Rebels in the System

HothWe now present to you Episode 23 of Web Zeroes, Strike Force. This episode features the rapidly progressing story of Alex’s job woes, along with the Techstrogen side of things, where Bobby King and the Hobo have figured out just how much power they have over the show. Naturally, they go batpoop insane about this, as they are wont to do.

There are just 2 more episodes to the season, and we are eager to be done with them. Both for the work involved, but also with some of the gags planned, particularly for the finale. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a snag in production, so we will be taking the next two weeks off to get those wrapped up and delivered back-to-back. I know it stinks, but we just couldn’t stay on target the way we wanted to. Like Luke did.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of this newest episode. Having the scenes at Alex’s work make for a nice break from the normal zaniness of the trio, and have added a nice new dynamic to the season I feel like. This episode and and the next were another pair written by the totally rad Jeff James, so give props to him. Also, Jace’s work is stellar yet again. He always manages to surprise me, and hearing how his style has grown since The Leet World is pretty cool.

Anyways, hit the jump to see the episode!

As always, visit Revision3 to get a downloadable version of the episode.

In other news, also check out our newest GamerSushi feature, where we talk about the Multiplayer Map Hall of Fame. I’ve also got a new post on my blog about how everyone is truly a nerd at heart.

6 thoughts on “Rebels in the System

  1. Tuoppo

    I think its the first time im saying this, but this is the time when i can let go of leetworld and believe that other series you do can be just as good.

  2. MarcusChief

    Yet another great episode, sad to see the season ending pretty soon. Can’t wait for what you guys have planned in the future.

  3. Krekers

    Awsome work guys as allways. Me and my friends loved TLW so mutch we wanted to make a css clas ,,The Leet World” You guys made THW i havw to ask a question can we make than clan?

  4. Krekers

    And did the home said when filming techstogen : Whats whit all those Latvian kids whit pokemon names? Well i am latvian sorry for the many comments

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