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As I said last week, there will be no new episodes of Web Zeroes this week or next week. We’re trying to get everything together so we can release the last two episodes of the season back to back. This thing has truly been a grind this season, and… ah, screw it, just blame Nick’s beard. That’s usually what I do in situations like this, and I’ve found it works for me.

However, in the absence of a good and proper new Web Zeroes episode, I’ll be releasing another post concerning some more Lost TLW Factoids, including the whole deal with Ahmad’s chip as well as some other lesser known gems. I think any Leet World fans out there will want to come take a look at it for sure.

Last week, I posted a cool fan video that re-created The Office intro with Web Zeroes clips. This week, I bring another similar treat in the form of the Law and Order intro re-made with Web Zeroes. This was a big hit with us during filming over the weekend, and we stopped shooting just to watch it once we saw that it was out. Much thanks. Stuff like this that you fans do is such a treat for us. The idea that anyone would spend time paying tribute to something I work on still baffles me.

In other news, this is E3 week, and we are covering it over on GamerSushi, so you should check it out. Nick has been tweeting the press conferences from the GamerSushi account, and it’s an absolute riot. In addition, we’ve recapped the Microsoft press conference, as well as the Sony and Nintendo conferences. The Sony one includes some Portal 2 information. Head on over to the site and join the community, it’s a great place.

What are you guys looking forward to from E3? Left4Dead 3? Lol j/k.

One thought on “Heads Up Displays

  1. Mr. Web

    E3 was great, I watched the press conferences live on GT. Nintendo screwed things up but Nintendo 3Ds is very interesting. It allows you to play games in 3D without any glasses. Pretty impressive. What else?…. Oh, I watched that Portal 2 surprise live as well. I have to say I got into a total shock when I heard Glados’s voice. 😀 “Stand by… for an important announcement… from the Aperture Science Emergency Surprise System. Deploying Surprise in 3…2…1…”

    Kinect’s shows were really cool. Oh and when talking about Kinect… I think it can be used to record some body animations and put them into game. If developers make some tools for it, would you guys use it to make machinima again? Start G.R.I.E.F. maybe? It would be great.

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