Maybe We Steal

Maybe I Steal?Web Zeroes Season 2 is debuting this upcoming Wednesday, March 24th, which I’m hoping you guys have gathered courtesy of the last couple of blog posts. The first episode picks up a bit after the finale of Season 1, showing some of the aftermath of that episode’s zaniness. And it only gets weirder from there.

As I’ve said a million times, we can’t wait for this debut. I think all around, we learned a lot from last season, and really started to hit our stride in the second half. I’d like to think we’re not only picking up the story where we left it off, but the pace and tone of the show as well. Also, I love the look of the new camera. Kind of sweet. Hopefully all of you will agree.

This blog post’s title is borrowed from one of our favorite Leet World quotes, which is something that I’ve been thinking about ever since this awesome trailer that we linked last week. While it may seem a bit vain of us, we are quite fond of quoting our own material. I’m guessing that some of the stuff we like to joke around about differs from some of the things you guys do, so I thought I’d find out.

There are plenty more to add to this list at a later date, but here are some of our favorite quotes/moments…

“Mebby I Steal” – TLW Season 1, Ep 9
Episode 9 was written by our good man Jeff James, who has also written a few other episodes of our goofy shows. Daniel, Nick and I added the bit of Player trying to steal the snowman’s hat while we were shooting it, and “mebby I steal” became a regular quote amongst all of us. For some reason it was hilarious to us because we imagined Player saying it so shiftily to himself.

“Peeing is nice” – TLW Season 1, Ep 8
Daniel loves to quote Ahmad and Cortez’s awkward bathroom conversation for epic lulz. Seriously, he does this all the time.

“How make man Leet World?” – Fan question on YouTube
Not from anything we’ve done, but still hilarious in its own way. I know the guy probably doesn’t speak English, but we all ask each other this question about random things now. Like sandwiches and movies.

Bad East European accents – Web Zeroes, Ep 2
Alex’s slew of movie quotes in the Niko Bellic voice gave rise to an inside joke that has morphed like crazy over the last few months. It turned into us quoting movies all the time in this ridiculous voice, and now results in Daniel saying in a Russian accent that in his home country, he is “very premium” at things he is good at. It is probably not that funny to anyone else but us.

So what about you guys? What are some of your favorite quotes from Leet World, Web Zeroes, or some of our shorts?

29 thoughts on “Maybe We Steal

  1. Dave

    Great Post. Reminds me of loughs that me and my friends use to have…

    Good Times…

    (Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes)

  2. kaze75

    Okay well me and my friends are HUGE leetworld buffs so we use a lot. “Pinche jue” can’t spell that worth 1 damn, “bitch got served” “racist devil son of bitch” the whole rape eyes scene is acted out on a near daily bases between us also player has a great ass xD

  3. rane0

    Though I don’t do exact quotes very often, I sometimes lapse into a Cortez impression while beating my friends in shooters.

    Web Zeroes is the most quoted lately and we even have a soundboard for our skype calls. “Unicorn” is a personal favorite.

  4. captain canada

    Ellis- “I mean it would be alright to be famous, I guess. I mean I’d buy all kinds of cool s***: trinkets, doodads…”
    Montrose- “Farm Animals for experimentations?”
    Ellis- “Look bo, I know where you sleep – I will pee in your bed!”

  5. justin

    Outtakes – Nick stomping on the ground and yelling “SHIT!”
    Outtakes – Chet – “Yeah! I’m the best bro. I’m THE BEST AT CLOSING DOORS!”

  6. Arctic Avenger

    OH OH

    “A dead man will not give me ansers. But a man under extreme pain, will tell me ALL his secrets.” From the Sesson 2 Teaser. πŸ˜€

  7. L33tm4n

    Westheimer: player I know you’re excited about these radio commands
    Player: Affirmative
    Westheimer: So the first round we’ll…
    Player: Negative
    Leeroy: OMG he’s such a noob
    Player: negative
    Chet: Real talk dude, you’ve gotta cut that out…

    Player:… Negative

    Just that whole exchange was awesome

  8. Stefanus Lie

    Man, I have been away for too long from this awesome website. Glad that I back for web zeroes, looking forward for season 2!

    I guess my favorite is

    “Cortez, this is madness!”

  9. RGamesINC

    My friends and I have gotten a lot of inside jokes out of Leet World. I’ll list off a couple too:

    Whenever we quote somebody any want to make them sound stupid or naive, we always say it in an Ahmad voice. We’ve gotten pretty good at it over time too, and whenever somebody uses that voice now we know what it means.

    Whenever something suprises us now we’ll probably shout “WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK?” the way that Chet did at the end of S1E5. It’s always good for a couple laughs.

