Short Film: The Last Word

I think I end up saying this all the time these days, but sorry to you faithful dudes about the lack of updates around here. As I said before, there’s just not a whole lot to update on at the moment. Everyone’s kind of doing their own thing, and whether that turns into a Smooth Few Films project in the near future is anyone’s guess.

For instance, I’ve been working on a monster of a book which I just finished in this past week. It’s a huge unwieldy fantasy story that needs a ton of editing that I can’t wait to get started on. Meanwhile, Daniel recently produced a short film with his bud Ryan Hargrave for a local art show. It’s called The Last Word, and I kind of love it. Different from the tone that you guys are used to from Daniel’s work to be sure, but that’s not a bad thing.

You’ll notice a few SFF regulars in there, including Alex, who played Pedro in WZ and also ran sound for that series as well. You’ll also see Ty, the lovable Bobby King. Music by Jace Ford, in what I think is one of his best pieces yet. Plus, Daniel plays a dude that chases people and beats them up. Anyway, take a gander to see what I mean, and give Daniel his props.

Another TLW soundtrack song coming next week!

13 thoughts on “Short Film: The Last Word

  1. Kamran Nikhad

    Truly remarkable work.

    I love the contrast behind each scene, and just how down to earth each one is. Look around, these things are happening all the time, for some folks, just trying to walk home can be a dangerous trek, sometimes never opening up with the people you love can compromise everything, and sometimes just not allowing yourself to reach others can create a world of loneliness, which as the man at the bar proved, can worsen to self destruction in more ways than one.

    The performance and display shown from each actor stuck in each scenario was just so spot on, their body language, their actions, it was just brilliant direction.

    And of course, the counter-act of each scenario really does show how much going the extra mile, however simple it can be from simply opening yourself to new people, you can in turn make great friends and shed a lot more light on ones life. To owning up to your mistakes, allowing the person you care about trust you enough to make it work, no matter how rough the relationship. All the way down to standing up for those in need. Sometimes it really embodies the strength we all wish we had, and other times, we can surprise ourselves. I feel that the message was visually and emotionally very human, and something we, as viewers, and as members of society really do need to reach down and own up to.

    For that, I say truly excellent work, Daniel and company, you guys have made a truly outstanding short here.

  2. moorsey

    wow, just speechless, that was so so beautiful, awesome, really awesome. Perfect music with every scene, I even have man tears after the last scene.

    That was Bobby King by the way? What a difference a tash makes!

  3. Jenn

    This Is a Work of Art, I almost wanted to end badly to show how life is. I actually Cried for the couple knowing and feel that pain. Bobby King Was Amazing just Stunting, he look fantastic in it. Wow! The Bar scene could of done a little better, i didn’t under stand it until the phone part until the end seeing him rejecting the phone call with a name would of been more understand and It would of been cool if some one just came up and ask him to hang out, a more personal feeling. But feeling the bar guy loneliness came across perfectly.

    Love it
    I definitely got my heart into itl.

  4. fsdetained

    Beautiful. I can’t think of any better way to describe it. Acting and music as great as always.
    You know she was leaving Ty because he got rid of the ‘stache 😛

  5. Pfhortipfhy

    Hey there. I’m wondering, what with the store down and all, if it’s still possible to obtain the soundtrack?

    Also, great work on the film, Daniel! I miss you guys- I loved your stuff.

  6. nelandquinten

    Nice work Daniel!

    Hey, in the description, you said that Alex played Pedro in WZ. Don’t you mean the Leet World?

  7. Tarik

    I am in europe, will there be a very high price on the sound track when I buy it over here? (my main concern would be shipping of course)

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