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Making the Band

TechstrogenIt’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for a new episode of Web Zeroes. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke this time, we promise.

Episode 16 of our goofy series, Techstrogen, is now available to be viewed and/or torn apart by all of you swell folks. In this episode, the guys attempt to make a show starring with their new hire, Amy. Also, Alex skips work.

I’m a really big fan of this episode. I know I’m supposed to say that about everything we do, but there are always some things that tend to grab me more than others, and this episode does it for me. In addition to introducing several new characters, it also has some of Jace’s best work in terms of the music. But I guess I should stop talking and let you be the judge. You judgers.

Hit the jump and judge away.
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The Road to Austin

Here is Episode 13 of Web Zeroes, the Season Finale. We do hope you guys enjoy it. It’s definitely a great feeling to be done with yet another season of a Web series we made, the third in just 2 years of doing this. A bit insane, really.

In this episode, the guys attempt to stop Ray from going to his job interview in Austin. There’s some RPG talk, a repeat appearance from a hobo, and a special cameo from the good dudes over at RoosterTeeth. Special thanks to them for taking the time to appear in our silly Web show.

Big props to Jace for this week’s music. I love the RPG feel of a lot of it. There are places that even remind me of Final Fantasy 7, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. Also, a huge thanks to all of our friends who helped us out over the season, and for Alex and Chuck, our sound and camera dudes who gave up their weekends for nothing in return.

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The Turkey Day Short

thanksgivingWell, it’s Wednesday, and even though it’s Thanksgiving week for us, we still brought you some good old Web Zeroes content in the form of Episode 8, Happy Pottermas. I say old because many of you dudes have already seen it as part of the original run of Web Zeroes from the ancient days of 2008.

Because of the way Revision3’s release system works, however, we had to refer to this short as Episode 8, but it’s not a true episode in that sense. Either way, I hope you guys find some good humor in it, even though you’ve seen it. If nothing else, you can marvel at Nick’s short mane.

For now, hit the jump to see the video!
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