The Abominable Snow Beard

snow-yetiLook at that. This is a first for Smooth Few Films, probably. Two episodes of content, two weeks in a row. So this is what it feels like to be on time for something.

Anywho, the newest addition of Web Zeroes is now up for your enjoyment. In Episode 2, Ray convinces Nate to let him film a documentary about his day job, where he moonlights as a tech support specialist named the Tech Yeti. Yes, there are beards involved. Also, handsome brown men.

To download the episode or see higher res versions, head over to Revision3, or subscribe to Web Zeroes on iTunes. We’ve actually been featured there in the “new and noteworthy” section under the podcasts. Cool stuff.

Much thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to watch this episode and leave a comment. Hit the jump to start watching. Episode 3 will be out next week on October 21st!

A few people have asked about “Bobby King”, who does the commercial breaks. He is, in fact, Ty, who voiced Mendoza and Asher for The Leet World. Look forward to seeing more of him in Web Zeroes. A good bit more, actually.

Over the next week, I’m hoping to finally get to some Leet World content that I’ve been sitting on for awhile now. Mainly, some outtakes from the later episodes of Season 2, so be sure to check back here for updates on that.

But for now, watch the episode, comment and enjoy! As for me, I’m about to get my Uncharted 2 on.

38 thoughts on “The Abominable Snow Beard

  1. kooman

    FIRST OMG!!!
    Hope this episode is great! Haven’t seen it yet but I’m going nuts!

    Thanks SFF for LeetWorld and all future episodes in advance! :D:D:D:D:D

  2. Rofl-Target

    Wow, its weird seeing the new episode right after the first. Great Episode! Good Job! Web Zeroes is going on a cool track!

  3. Kuilui

    Funny episode, I definitely found it more funny then the first. I liked the first one to but this one had something more to it. Also I noticed more of the old material in there like the married a quitter line, good stuff. Anyway keep up the great work, you guys crack me up.

  4. SargentPikachu

    Just saw this episode pop up on my Facebook news feed while I was working REALLY late into the night. Thanks for releasing it when I really need some entertainment.

  5. Ganoosh

    haha kooman is pumped =]

    about 2 watch it, now i have something 2 look forward 2 each Wednesday arvo haha


  6. nevertell

    Dudes, the episode was great. But there are 2 things I really hate about both of the “new” episodes.
    1. Why did you re-do the best jokes from the original series ? Like the one with Nate hating all of Alex’s ideas, and Nate being creepy at the monitor. That really sucks dudes.
    2. The second thing is the netflix advertising. Was it part of the deal to have Nate advertise it in the movie ? I understand and can bear the adverts in that interrupt the episode, but I can’t understand why would you need to include them in the episode.

  7. Eddy

    Thanks for the comments, fools.

    Nevertell, glad you liked the episode. We had to re-shoot stuff for a couple of reasons. You have to keep in mind that we did the original stuff over a year ago. We couldn’t shoot a bunch of new material and then stick the footage back to back. Nick moved to a new place, so everything at his place would have been useless, and I lost about 35 pounds. For consistency, the best route was re-shooting the jokes that we didn’t want to lose.

    And as for the ads- this is Revision 3’s first sitcom, so we’re both trying to figure out a method that works for this kind of show. The alternative to an in-episode ad like Nate’s thing is a second commercial break. There’s going to be a little bit of experimenting, and it’ll probably be hit and miss for a few episodes before we nail it down, but I know we’ll find a method that works really well at some point. We’re definitely open to feedback on that issue.

  8. CrazyIvan1745

    Very Well done. Some of the re-shoots were still good this time, just different. I do agree the advertising can get annoying from time to time, but I think it went better for this episode compared to the first episode. Overall great episode, I hope you guys keep up the good work.

  9. playersbro

    Awesome new episode guys! Loved the joke in the beginning with Nick finding the uprotected wireless, Ive done that before with my iPod touch lol. Also major props to Jace for reworking the intro music sounds even more awesome than the first time. Any chance you guys will do some outtakes for the show after a few episodes have gone by?

  10. Aaron Clark

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot guys, it’s getting back to the same feel and level of humor as the original, which I’m really pleased to see.

    The re-shot elements are much smoother this episode around, and in some instances worked better with the added embellishment.

