a huge opportunity that we’re extremely pumped about. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

Go watch the trailer!

35 thoughts on “Announcing: Web Zeroes on Revision3!

  1. Greenagainn

    Ive been waiting so long for an update on Web Zeroes. I think i actually like it more than i liked TLW and i loved that πŸ˜€

  2. PrO-bOy

    Awesome!! I can’t wait for it to begin!
    Great job, you guys!
    This just made my day a whole lot better!
    Web Zeroes, yeah!! πŸ˜€

  3. The Zevlag

    This is awesome news. I absolutely love webzeroes and I look forward to the series on rev3. Good Luck Guys!

    Will the original webzeroe episodes ever be available again on the site to watch or download?

  4. Paperkut

    wait, good news but… This means that will be another episode 1? or will be episode 4? Is episode 0,1,2 and 3 mean nothing? 😐 , will you post when new episodes are avaible at REV3? x) kinda wanna now


    ” James Freeman said:
    September 23rd, 2009 on 12:59 pm Quote
    All the ups and down are going to kill me!

    Refer to this graph –

    I would probably say that the end of TLW ending was by far more sad than that ='(

  5. Mr Leet

    Did I just hear a “Wensdays” in the video?
    Does that mean it will be releasing every week?
    Also, I think I know why you’ve been so busy filming: If you’re premiΓ¨ring next week— then that means you have a few episodes complete already, so you can stay a head of schedule.
    Keep up the fantabulous work, SFF!!!

  6. rgarrow92

    I noticed the episodes weren’t on yesterday I was gonna watch them all after watching the leet world finale. glad to see its getting continued i assumed it was going to be scraped.

  7. LazarRulez

    1) James Freeman wins the “Most epic comment” award :)))

    I have to say, I was sorta hoping that it would be your little project, and my wish came true ^^. Thanks SFF!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Pwezem


    Webzeros is the funniest internet show I’ve seen in a long time. When i watch it, i feel attached to you guise D:

    This is going to be AWESOME

  9. MGunltd89

    Yeah, Web Zeroes are coming back! That’s awesome sauce! I’m really glad you get to work with Revision3! Good luck guys and God speed!

    BTW, James Freeman’s comment pwns!

  10. - Anonymous -

    AWESOME!! Congrats. Gotta admit I did like TLW more than Web Zeroes, but that’s just my opinion. I’m happy for you guys and I’m sure that it’s going to be great!!

  11. SK Beans

    I absolutely loved Web Zeroes, and was starting to worry that it was going to get cut. Thanks for bringing it back!

  12. SargentPikachu

    Film Riot and Tekzilla are my favorite shows from Rev3!!!
    Or were..
    Now there’s Web Zeroes on Revision3, which is pretty cool being that two of the things I
    like on the Internet are merging.

    But is the series gonna kick-off with only the first (old) episode, or is it all the three episodes then the new fourth episode?

  13. rockassman

    let me express my happyness through a random key press

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  14. Egghaus

    Hello everyone.

    I just made this account to make a short comment.

    I’ve been following The Leet world for some years now since it was quite new, pretty sure it’s like a couple of years but not sure. Anyway, to the point:

    I load the page about three times a day, even though your last post was “Next TLW episode next week” I still check every day, several times. It’s become a habit.

    What I’m getting at is that I’m really happy that I still have a reason to check your page several times a day, it would be hard to stop. That is if you plan on still using this site to post news and such, of course.

    So SFF, keep up the good work. [|:)-[-<

    PS: I'm really excited that your "Secret work" for the last weeks was actually about the Web Zeroes(-ish) because they really appeal to me and my crowd, the nerds.

  15. Stuart

    I knew it was Web Zeroes.
    Was it the fact that even though you knew it was down you didn’t fix it? Or the fact that every time i pointed it out my comment didn’t fly through moderation. It doesn’t matter, I’m just explaining myself. Great job guys, too bad the old episodes got pulled though.

  16. Boojangels


    Oh, and I forgot you guys were in Texas. I’m a Texan myself. We could have a Kevin Rose worshiping party.

    Will we be getting Behind-the-Scenes, bloopers, and ect. with the reboot with Web Zeroes?

  17. Fuji

    did you guys know you guys are my heroes? I’m gonna become president of the U.S. and give you guys a medal of honor just for being badasses!

  18. theshuggie

    Is this going to be a full 20-minute weekly show? Cause that would be awesome-epic. Is this like an extended version of the series from before? Congrats, btw.

  19. Gezo

    I never had a chance to watch the originals, since I tended not to really care until recently, which they are down.
    Is the show going to be only on this “Revision3” at specified times, or elsewhere?

  20. JabaPR

    dude… October 7th? really? That is freaking awesome… been waiting for you guys to continue this, and yeah, it is a pretty sweet 20th birthday gift πŸ˜› gl with this new project and mostly, have fun doing it!

  21. graiN

    strange i cant watch it on revision3!
    i can hear the sound but theres no picture πŸ™
    what do i have to do ? :S

  22. SargentPikachu

    The new Revision3 Wikipedia page inspired me to do one for Web Zeroes. Here it is:

    This is a sortta rough Wiki page I did and I need help editting it. I need help on:
    -longer summary
    -info box
    -more info

    It’d be nice also to make a “The Leet World” and “Smooth Few Films” page to complement the currently broken links for them on the Web Zeroes page.

    Plus I loved Web Zeroes. I kept on seeing the link on the sidebar of this site, wondering what it was, but was too busy watching The Leet World (RIP, πŸ™ ). Watched it one day and thought it was a great series, but wondering when’s episode four.

  23. JJ

    [quote comment=”17229″]The new Revision3 Wikipedia page inspired me to do one for Web Zeroes. Here it is:

    I can tell you right now that this page will probably not survive on WikiPedia until press releases and coverage from sites other than Revision3 start showing up, so if it gets taken down don’t freak out. There should start being some coverage within the next two weeks as the show ramps up to release. Also, some of the details of the new version of the show are different, so don’t assume that what you know about the old episodes is still true.

    As for a page about The Leet World, unfortunately it wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Don’t spend any time making one. TLW never got any coverage on big sites or news sources, so it doesn’t count as notable. Don’t take offense, though. That’s just how they define it.

  24. awkook

    “Also, some of the details of the new version of the show are different, so don’t assume that what you know about the old episodes is still true.”

    Thats kind of stupid. So they started a storyline that will have to be re-written? Does that have to do with certain copyright permissions with revision3 or something? Because I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say the storyline was awesome that way it is.

    1. Eddy

      We’ll speak to the changes soon enough, but don’t assume too much before you know what the deal is yet. All changes to the format (there aren’t many) were actually our idea, and ones we were wishing we could redo anyway. They all make the show better, I promise.

  25. Khu


    At least NOW we know you have to stick to a schedule XD

    I’ll be on the lookout on Thursdays (I’m in Aus) XD

  26. JJ

    [quote comment=”17231″]Thats kind of stupid. So they started a storyline that will have to be re-written?[/quote]

    Well, the main change is that all three guys are now vampires and some mopey brunette chick is always hanging around in the background. (Just kidding, don’t worry…)

    Seriously, though, trust Eddy when he says that any changes were for the good of the show. It’s like the difference between a rough draft and a final version. We learned a lot from the process of making The Leet World, and now that we can focus on Web Zeroes, we wanted it to be as good as possible.

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