One Year Later

Well, it passed. Leet World ended just a little over a year ago. A nutty show, and a nutty ride. You guys are nuts, too.

I’d write a big thing about my thoughts about the year since, but I’d rather hear more of what you guys think. What are some of the highlights and lowlights of you for TLW? I’ve got a few of my own.

Highlights: Mendoza’s arc. Both season finales. The “can of worms / Council of Elrond” episode, S2E11, where most of the mysteries were spilled (still feel like we pulled that off decently). S1E7, because I feel like it was the first episode where we “got it” and the formula and quality for all subsequent episodes clicked.

Lowlights: I know a lot of people will boo me for this, but S1E1. The fact that we introduced Mendoza so late. Probably the only true “filler” episode we did, S1E6. The faceposing in Season 1. Not having the time to utilize the comrades/SWAT Bras more fully.

Go ahead and share yours.

In other news, we’ve been told from a Canadian friend that Day in the Life of a Turret was shown/referenced on TV there. While we’re unsure of the network (though it might have been G4), it seems the context wasn’t entirely positive. Still, we’re curious if anyone saw this?

Also, if you were planning on checking out Daniel’s panel appearance on Rooster Teeth’s Best of Machinima Panel this weekend at Fantastic Fest, that has been officially moved to Sunday at 2:30 PM. This is a bummer for me, because I was going to drive down for it on Saturday, but now I can’t. Sad. Face.

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  1. - Anonymous -

    Already a year…wow.

    Highlights:dust 2 dust, wrong side, attack of teh noob, both finales, fight nubs, tempest, wake me up, deaths dungeon….basically the ones with the most story development and action 😛
    Cortez, Player, Chet, Ellis, Leeroy, Ahmad, Mendoza.
    Loved the voice acting. The overall story was amazing

    Lowlights: Montrose (not enough of him in the story), faceposing in S1….cant really think of much else. Oh. Its been a year 🙁

    I happened to see on G4 )not the full video but parts) of the day in the life of a turret. It was a repeat so i dunno.

    Thx for the update.. laterz braa

  2. starkill

    A HUUUGE highlight of mine was the cliffhanger with Dr.Soun ( i guess that’s how you spell it) talking about the prototype, me and my friends were so tense for the second season to start. And my one Lowlight (sorry guys) was the very very end of the Series Finale, with the stuff about Ahmad being alive for ever and the sappy jokes made. But never the less it was a great show and a great series!

  3. Viconaz

    “In other news, we’ve been told from a Canadian friend that Day in the Life of a Turret was shown/referenced on TV there. While we’re unsure of the network (though it might have been G4)”
    Yeah i saw this like a year or two ago on G4’s The Lab With Leo when they were talking about machinima, and they showed the video and were sayin that it was little kids who did this (prolly because of the voices)if i remember correctly, idk about episode or season but im pretty sure it was either The Lab With Leo Laporte or Call for Help.

  4. aiknx999

    Highlights for me was the ending of S1 (epic stuff), beginning of S2 (its just impossible to make a better introduction to new season than S2E1), second challenge in S2 (episodes with rainy night, i love how it ended) and then the rest of the season (wake me up before you go especially) until the very ending of E13…
    And here the lowlights start- S2E14 was a disaster. Because of your lack of time you’ve pulled of everything in the easiest way- Producer is dead, Ahmad is live again because of a “glitched deathroom”, Player is backuped and in the end everyone makes those stupid jokes. When I saw a new that you’re might creating TLW movie I thought that in S2 finale Ahmad will remain dead, Producer somehow slips away, Player arrested/killed and in the movie remaining heroes will try to hunt down Producer and avenge for fallen friends. I believe most of us thought that this will end something like that…
    Last lowlight for me is lack of epic Player jokes in S2, but thats kinda ok

  5. rac91790

    I particularly enjoyed Ahmad and the Producer’s plot arcs. I also really liked how Asher fit in and manipulated everything in a logical way to keep the plot moving without things turning ridiculous.

    In relation to what I enjoyed, I most enjoyed that you could keep the show fresh, with new twists, turns, and developments, all the while managing to make everything ‘fit.’ For instance, even in a lot of movies today, people do things to advance the plot and break character for just a short time. It might be a sentence, or action, or idea, but it just doesn’t really quite seem to flow.

    In the Leet World though, everyone manages to fill their archetypes and the plot keeps moving. Ahmad saving the day from Asher, for instance was a big plus in my book. Leeroy siding with the Terrorists and his experiments. Westheimer’s slipping control over his team as he has to deal with the facts that he’s on the wrong side.

    All in all, I thought it was a really fantastic series. Were there mistakes? Yeah, some face poser issues, some beginning season episode ideas, but you know what? A lot of that’s technical, and once you dug in a little deeper, you guys found a gold mine of untapped ideas that you brought out for us.

    Thanks for all of them. Leet World, Yeeaaahhh. Leet World!

  6. Eddy


    You pretty much nailed on all the plot things we tweaked to end the series on a high note, rather than the awesome cliffhangers S2 was designed to end on. Still though, I think it’s a tad unfair to label it a disaster. I thought it had a few of the series’ best moments, awesome music and managed to give each character their due. Finales are tricky things and while it wasn’t the one we hoped to do, I still feel like we stuck the landing as best we could given our situation. We were pulling 30-40 hour weeks back then on WZ/TLW in addition to our jobs and worried we wouldn’t have time to even do the finale at one point.

