Law and Nerder

Law and OrderWe now proudly bring you the newest episode of Web Zeroes, Episode 19, Street Justice. It is just a tad bueno, if I do say so myself. It also marks the halfway point of the season, so we’re taking a 2 week break from releasing episodes to get caught up and take a slight breather.

In this episode, we see the dudes undergoing an investigation into the mystery of who’s been secretly using their credit card. You’ll quickly note that it’s a slight departure from our normal style. As many of you know, we first envisioned Leet World as a Law and Order spoof. While that never quite panned out, it’s an idea we kept in our back pocket and finally decided to unleash this season in WZ. Add in a little bit of CSI, a hobo, and some awesome music from Jace Ford, and you have a fun combo. I think you’ll especially like the intro.

Anyway, now that I’ve sufficiently built you up for disappointment, you should go ahead and hit the jump to see the episode. Go ahead. Jump. Like they do in Battlestar Galactica.

Head on over to Revision3 if you want to take this episode with you everywhere you go or just watch it til you’re sick of it on your computer.

Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Law and Nerder

  1. Michael Denton

    … Making up new bad guys, eh?
    This ‘Revision3’ sounds so uber ebil. Season 2 is definitely lifted off now 😛

  2. Warrcalypse

    spicin up! gr8 job guys………i have 1 question ..will you guys make shorts and mebby web zeroes or TLW holiday specials….outtakes?

  3. Enraged

    Mixed feelings on this episode. Some absolutely hilarious jokes and the intro was a cool suprise, but while the camera angles seem to have been better, the picture quality and colors seem to have been lower. (Yes, I was running at the best resolution.) My only major problem was the ending. Breaking the fourth wall is always a risky bussiness, especially when crossing from the, ‘Just interacting with our universe,’ i.e, flickchart, twitter, etc, to more directly related to the actual show. If you want a comparison, think of Stan Lee appearing in all the Marvel films. They last seconds at the most and are entertaining, but if stretched out too long it would actually have negative consequences. That’s where you look like you’re heading at the moment, but for the meantime I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since everything up until now has been basically perfect. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. unknown

    Now i get it. This web show is about them being here right now and how they started their webshow. Good Idea SmoothFewFilms.

  5. - Anonymous -

    OMG my fav episode yet. Loved the intro specially and also the entire format of the ep. Best one yet. IMO

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