A Dose of Nostalgia

While we had some good times working on TLW, we have all moved past it, and are happy with what we produced. Since it’s so far in our rear view mirrors at this point, there is nothing that really makes us miss The Leet World. Except maybe this.

The trailer was cut by Daniel Sheehan, who we’ve linked to before for another sweet trailer he made during Season 2. Apparently, he used four clips from every. single. episode. Pretty impressive. Give the dude some love.

11 thoughts on “A Dose of Nostalgia

  1. - Anonymous -

    Same here

    This is really cool. I love to see new TLW stuff…even if it’s just a trailer… πŸ™

  2. CardBoardBox

    Ha, it really is nostalgic πŸ˜› Makes me wanna rewatch the entire series for the uhh…. how many times…. Well whatevs, The LeetWorld is awesome, and so was this trailer.

  3. theodoh

    This was way awesome. I’m digging the COD music in the beginning, and for that matter the music throughout XD
    I hate to say this, but i almost miss the stress of waiting for the next leet world to some out…Web Zeroes creates a much different sensation.
    And to finish….i must agree w/ captain canada.

  4. Arctic Avenger

    @Simon – Now now. We can’t have people see how it’s out there in the Free World. They might get ideas.

  5. kaze75

    p.s. I had to watch all of leetworld over again just to feel right after watching this trailer!

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