On Domination

Happy November, guys and gals.

Just wanted to stop in say it was great to see everyone’s comments on The Last Word. As I said before, I think Daniel did a spectacular job on it, and it shows. It’s a touching short, and something I’m particularly fond of.

Anyway, I promise there will be a couple of regular posts here in the next couple of weeks, including a range of topics that we still get asked a lot of questions about. I’ve been terribly busy with some other things going on personally, and that looks to clear up in the next week or two. But for now, enjoy another free track from the TLW soundtrack.

This one is the Domination Man’s theme from Episode 8 of TLW. You know, the one that plays during the entire cheesy GMod log fiasco and the zany antics surrounding that. I’m a big fan of what Jace did when he built this out for the soundtrack. I think you will be, too.


One of the things people keep asking about is if there’s a way to still buy the soundtrack. Right now, the answer to that is no. Basically, sales had diminished over the last few months to where it was more expensive to keep the store going than it was to just take it down. If you hang around, we’ll just be releasing it every week for free from here on out.

In other news, who out there has played Black Ops? Thoughts? We reviewed it up on GamerSushi and I’ve been dying to play it.

16 thoughts on “On Domination

  1. Dave

    Happy november to You too, guys.
    Can’t wait to see what’s new in those upcoming weeks.I’m thrilled 😀 …

    Thanks for not forgetting this place, here. We will be right here, waiting for whatever is there next.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Pwezem


    I’ll be waiting!
    Following your Blog closely too, Eddy.

    Cannot wait for your Novel.
    Take this cheque and write any number you want on it, just let me have it!

  3. Yaozaa

    Man I haven’t been on in about since episode 4 of WZ was released because of such a busy school year and summer. I’m now baby and real happy to be back. Btw This weekend WZ marathon….i think so!!!!!!

  4. MrMcStupid

    I agree with what Dave said. I’m glad you have not left us 🙂
    The posts may be far and few between, but were still here.

    I’m also vary excited to see what lies ahead.

  5. TheInterpreter

    Enjoyed The Last Word. Particular congratulations to Jace for his contribution. SmoothFewFilms, or more precisely, Eddy, Daniel, Nick, and everyone who’s involved or has been involved in pieces has and continues to express a subtle talent that, I believe, is sorely gone un-noticed by many in not only the gaming world, but the media world in general. I hope that I am wrong in the last observation, and that, as was expressed during the anniversary of The Leet World, that the appreciation is simply strong but silent.

  6. Whineytugboat

    I have a question. Any chance there’s the bgm you guys used on the last episode of TLW, right after the the theme?

  7. Santi Koach

    hey SFF, i have a question: why are there no updates since november? i was hoping for a christmas and new year updates, but no…. please answer!

  8. nelandquinten

    Fellow commenter above, don’t try to squeeze an update out of them guys. It may have been a while, but for all we know, the dudes at SFF might be going through such a tough time right now that they have no need to post an update. Now, I have no PROOF of them having a touch time, except for maybe Eddy quoting that he’s “been terribly busy with some other things going on personally”, so hang in there internetz. I’m sure with time, you’ll get your coveted update.

  9. hexplode11


    But seriously though. Come on guys. I like that you guys are trying to spoon feed updates little by little to maintain attention. But, at this rate, everyone will lose interest. You guys worked hard on Web Zeroes and Leet World while working and having a social life. It shouldn’t be so difficult to at least release some goodies that we’ve been asking for. Not that you owe us anything, but I personally would love to visit this site for material. Still lots of things that could be done with this site with all the stuff you guys have done. Tell us you’re still alive and kicking 😀

  10. Adaminator1

    Slowly… Loosing…. Interest….

    Fanboy… Dying… Inside…


    Anyone home? :3

  11. nelandquinten

    I suppose that the reason why these guys don’t check back on their site anymore is because The Domination Guy found them… or Wolfcorp re-hijacked Player and took all of the SmoothFew’s achievement points.

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