    The second ad that Nick delivered is a little weird. On one hand, its better than breaking from the episode for a commercial break, but on the other it feels awkward and I imagine some would look at it as gratuitous product placement. Definitely an interesting experiment, which I encourage.

    Good work guys, I’m glad to see it’s starting to come together.

  11. SargentPikachu

    “Nate, can you come out here and answer a few more calls?”
    “Can’t. Pooping. Playing Peggle.”

    Great and funny episode, as always. I like the new jokes and fine with the old ones. I also like the new intro music more than the old one.

    I’m sortta fine with the product placement, though if the URL to the Netflix offer wasn’t put on a pop-up bar in the video, it would have been a bit more…natural.

  12. gordx

    What about a Billy Mays-esque pitch for netflix by one of you guys? You could have some fun with it rather than it being somewhat forced.

  13. pl4y3r_rul3z

    [quote comment=”17387″]
    2. The second thing is the netflix advertising. Was it part of the deal to have Nate advertise it in the movie ? I understand and can bear the adverts in that interrupt the episode, but I can’t understand why would you need to include them in the episode.[/quote]

    I gotta admit, that in-episode Netflix ad really made me mad. I’m a very anti-commercial kind of guy, though. I hate to say it, but I very well might stop watching if those kinds of commercials keep coming. Otherwise, great episode. And I agree with gordx: A Billy Mays Netflix commercial would be hilarious.

  14. rgarrow92

    Not sure if you can answer this but do you get money if we just go to the link or do we need to do the free trial for you to do anything. cuz I wouldn’t mind spamming the link a few times to help you guys out

  15. Eddy

    Appreciate the feedback, guys. Aaron, glad that you feel like this episode starts to move the humor back to the first series we did last year. Judging from the newest cuts of upcoming episodes, it’s going to get even better.

  16. Pwezem

    Ohh Gawd,
    The Alex’s “Half Birthday” scene made my Lawl and Baaw at the same time!

    Fantastic episode, i can really see this looking up!
    Also, as most peeps are saying, the Advertisment made me bust a lil’ nut.

    I want to be a part of your world, Nick…

  17. TheHiddenOne

    I thought this was a good episode. Definitely seeing improvement from last week. Some of the newer jokes you’ve added are hilarious, and I can’t wait to see what other jokes you guys have coming.

    I think the only downside, (which was mentioned I think) was the ad during the episode itself. I know you guys have to have the ad in, and you guys are experimenting with it, but it felt very out of place.

    But overall, it was very good. This new version of the series is probably going to be one of the few big things I look forward to on Wednesdays.

  18. Dustin

    The difference between the advertisement and product placement was that it was less interesting to hear the Netflix one. The Bobby King one is a bit more entertaining to listen to than the Netflix one. Somehow incorporating some more humor into the ads, if they’re product placements, would make them a lot more bearable.

    Other than that, this episode was superb. I think I liked the old “You should play this video game” joke more the last time, but the “Quitter” joke was much more well-done. The new jokes had me laughing quite a bit.

    Really looking forward to the next episode!

  19. Chopper

    LOL that was so funny!!
    Didnt here any UNICORN lol one of the best one liners

    Cant wait for the next episode!!

  20. Sudrien

    Some things:

    1. The “www.” does not seem to be important. It would seem. Or, their techs are being lazy AND hiding it. Which would be impressive.

    2. 3AM Diane is… well kempt.

    I have no ore either. No third thing.

  21. glebe

    I gotta say, this episode was great.
    “Unless its ore, i dont want it!”
    I wish Ray said some funnier things though.Most of his jokes branch from what other characters set up.
    Also, that Webcam with Nate on the other end made me cry it was so funny.

  22. JoeyDude

    this episode is already showing improvement on the show i personaly like it, especialy the webcam joke “This Guy” being nate was priceless lmao, yea the in episode ad was a little disturbing, im behind you guys 100% and i already read most of the comments and the explainations for that so no worries, but yea waiting for a joke from nate receiving a call then hearing an ad was not something i waited for lol thats cool tho the episode was nice keep it up

  23. RGamesINC

    The episodes are coming along great, guys. I think I like these new episodes better than the originals.

