Shorts, The Leet World Bro Zone: ESL One Cologne

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Chet and Player are tailgating for one of the biggest CSGO majors of the year, ESL One Cologne 2015. If you’re a noob or a veteran, they’ve got the breakdown on what to expect.

Who all’s going to be tuning in for ESL One this weekend? Who are you rooting for?

2 thoughts on “The Leet World Bro Zone: ESL One Cologne

  1. Petyr

    Oh man, it’s great seeing the animations guys, especially considering how much life you were already able to give the characters before in Source. Super pumped for more content. I would love to have Chet and Player give us a Top 5 Plays of the tournament or something, even just a voice over(or a text over in Player’s case).

  2. Daniel Sheehan / Rocoro

    I know you guys are super into competitive CSGO. You sure show that you guys know a lot about the gamers.

    And this is a great update video. The animation looks smooth (pun intended). I hope this is the quality of footage we’ll be seeing in the show!

    Fade to black.

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