    The only player thing that we quote alot, coincidentally, is the “mebby i steal?” quote mentioned in the blog post. The idea of him saying it to himself all sly made us laugh so much the first time that we watched it that now we’re just pretty much “mebby i [x]” where [x] can be anything. Playing Halo? Mebby I camp with maulers… Making a sandwich? Mebby I use crunchy peanut butter… Hit a boring part in a movie? Mebby I skip ahead…

    Also I’ve taken a liking to shouting “I’M PUTTING YOU UNDER ARREST” in Westheimer’s voice when playing games with my friends, usually to comedic effect since I’ll just stand there not shooting and get killed, causing me to simply say “…Oh.” I happily sacrifice my score for the sake of comedy.

  10. GameMaster902

    Ellis: “Hey guys there’s some f****** up sh** going on outside!”

    Producer: “No, stay in the cabin. Do not go outside and look at the f***** up sh**.”

  11. SargentPikachu

    “Do not listen to Ellis. Do not go look at the fucked up shit.” (or something like that)

    “We use prize money to buy own country.”
    “And vodka!”

  12. Headcrab Eater

    YAH! more webzeroes can’t wait!!

    fav quote from leet world: “Do not go look at the fucked up shit” by the Producer.


  13. playersbro

    Oh god, there are so many favorites for me. from S1E3, in the beginning when Player tries to blow up Chet with the fake bomb, and a little later on he says: “WTF!! Y CHET NO DIE!!”, i use that as an inside joke with a couple of my friends when we play MW2 or any other fps. Another one, the ender to S1E5, Westheimer says, “Everyone I like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Ahmad.” Chet from the background, “What the FUUUUUCK!”. That was a definite lulz moment. There’s two more I’ll quote for now from S1E4. As the standoff between Ellis, Cortez, and Westheimer ends and he reloads, Ahmad comes out of nowhere and kills him, then he says, “Holy Shit!”, could not stop laughing at that moment. Then when Leeroy gets the win for the second round and kills Ellis with the nade and he goes to the death room, everyone in screams, “Oooowned!” and Ellis says, “That’s bullshit, you can all go eat a bag of dicks.” me and my friend use that as an inside joke a lot

  14. leetmaster22

    “OK, on a scale of one to ten how f****d up was that s**t??”


    “Totally agreed.”

  15. Dasutin

    All of my favorites come from your outtakes. I use them in everyday conversation, and it confuses the crap out of people.
    “Are yuu chure abot dat?”
    “Too fast, too fast, too furious, too furious”
    “Hey Norm, if the moon were made of spare ribs, would’ja have some?!”
    “I WILL SMACK YOU IN YOUR MOUTH CHET, I WILL SMACK IN YOUR MOUTH! Wind blows North from me, I go North!”

  16. pl4y3r_rul3z

    Dios mio caiete(?), I’m trying to piss!
    Bitch got served!
    Why don’t you go eat a bag of dicks?
    Why don’t you go eat a dick-sandwich?

    Best quotes ever.

  17. Ideealer

    When Player is activated and runs around trying to kill the others.
    Ellis: He can’t see us if we don’t move!
    Montrose: Really…are you gonna pull that tactic out again?
    Chet: Is that coming from the house?
    Montrise: Fiddelstiiiiiiiick!
    Westheimer: Guess so.
    where did you go I’m not finished with you…Aha!
    Let’s go make mud angels!
    I think I just trowed up in my mask, it’s gonna smell like vodka for a week.
    My poor old heart can’t take anymore of these twists!
    This is awsome! Look at all the cool colors.
    Epic Lines πŸ˜€

  18. Tilted_Logic

    “GameMaster902 said:
    Ellis: β€œHey guys there’s some f****** up sh** going on outside!”

    Producer: β€œNo, stay in the cabin. Do not go outside and look at the f***** up sh**.””

    LOL I forgot how awesome those lines were. This series had so many great quotes.

  19. DaPurpleSharpie

    Leet World: The Trailer

    ” What’ll you bring to the show? ”
    ” I will bring domination! ”
    ” DOMINATION!!! ”

    The Leet World, Special YouTube Message

    ” It sickens me when you little bitches whine about– ”
    ” Whoa! Go on the breaks there buddy! ”
    ” Burn in El Fuego! ”
    ” Since Cortez is either too blind or too stupid to read the cue cards, I’ll do it for him. ”


  20. DaPurpleSharpie

    [quote comment=”17895″]Outtakes – Nick stomping on the ground and yelling “SHIT!”
    Outtakes – Chet – “Yeah! I’m the best bro. I’m THE BEST AT CLOSING DOORS!”[/quote]

    Who uploaded the outtakes? I’ve heard them, and they’re “high”larious, but I still don’t know who made them.

    Epic tease, much?

  21. RhEmYx

    The Leet World..One of my friends tell me about The Leet World and when I see the first episode I loved it.Good job “dudes”..Respect all of you

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