    On the topic of the product placement, it did feel weird to me, but I think you can pull it off in other episodes if you were to really play it up like a really obvious product placement and cheesy it up to also make it seem like a joke. It might not fit well with the show, but the in-show advertisements done really feel right anyway, so it’s worth a try I would think.

    I like how Nate feels like a combination of Leeroy and Chet, having the party man’s mentality while still being a total geek. Which is weird, since Chet and Leeroy were always kind of completely contrasting characters with very little simularities.

    Also I laughed when Nate said he stepped on a syringe.

  24. Simon

    Ah HA!!!! You got a little mistake guys, when Nate got off from his computer and says beer time, he didn’t take off the ear phone!!!!!!(he was not talking on the phone..) Well… but this episode is still cool, its so funny on the GTA4 part. Mr.Eddy can i ask u something? Are u dub for anyone in TLW???

  25. ludichris

    this episode was great although i posted a late comment that no ones gonna read. Oh im loving the new intro music, by the way Daniel looks coolest in glasses =)

    The advertising stuff is kinda annoying, but if u have to put them in so u can make more web zeros then who cares.

  26. theshuggie

    With the advertising, I don’t think anyone would care as much if you made a joke out of it, like the 5 dollar footlong product placement in Chuck. Try to make it feel less like an ad, and more like an allusion.

  27. mooman

    Great episode keep up the awesome work. My only suggestion would be to have netflix cases lying in some on the apartments, and maybe have a side plot where someone is addicted(or something) from ordering movies.

  28. Corsair

    Good episode. Felt smoother than first.

    One thing about the netflix bit …would a better option be just to have the ad at the bottom at certain intervals? i.e. just showing the as you did but without having to make it directly reference in the episode?

    Also …I don’t actually mind the “ad’s”. They are short, done pretty well, and are a little humourous. I would prefer an ad rather than in scene conversation about netflix.

  29. Goldeneye1989

    Very cool episode

    now i know you guys have to have the advertising in and i know you guys are working on it and i didn;t mind the second ad break thing, but try making it a little shorter or less aparent … that was about as subtle as a screaming freight train on fire… although im sure you guys could work though it good luck congratulations on it and keep it up

    p.s. im not sure if i have said it but congratulations on the loss eddy

  30. The Amazing Chris

    I won’t lie. Ever since I first saw the original Web Zeroes series, I’ve loved it. Even more so than TLW. So, when you made your huge-ass announcement, I literally hit the roof.

    This series rocks. Period. Episodes like this are yet more proof. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

    P.S. I don’t mind the commercial breaks, they actually give a nice break from all the DRAMA. =P I’m not a fan of the actual speech in the middle, so if you could swing it, I’d prefer a second break. Just my two cents.

  31. Fazer

    I can’t watch the videos on your site since the last episode of Web Zeroes. I see you’re using some new service for it (Revision 3?). I click on the video, a “loading” animation appears, but it doesn’t download anything.

    I was able to watch the last episode (WB Ep1) only by going to Revision 3 website and downloading MP4 file to my disk, but this method is uncomfortable. Can you please fix it? For instance, by using YouTube instead? Thanks in advance.

  32. Fazer

    I forgot to add – I’m using Firefox 3.5.3 on Windows XP SP3 and I’ve just reinstalled Adobe Flash Player v10.0.32.18. It didn’t help.

  33. Fazer

    I’ve just downloaded the episode as WMV and the gags are much better than the previous one (maybe because I already watched the ones in Ep1 in the pre-Revision3 Web Zeroes or maybe because they were longer). One thing I didn’t like were the invasive advertisements – I understand you have to do them, but why would I want to watch something about Netflix if it is not available outside of USA? I can guarantee you have many fans in Europe, just like me (Poland).

  34. RGamesINC

    To be honest, I really find the Revision3 thing to be kind of a pain, because it seems to take forever and a half to buffer only a couple seconds compared to other things like youtube or what have you. But I will refrain from watching your videos on anything but Revision3 as to keep up the video hits and hopefully in the process help be one of the many fans keeping the videos popular and thus profitable.

    My life and honor for the USS Smoothfew 🙂

  35. bluejeans6

    was that a dark side of the moon background i seen in the tech yeti’s place? nice episode, been sticking with you since the olden days of yore, keep it up guys

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