Making the Band

TechstrogenIt’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for a new episode of Web Zeroes. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke this time, we promise.

Episode 16 of our goofy series, Techstrogen, is now available to be viewed and/or torn apart by all of you swell folks. In this episode, the guys attempt to make a show starring with their new hire, Amy. Also, Alex skips work.

I’m a really big fan of this episode. I know I’m supposed to say that about everything we do, but there are always some things that tend to grab me more than others, and this episode does it for me. In addition to introducing several new characters, it also has some of Jace’s best work in terms of the music. But I guess I should stop talking and let you be the judge. You judgers.

Hit the jump and judge away.

As always, you can visit Revision3 to download other versions of the video.


17 thoughts on “Making the Band

  1. Headcrab Eater

    Ahahaha you guys are so awesome!!! One of my favourite episodes so far! 🙂

  2. hypnotek

    “I’d never put my wife on the internet”

    Course you wouldn’t Eddy, of course you wouldn’t.

  3. RGamesINC

    I’ve always had somewhat of a tin ear when it came to soundtracks. Usually I’d think that Damndangerous’s stuff was cool, but my attention was always focused on absolutely everything else. In this episode, the music helped with the mood so much I have to say that this is one of the best episodes for soundtrack ever. Seriously. The entire episode was a delicious piece of pie, and this time the music wasn’t just cool, it felt like part of the delicious pie.

  4. Goldeneye1989

    Ive got to say that was the best laugh i have had in a while from one joke

    She had really *hand gesture*

  5. koach2

    WTFUCK it took me like 1/2 hour to load it…. FUKIN LAG!!!!

    still nice episode… specially the pizza delivery thing and the candy loot part

  6. DaPurpleSharpie

    ” Amys really coool! ”
    ” Yeah I know. That’s kinda why we picked her. ”

    Wait. Nate didn’t say DIANE!! OMG! Diane vs Amy!! Battle to the death with the prize being….Nate?

  7. awkook

    Oh my god! That ending was too good! Also a great episode! My prediction in later episodes is Dianne is going to be jealous of Amy. Just seems that way.

  8. Pfhortipfhy

    Alright, so like many a-user, I got disillusioned after TLW ended. I didn’t follow you guys for a while; I felt like I didn’t like Web Zeroes as much. I watched an episode of WZ the other day, and found that I genuinely liked it. After some soul searching, I found that it was me who was pissed off about TLW, not so much the quality of WZ, that led me astray. I’m just now realizing my folly.

    This is damn fine stuff, and consistently so. You guys are hilarious, unique, and incredible at what you do. I look forward with anticipation onto your future works with the same amount of emotion that I have when I look back in fondness at your past. I’m ĂĽber-glad that you got with Rev-3, because otherwise my favorite film producers (or whatever the damn technical term is) of all time wouldn’t be around.

    That’d be just a crime.

  9. Cooldude21345679

    Same after TLW Ended i was sad but when i saw that Smoothfewfilms had made The day in the life of a turret i was shocked and i discovered TLW. By looking up Podcasts and i got hooked into it watching it over and over again day and night. now that web zeros started i really was hooked into the same way that i was with TLW Continue the great work guys!

    P.S.S is this the end of “Hey Diane”

  10. Tophermen

    Strong beginning, middle, and hilarious ending.

    “I’m not putting my wife on the internet…”
    Too late for that.

  11. SargentPikachu

    That was one of the funniest endings I’ve seen. It just completes the episode. And I also agree that motion smoothing is good on games, but it just looks terrible on movies! Makes them look artificial in some way.

    R.I.P. “Hi Diane!” quote. We will miss you forever.

  12. glebe

    It’ll just be “Hi Amy!” now. Not very different. This season is getting better and better with each installment. Way to go, guys.

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