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Funny that all of us pretty much have the same high and lowlights. I forgot to include the “Producer has been dead for five years” ending in the 2nd challenge of 2. Loved that moment.

  7. Constantine

    S1E13 – The “Flaw and Disorder” episode, as you guys called it, was one I loved. Mendoza and Mr. Domination’s conversation, Cortez explaining the Ocho Muertos to Westy, and the ending all set up the season finale perfectly.
    The S1 story in hindsight – Daniel’s short movie about S1 leading up to the season finale struck me as awesome. That’s all I have to say about that.
    S2E7 – The ending was, in my opinion, the best cliffhanger in TLW and among the best in recent storytelling. Also, the “bitchz dun know bout my beadshotz” scene.
    S2E10 – I have a story about this one – I left for a vacation to a place with no internet on a monday. I remember that it was the wednesday two days later that S2E10 came out. When I finally got to watch it, it was 3 in the morning, in an NYC airport, with crappy res. on my itouch. But Ahmad’s and Asher’s fight was probably my number #1 scene in TLW. Jace’s music there helped quite a bit (the theme from the fight outside is some of the most epic music I’ve ever heard).
    S2E13 – Once again, the ending was my favorite part, what with “Give ’em hell soldier, try to come back in one piece” and the third lifeline made it pretty awesome.
    The first half of S2E14 – Epic fight, epic music, and a great end (player’s “I learned father”).
    The Christmas specials: I don’t know, these were just that special blend of relevant and Roflicious.

    The opening of S2 – I’m not sure, I just found this part (i consider it Eps 1 and 2) a little less than funny or dramatic. Cortez’s burns of Westy at the end of E2 was the exception to the rule, though.
    The second half of S2E14 – I’m pretty sure that this has been covered. Once again, the rap edition of TLW theme at the end was an exception.

  8. Dunnerski

    High Lights:
    When Player went boom. I almost Cried at the epicness
    When Ahmad Died, epic speech by Cortez, almost cried again.
    Cooking with Player!
    The office getting set on fire.
    Chets line after the office was ablaze.

    Low lights:

    The Ending. A little anti-climatic IMO.
    “K THX BAI” Funny, but not the epic ending I was anticipating SFF could produce.

    Season 2 Finale song: “Leet worlds dead motha fuckers, ya’ll wanted this”

    No one wanted TLW to die.. :'(

  9. BigK

    My personal favorite highpoint was the story arch between Cortez and Mendoza, one thing I’ve always felt made for better one on one rivalries is when it’s personal; a brother who both betrayed his older bro, usurped his place in his gang, and left him a blind cripple, leaving him with nothing but his hatred, can’t get more personal than that, right?

    Your overall story following the first season, you went straight into the money, while I loved Season 1, I always felt it took a little longer to break into the real feel of the story, but Season 2 was straight into it; Asher the new teachers’ pet, Cortez out for the Producers blood, and Cortez v Weissheimer, all of it came together perfectly.

    And each confrontation. Cortez v Domination Man, Cortez v Mendoza, Ahmad v Asher, and Players’ last stand, for the gaming engine you had to work with, I was beyond impressed.

    The end of the series; I feel the same way about this as the series finale to Lost, *don’t worry, won’t spoil anything folks, hehe* in the end, even if things played out almost TOO conveniently, after everything these characters have been through since the series premiere, they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Even if it does seem too perfect, really after taking on the Ocho Muertos, having their friendships tested, taking on turbo charged terminator Asher, and The Producers’ ultimatum to the cast, it’s only fair these guys catch a break in the end, right? And for that, I applaud you guys.


    It took a little longer to get into knowing what each character is about, and some of the earlier episodes took a little longer to break into the Cortez and Mendoza plot.

    The Comrades basically hijacked Asher, but you kind of figure they’d have more in store after he failed, but we never hear any closure on their story, which seems to leave too many loose ends.

    Before Asher took on Ahmad, he told Ahmad he was apparently The Producers’ ace in the hole, and it’s never exactly explained how, other than the chip in the back of his head made him see Adam Sizzler, which’d be fine, but we never know for sure how that happened.

    All in all though, everything was solid, one of the most memorable Machinima series’ I’ve ever followed, one that thoroughly captivated me and made me care for these lovable CT’s and Ahmad’s.

  10. Randomhero

    one of my favourite short little moments from the entire series was during the player asher fight. “LEAVE, MY, FRIENDS, ALONE”
    always gave me chills for some reason.

  11. Willt41

    Highlights : Everything player did, ever.

    Lowpoints : The ending seemed a bit everything wrapped its self up in a neat happy package it was like an anti lost.

    Also not seeing what you would of done with the characters if you had kept the series on you totally made some real characters here sure they fit into the standard archetypes and exaggerations of one personality trait but at the same time they were given a depth making them seem more real and less 2d than just “lol one is bad ass other is Frat boy ect”

  12. Robie

    I kind a hate you guys for creating TLW because it’s such a pain to the heart knowing that such fantastic show will never keep going.
    TLW was not random machinima crap, it was perfect.. 21th century style. I’ve showed it to at least 10 friends, they all have loved this show.

    Even mentioning TLW is like opening the old wounds. And yes with your abilities making a shows, you could easly make some popular show that people actually would watch. I know… easier said that done, but for you it’s possible.

  13. J-English

    Love leet world.Im from the UK ,wish there was a british guy in there lol.

    Anyways….please let there be a season 3!

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