Hobo SoupWell, it’s a tad later than normal, but Episode 18 of Web Zeroes, Hobo Day, is up and available for your scrutiny and Molotov cocktails. No, it is not about overgrown Hobo Spiders, but boy do I wish that were true.

In this episode, the dudes get themselves an intern in the form of Kegger AKA the Hobo AKA Vincent Merriweather III, Esq. He, of course, is a hard working and very creative individual that will no doubt help them in their endeavors to do something meaningful and worthwhile on the Internet. Why would anyone think any differently?

Anyway, time for the weekly shout-out: this episode was written yet again by our Webmaster, JJ, so send praises in his general direction after you have watched and partaken in lulz. Also, if you hate it, blame him. Or Daniel.

To watch the ep, just hit the jump. You don’t have to, but you want to. Right?

As always, hit up Revision3 if you are desperately wanting a more permanent version of this. And by permanent I mean digital and invisible.

Spread the word about our show, and enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Hobowned

  1. Pfhortipfhy

    Well done. The Castlevania run at the beginning had me chuckling, but something keeps bothering me about Kegger.

    Do you guys ever wonder if your work might be reinforcing negative stereotypes about the homeless? I do not mean to be offensive or confrontational; its an honest question, but I would understand if you feel that this is not the right place for it.

  2. Waterypyro45

    Dude it was totally Nate how else did he get the TV and the couch plus those tickets.He prob bought whataburger for Kegger as a task to do.

  3. - Anonymous -

    yo I lurved the ep.

    BTW the guy that made TLW fan made trailer 2/a dose of nostalgia, made a web zeroes trailer and I think it’s pretty cool. Guys should post it.

    Can’t wait till next.

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