Pardon Our Dust2Dust

I now bring to you guys the third track of the illustrious TLW soundtrack penned by sir Jace Ford, Dust2Dust. Many of you will remember that we released this tune under the name of Ambush at Bombsite B when Episode 4 of TLW first aired. Since then, Jace has done a little bit more to it, and I actually love the re-release more than the original, and that’s saying a lot.

Listen. Enjoy. Feel epic.

Right click and save as to save that to your demon machines.

I saw a pretty cool review of Web Zeroes the other day, and I thought I would pass it along. Definitely nice when people recognize the hard work that went into the show, and the spirit of its geekitude, something we really strove for during its production.

And continuing on that cool stuff vibe, I’ve got a couple of more links for you guys. One, for all of you old school PC gamers out there, we got a retro feature up on GamerSushi the other day about how to make a Myst movie that doesn’t suck. Two, I’ve done a piece on my blog about my ridiculous fan nerd love of Final Fantasy 7 and how it changed me as a gamer.

Attack those at your leisure.

13 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust2Dust

  1. coldshock

    Ah finally it lets me make an account here D:
    Been wanting to say for awhile how awesome you guys and your shows are.
    I pretty much felt the same way about FF7, it may not be the best game ever, but it will definitely always be my old favorite.

    So good luck with whatever you guys have planned for the future and keep up the good work!

  2. mrsnuffalupagus

    Episode 4 was my favorite. I really liked the part where ahmad planted the bomb in the car, and the CTs show up while they’re arguing.

    They should put this track in final fantasy. Can we have the original one that was used in the episode too?

  3. Nickuh

    damn, towards the middle of that song triped me out so hard LOL. ended up being a way better song than i expected though. nice one XD

  4. I_dance_FIGHT

    Just read your response to FFVII, and responded. That was a pretty spot on description for how I felt about the game

  5. Phrozen109

    this song = epic!!!
    hey could u put the song in ep 11 where ahmad uses his hax plz?? my fav song in leet world. kthxbai!!


    Achievement Unlocked:

    Now that the Leet World’s ended about 1 year ago, I just wanted to make something worth a present for that…

    Here are the Leet World english subtitles for all episodes. Hope you all like it. And I hope some moderator or admin sees that before downloads are expired. All downloads contain the same data.

  7. Adaminator1

    Okay, so three weeks later, anything new?

    I noticed you used to have a trend of updating once every fortnight after WZ Ended… Still check the site every day, Lol.

  8. Dave

    Hey Guys ! Stopping by to ask how’s Your break going ? Is all well ? Have You been able to narrow down some of Your ideas ?
    Anyways, You’ve been silent for quite some time now, hope everything is ok and you’re having a great time.


  9. Phrozen109

    hey i would like to complain about the video downloads.
    TLW Season 2 ep 4 does not work. it’s the only one that’s not downloading a mp4 file. could u fix plz? kthx.

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